Wiccan Tools: The Wiccan Altar

The Wiccan Altar Set is where we place out magickal tools and all things that will be used during the ritual and/or magickal working. Wiccans do not on the majority believe that the god/dess dwells within the altar itself. The Wiccan Altar Set is a place of power and magick but not sacred within itself.

There are two types of wiccan altars one is the permanent wiccan altar set. Very few people are lucky enough to have a permanent wiccan altar set up in their homes. It is impossible for some to have their own wiccan altar set up for various reasons including space, or the unfortunate bigotry of the people who live with them.

The temporary wiccan altar set is one that takes some time to set up. You might need to prepare this wiccan altar set for rituals inside the home or when you are doing a wiccan ritual outside in the nature. Still you will have a special place to use your wiccan tools, wiccan candles, wiccan figurines, etc. And a place to store you wiccan tools when not in use.

The wiccan altar set may be round to represent the Goddess and spirituality, or it may be a square wiccan altar set representing the four elements of the earth.Wiccan Altar

Location of the Wiccan Altar

This is the way I use the round wiccan altar set to accommodate my wiccan tools, candles and everything else used for my magickal workings. This is different for each tradition, and each individual as well as its location on the circle.

In my case what has worked best for me is to place the altar in the circle facing east. Why looking east?, Because this is the sunrise. Why in the center of the circle? Because it is less of a hindrance when I am walking around the wiccan altar set to cast my circle, and when I am doing my invocations I don’t trip or step on the edge of the circle.

If you do your rituals at home you can use a table for your wiccan altar set, if you do your rituals in the open spaces in nature like I preferably do, you can make you wiccan altar set directly on the floor, this is not a problem.

The Distribution and Placement of the Wiccan Tools on the Wiccan Altar Set

As with the location of the wiccan altar set there are many ways to set up the tools on your altar. Some place their wiccan tools according to the elements and others like me put the tools in sections one representing the Goddess, one representing the God and one representing both.

The Wiccan Altar Set and Decorations

As for the decoration of your wiccan altar set some wiccans like to use colored place mats as the conclusion or magickal work. You can see the correlation of colors and items for every different magickal working, or ritual. There is not a specific way to decorate your wiccan altar set as this should be decided by you. If you are setting up an outdoor wiccan altar set for rituals you also don’t have to decorate.

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