Daily Wishing Spell

This is another wishing well spell. This is probably the simplest way to make a wishing well.With this spell you make a wish every day and forget it. Expect it to come. One of the secret methods to making your magick work for you is simply belief. Don’t worry, wander or whimper about the situation. Just set and forget it. With this in mind using this daily wishing well is a great way to bring wonderful things into your life magickally.

What You’ll Need:

  • 5 candles (in various colors)
  • 1 seven day white pillar candle
  • a large bowl (any kind will do!)
  • superglue
  • spring water (the bottled kind if fine IF you can’t get water from a natural source, of course, well water works the best)
  • sandalwood oil

Wish SpellsGlue the white candle into the center of the wishing well with the super glue. You may have to leave it overnight for it to adhere properly. Fill the bowl with theĀ  spring water and add 9 drops of sandalwood oil. Light a colored candled andĀ  hold it in your hands. Drop 3 drops of the candles wax into the bowl and say “May my wish come true.” Do this with each of the candles. The different colors of the candle wax represent different desires and wishes for example, red represents love, health and passion. The more colors the better, but don’t fret if you don’t have many colors. You can add them to your well over time by anointing the candle with blessing oil and saying “May my wish come true”, just as you did before.

Don’t use black candle wax or ever wish anything negative into your wishing well. While black isn’t inherently bad it represents binding and that’s not what we want for our wishes.

Every morning take a coin and make you daily wish. Do this for one year without emptying your well. When your well becomes full take the most of the coins out leaving behind a few (to keep the luck) and do something kind or generous with the money. Don’t spend it on yourself!

After a years time has passed you well is now even stronger than before. If you need a wish to come true sooner you can now take a coin from your well and bury it in the earth. Your wish will come true sooner.

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