Spell to Speed Up the Day

Have you ever been at work or school and it seems like the whole day is in permanent slow motion?

That was my day earlier. I wanted to crawl into bed and quit work and school and just be at home… feeling less yucky.

I can’t tell you everyone will speed up or the day will magically become 16 hours by some random event but this spell made my day go by in fast forward and I was having fun by the end of it!

Spell to Make the Day Go By Faster

spell to speed up time

This spell simply works on your energies and changing your mood. Modify this spell however you see fit and watch the magick happen in your life.This spell is a simple method to change your vibrational energies to make you happier in your state, where you are… immediately.

Close you eyes.

—Aren’t you so happy to be alive?

—What blessings have you received lately?

—Whats something that you are grateful for?

After a few moments of feeling the energies and vibrations of love (really feel it) say or chant the following : ‘This is my day, this is my love, this task will end quickly with my happiness, so mote be.”

This is a spell of pure energy. The power isn’t from any tools we are using, it is coming from within.

I want to give you guys a good mix of spells. I think I have a lot of spells for people who are just starting but this is for my readers who can raise energy from within.

For me… My day changed within a few minutes? I had really bad cramps today and someone offered me medicine that helped me so much. I received money from an unexpected source. I went on to talk to a great friend. I just had a great day.

You control your day. You control your emotions. You control your life and love. Go out there and manifest something great. What have you brought forth today?

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