White Magic Wishing Spells

This spell was written by Jessica and submitted to me via email. This spell is to make an impossible wish come true. This spell is best done during the full moon at 10:10pm. This spell doesn’t require anything but a white candle. This spell is really simple and apparently it worked for her. Thanks so much for sharing your spells with me. You can submit spells and content by emailing me *[email protected]*.  You can buy a different candles by visiting this site.

The Magic of Wishing Spells

This spell is so simple – all you need is a white tea light candle – oh! and a glass of water.

Cast your magickal circle on a Sunday night during the full moon at 10:10 pm. Light the candle and state your wish to source energy, Goddess, Gaea or whatever name you use to connect with earth.  Place the water on to your altar.

Stay in the magickal and release all negative energy, negative intention and release the energy from your life. (If you don’t know what this means sorry, I can’t explain everything)

Wishing Spells

Once the energy has been released and you feel pure – take the glass of water into your hand. Thank Source for the changing of your reality and drink the water.

Close your circle.

Your wish will either come to you – or it won’t. Its really a matter of fate. You have cleansed yourself of negative energy. You have made the release necessary for the manifestation to happen for you and now you must not be attached to the outcome but must let it appear into your reality.

This spell is for more advanced practitioners of witchcraft and the manipulation of energy. This spell will not be easily done by people who don’t work on themselves on a spiritual level.

If you only done simple spells, only love spells, or basically selfish spells then you probably won’t be able to make this work for you but the information is here for you to try it and to come back and try it again once you have matured in the craft.

You guys are so awesome! I do hope this spell works for you as it did for Jessica. Hey! Did I mention if you submit you own wishing spells you receive a free gift from me? So go make it happen.

Blessed Be!

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