Spell to Astral Project

I am posting my first effective spell to astral project. This spell works easiest if you already have a daily meditation routine and have a lot of control of your mind. This isn’t a spell that will work easily for everyone on their first try and while this isn’t the most complicated spell out there, I can say with confidence that it worked for me. You can change or modify this spell to astral project any way you see fit. The most important thing for this spell to work is your energy. Make sure you raise energy before proceeding.

Spell to Astral Project

Spell to Astral Project

What You Need:

  • Meditation Routine
  • Comfy Place to rest
  • white candles (optional)

Lady gatekeeper of mind and body unity

Unshackle me from my earthly domain

Lift me into your nights sky

Let me gaze into the stars from the clouds

Then allow me to safely return

So Mote it be!

This is what I usually say before astral projection. I have a specific pattern of doing things that night. My own person astral projection ritual. This allows my body and mind to know what is coming next and to not feel so tense. If I just try to have an OBE without being fully comfortable then I start to fell anxious. The feeling of having an astral projection is definitely one to get used to and don’t be discouraged if you find yourself floating above your body – freak out – and then slam back into your body – it really does get easier with time.

I always speak about the importance of training your mind through meditation and physical activity. You can slip into an OBE with ease and comfort once you get used to the feeling of being body-less. Seeing people that you know or even have only met through the internet is really interesting…. but can be really scary!! We all leave our bodies at night when we enter the dream state…. are you ready to see what awaits you?

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