Mermaid Spells

I am posting all the really interesting spells you guys send it. I know some of you may be offended that I placed your spells in the Trick Spells category but don’t be! You guys send in these amazing spells but there must be a trick to getting them to work because they seem to only work for a few. This could be due to the fact that magick is a wonderful but personal element of nature, it can be tricky to duplicate spells results so don’t be to dishearten if the spell doesn’t work for you.

This is a spell to become a mermaid!

What You’ll Need:

  • natural water source (river, sea, ocean, waterfall, spring, river… a well won’t do)
  • the moonlight
  • your voice
  • blessing oil
  • a silver charm that you can wear around your neck

spell to become a mermaidBefore entering the water do a ritual bath and cleansing. Anoint yourself with the blessing oil. Skyclad enter the water where the full moon is the most visible. Say the following 7 times.

“Waters abundance accept me as your own

Dunk yourself into the water and come up (don’t hold your breathe or stay under for a long time). When you come up swim in a circle clockwise three times. Look to the moon and thrice repeat;

“It is done”

Emerge from the water .

This is not a spell to give you fins. This is a spell to encapsulate the true beauty of mermaids have them blessing you with their wonderful attributes. You should recieve the gifts of the mermaids soon.

This is a VERY VERY interesting spell. One I am tempted to try myself! Who wouldn’t want the beauty and power of a mermaid?

Thank you for visiting my website. I appreciate you all so much and am grateful that you are spreading the information. This really encourages me to post more spells for you guys. Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy this spell to become a mermaid!

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Spell to Increase Psychic Powers

I believe we all have inherent psychic ability. For me it boils down to “The gifts you don’t use, you will lose” – if you aren’t mediating, exercising your mind (and your body), or practicing some simple techniques on your own, then this spell won’t help you. If you want to open your third eye or have a vision, the first key and first step is meditation. I don’t recommend this spell for people who don’t know how to meditate. If you can’t control your thoughts and quiet your mind this spell could be disastrous for you.

What You’ll NeedSpell to Increase Psychic Powers

  • Strong Yarrow Tea
  • a silver necklace
  • a light blue candle
  • a purple candle
  • a white candle

On the night of the full moon cleanse yourself and cast your circle as your normally would. Drink your tea and after fully ingesting the tea being with your white candle:

“White and White guide me in light”

Take your necklace into your power hand and three times clockwise circle the necklace over the flame. (Not to close, or it will burn!). Take the white candle and light the purple candle. Take the purple candle:

“Purple and power give me sight this hour”

Take the mirror and clockwise circle it around the flame just as before. With the purple candle light the blue candle and while circling as you did before say:

“Blue, Blue only show me what’s true”

Place mirror behind the candles and repeat the following three times:

“As I stare in to this flame

Let no evil thoughts enter

My psychic vision is not the same

It is now birighter and bigger;

As my third eye gives me sight

and three times i repeat this rite

I give perfect thanks and love

To the Goddess Hecate on clouds above

Now let this begin, As I will it it will end”

Blow out the candles and thrice repeat “So mote it be” sleep with the necklace under your bed or wear it/carry it with you as a charm.

Thank you for visiting the site! Thank you for sharing it with your friends! Thanks for liking this post on stumble and Thank you for visiting again!

Please leave any thoughts, comments, suggestions and all other replies below! I am so happy and grateful that you came by!

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Spell for Divination on Samhain Sabbat

Before midnight on Samhain – November Eve, the most magickal night of the year, prepare some feast food such as bread made of pumpkin, corn or other harvest crops. Brew some mugwort tea.

Now cast a circle: Place small rocks or stones around the circle area and light the four directions of East, West, North and South with white pillar candles.

Walk slowly round the circle with a lit white candle to cleanse its energy. Then walk widdershins (counter-clockwise) and whisk negative energies out of the circle with Psychic Revelationyour besom or a branch (one that has fallen naturally from a nearby tree that still has live shoots on it). Walk deosil (clockwise), waving burning sage to reinforce the Fire and Air energies.

Add a few pinches of salt to the water then walk deosil around the circle, sprinkling the water on it to reinforce Earth and Water energies.

Walk to the East of the circle and say aloud: Celebrate Samhain, Bright Wind and Breeze!

Walk to the North of the circle and say aloud: Celebrate Samhain, Earth our Mother!

Walk to the South of the circle and say aloud: Celebrate Samhain, Burning Flame and Smoke!

Walk to the West of the circle and say aloud: Celebrate Samhain, Pure and Pouring Waters!

Welcome, Elements, to my Circle of Light, on this most blessed November Eve.

Raise the bread and thank Great Mother Earth for Her gifts. Then eat a small piece of the bread and sip the mugwort tea.

Place a blue candle in the center of the circle. Sprinkle some dried mugwort herb into the light of a blue candle, then place a magickal mirror behind the candle so that its light is reflected toward you.

Look deeply into the mirror and concentrate on the reflected light of the candle. Ask the Future to speak to you with images in your mind of what the highest answer, the highest outcome is for the issue most troubling or puzzling you or someone you love. Take as long as you need, and continue to ask until your question is answered.

Passing your hand over the candle three times, say:

I ask thee for Wisdom, my Future to Be.
I ask thee for Insight, and Clarity.

Into my mind let the answers now flow.
Away from my mind, all confusion must go.

So Mote it Be.

Clear your mind of all thoughts and distractions as you stare at the light in the mirror. Let the answers come in its glow. Be willing to return to this spell and ritual as often as it takes to receive the increased psychic insight you are seeking.

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Spell to Become a Werewolf

This is a Spell to Become a Werewolf. This is the last of the trick spells I am posting today and thanks so much Brianna for sending this spell in! Before you guys ask me 100 times (thanks for the emails, questions and comments… I love chatting with you guys) I have not done this spell and really don’t have any interest in doing it. I think werewolves are pretty scary and you don’t get powerful beauty etc like this spell to become a vampire. But whatever floats your boat!

I just want to thank all of you once again for visiting my website and being great in general! You all are helping making this website grow and I just want to tell you thank you! If you like the site please share it with your friends or like the site, page or posts. You can do this easily by using the share widgets below this post.

Spell to Become a Werewolf

Spell to Become a Werewolf

Spell to Become a Werewolf

What You’ll Need:

You will need to find a wolf’s paw print on the night of the new moon. You must drink water from the paw print and say the following 9 times:

“As I drink I will become;

Wo(man) and wolf now become one

After you do this forget fully about your wish to become a wolf. Sometime during the next three full moons you will transform into a Wolven!

Make sure you don’t just go out and try to find a wolf print. For this spell to work you have to find the wolf print on the NIGHT of the new moon. If you can’t do this easily then unfortunately it isn’t in your destiny to become a werewolf. Maybe you will get lucky and a werewolf will bite you!

Okay I AM going to past a disclaimer on this spell. Don’t try and hang around wolves, you will probably be killed.

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Psychic Spell to Communicate with Someone

I am placing this spell in both the communication category and the psychic category because this is actually more of a psychic communication spell. This spell requires a bit of supplies, so it is not easily done by everyone. You can ask the person a question, tell the person something or just spend time feeling there energies. You will need to be able to be mentally aware as the person may not have as strong of a connection with you, as you do with them. When the answer comes it will come to you telepathically. The easiest way to decipher if they thought  came from you or if it just came from you imagination its timing and feeling. If you have the feeling of a though ‘popping’ into your head while you are doing something completely unrelated to the person then the though may have been given to you. This is hard for some than for others. The ability to quiet your mind through meditation helps tremendously.

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Spell to Communicate with SomeoneWhat You’ll Need:

  • a purple candle
  • a pink candle
  • a white candle
  • a silver candle
  • a crystal ball, or a bowl filled half way with spring water
  • a photo of the person who you are trying to communicate with

Light the candles in the following order, the purple candles should be to the right of your ball, the silver to the left, the white in front and the pink directly behind.

Place the photo underneath your ball or bowl of water. While staring into the ball imagine you are staring into the persons eyes. You can write a chant to say at this time but I don’t say one. Feel the person as if they are there in the room and imagine the person looking to you, being aware of you.

Ask the person the question or tell them what you want to tell them. You should see the response or hear in in your minds eye. Blow out the candles and give thanks, you can return the picture to its normal place. If you do receive your answer right away then as you blow out the candles run the picture through the smoke of each candle clockwise. Place the picture under your pillow.

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Spell to Become a Vampire

Oh boy. This is a very interesting spell sent to me by email! Thanks Jane!  This spell requires a lot of items and you lose your soul and basically curse yourself. But if you are into that sort of thing…

Tread carefully… While this spell may seem like a joke, what is not a joke is inviting black magick, curses, or anything else  into your life.

What You’ll Need:

  • the full moon
  • a coven of 9
  • one parent of everyone involved if you are under 18
  • fake fangs
  • fake blood fruit punch
  • white candles
  • chalk powder
  • you

Spell to Become a VampireFirst get everyone and their parents and go out into the woods. (There may be werewolves around… this is the full moon! So BE CAREFUL!) Draw a circle with the chalk powder and place the person who wants to be a vampire in the center. Everyone there must chant one thousand times “No longer human. Vampire you have become!”. EVERYONE HAS to say it ONE THOUSAND TIMES CORRECTLY UNDER THE FULL MOON in order for this to work.

After you have successfully done this put in the fangs. Drink some of the blood punch (because I don’t recommend wine!) and sleep in the woods for 100 days. You must not come inside, you must not have human contact and you will become a vampire on the 100th day.

So… What do you think of this spell to become a vampire? Leave questions, comments, suggestions, tips, rants and raves in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting the site!

UPDATE: Unfortunately I got an email from Jane’s mom telling me she is no longer with us because her mom made her go to school and she evaporated. But I am sure it would Jane’s last wish for you all to fulfill your dreams of becoming a vampire like her. Good luck!

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Trick Spells: Spell to Fly

This is another one of the greats spells sent in to the website. The writer suggests you do this spell on a Sunday during the waxing moon. I love levitation spells. One of the first spells most of us have tried would be the light as a feather stiff as a board spell, this seems to be a variation of that spell.

What You’ll Need:

  • 5 white candles
  • white dove feather
  • will power

spell to flyAfter a ritual bath dress in your robe and cast your circle. Place the white candles in a circle around you and and light each candle clockwise. Sit or lie in the circle and see yourself flying, while holding the feather. Repeat this variation of a well known classic chant:

“Light as a feather, not stiff as board, I am now flying”

You should feel yourself levitate as you chant this silently to yourself. This spell won’t give you the ability to levitate on command or fly straight in the air after school but your should feel the levitation sensation. Your will power and concentration will determine how high you will be able to levitate.

Meditation and concentrate are key elements to making any type of magick grow. Try to meditate daily to increase your focus, concentrate and empower your magick. These things aren’t learn overnight so don’t be to discouraged if you try a spell and it doesn’t work!

Have you tried this spell to fly? Have any tips and information that might be useful to others? Then please share all your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the comment section below.

Thank you for visiting the website. You can send in spells by using the contact buttons on this page. If you like this spell to fly please like it, share it and send it using the share buttons below. This helps my website grow and also encourages me to post more spells 🙂

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Psychic Spells: Spell to Astral Project

I am putting this spell under psychic spells because it makes the most sense out of all the categories. Astral projection falls under out of body experiences. I have plenty of friends who can travel easily through the astral plans but they seem to all have spent plenty of time learning about the best techniques and exercises for astral projecting.

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Before trying to astral you should spend sometime meditating. You should be trying to meditate daily as it will teach you to calm and focus your mind. I would suggest putting any animals out the room as they may jump into your lap and distract you. You may want to cut off the lights, and turn off anything else that will distract you like your computer, cell phone, alarm clock or radio. You may want to lay down if this is your first time astral projecting.

What You’ll Need:Astral Projection Spell

  • Astral Oil
  • a meditative state

How to Make Astral Oil

  • 5 drops of sandalwood oil
  • 1 drop of jasmine
  • 2 drops of cinnamon
  • 1 drop of ylang-ylang
  • 1 oz of base oil

After taking a bath, disrobe and anoint your body with the astral oil.

When you are in a meditative state in a private room where you will no be disturb until you return to your body say the following chant:

Shu, God of Air, out of my body with out a care

My body light will take me, as I will it so mote it be.

How to Astral Travel (Simple Beginners Techniques)

  1. After meditation lay down on your bed and completely relax.
  2. Massage your forehead for about 45 seconds to a minute.
  3. Tense each part of your body and release it completely.
  4. Countdown from 25 to 1. Tell yourself at 1 you will be completely relaxed.
  5. See yourself surrounded by light. Spend sometime at this level.
  6. Now see this light becoming one with you, forming your light body.
  7. Imagine a silver rope leading upwards to the sky.
  8. When you are ready, start slowly to climb the rope with your light body.
  9. You should feel a noticeable change in your energy.
  10. Keep climbing the cord until you can look down onto your physical body

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Spell to Have a Vision

This divination spell was designed to aid you in having a visions. Vision quests are things traditionally done by Shamans. Many Wiccans have taken to vision quests but they ARE NOT easy to achieve. They take time and practice especially because entering into a trance state is not as easy as you would think (who thinks its easy anyway?). This is one of the reasons why I shout about meditation and the gift of meditation in almost every post lately.

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If you want to learn to open your mind, your third eye, astral travel, energy manipulation, or to become psychic, it is my humble opinion that mediation is the first step. Learning to control your mind is essential when trying to do more advanced divination like go on a visions quest. And best of all its a free way to get your foot in the door.

Traditionally shamans would ingest something (usually containing a hallucinogenic herb) before they enter their quests. Native Americans usually fast before their quests. Because I can’t in good conscious tell you to do either, meditation is the safest way I personally know to enter a trance or trance like  state. You can also accomplish this with self hypnosis.

Spell to Have a VisionYou WILL be making oil said to aid you in your vision quest journey.

What You’ll Need:

  • base oil mixed with :3 or more of the following herbs: yarrow, mug-wort, jasmine, lavender (charged)
  • lavender incense

After doing a cleansing ritual light your incense. Take your oil and anoint the base of your feet, the tops of you feet, the base and top of your hands, both shoulders, and your third eye chakra. Do this in order from the third eye to the base of your feet.

Sit in your favorite meditative position and when you have quieted your mind simply say the following:

Ancient wisdom, third eye,

journey me through the sky,

bless me the information I seek,

as I will it, so mote it be

Maintain your meditative state until your have the vision or go on your vision quest. This for me has happened within 30 minutes, but if you have never done this before expect it to take an hour or more.

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Coin Purification Spell

This is a spell I did recently.  Sometimes people, things, whatever create obstacles in your path. If someone or something is effecting your energy in a negative way, you are feeling depressed, hurt, out of control, then this spell will help you tremendously. After I did this spell all the haters were nothing to me, just little figments of my imagination. There is no reason for me to compete with other people or let their negativity effect me in anyway. Problems are like small figments. Illusions… as they never linger and things will always get better. Keep this in mind and be ready to let go and move forward.

Coin Purification SpellCoin Purification Spell

This spell should be used with your wishing well. If you don’t have a wishing well then use a make shift one or a bowl of water. Don’t use a well that someone drinks from! This spell is great for a type of difficulties you may be going through. After a break up, after a fight with a friend,or if you are just feeling sad, try this spell.

What You’ll Need:

The coins should be sparkling clean. You can do this by scrubbing your coins with backing soda and a tooth brush. The coins should be as clean as possible. Go to your well or natural water source and stand before your well facing West.

As you toss in your coin, “I this no longer effects me, I freely give this up.”

Do this facing North, East, and South respectfully.

This wonderful spell really helped me today, as I was feeling pretty low after my boyfriend lost a good friend of his. You know life is not always going to be great and people change and grow apart. Its sad when people try to hurt others on purpose but as I am a big believer of Karma and a even bigger believer of the 3 fold law, I already know that me and my wonderful boyfriend are protected. I hope the people see the error in their ways and move on from causing hurt. If you are reading this good luck to you!

Remember only hurting people try to hurt other people. If someone is hurting you they really have some personal issues going on with them and its not your fault. Trust in the Universe and in your Goddess. All things being equal, people can only hurt you if you let them!

I love you all! Thank you for making this site great!

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