Under the Pillow Spell

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Mojo bags, dream pillows, under the pillow spell; any way you want to title these they come out to be the same things. Have you ever wished your dreams were more peaceful or that your dreams could help you solve a problem? Find the correct herbs to make your magick dream pillow and make your dreams be all you hoped they could be. I will provide you with a list of herbs and what they will assist with in your dreamworld. Also consider using candles; choosing the right color of course, and anointing your candle with oils that will aide in you dream journey.

under the pillow spell

Dreams can be the eyes into the world or even ourselves that shows us the part that our conscious minds overlook and do not allow us to see. Our fears to face the truths are put aside when we are dreaming and we are open to all sorts of possibilities. Dream pillows can help to focus those dreams onto what we need to achieve.

Take some cloth of your choosing, you can use colors that are believed to work best for your type of spell or you can let yourself be drawn to a color or pattern of cloth to use. If you are crafty you can sew a fancy little pillow/pouch to place your herbs in or you can just put the herbs into the cloth then gather it closed and tie it shut. As you are sewing or tying the cloth closed with the herbs inside, see yourself in a peaceful sleep, feel yourself entering the dream you are seeking. Now, as you place the bag under your pillow say:

                                                “Andromeda, Goddess of dreams

                                                    Protect and guide me as I sleep.”

As promised, here is a list of herbs that can aide you in your sleep and are often chosen to be used in dream pillows.

Anise seed – used for its calming effect

Chamomile – used to induce sleep and bring pleasant dreams

Cinnamon or Cloves – to bring you romantic dreams

Jasmine – induces exotic and romantic dreams

Lavender – is quite relaxing, induces sleep, and helps to bring vivid dreams

Hyssop – works to defend against nightmares

Lilac – peaceful dreams

Marjoram – brings comforting dreams

Mint – used for clarity and visions

Mugwort – Problem solving, wards off bad spirits, as a symbol of health and hope

Passion Flower – calming

Rose – induces sleep and brings relaxation as well as peaceful dreams

Rosemary – repels bad dreams

Thyme – induces sleep, brings peaceful dreams

Willow – brings you connection with and power in your Dream world

There are other herbs that can be used in your dream pillow or you can use a combination of herbs. There is no need to over-do things, the herbs are just one tool to be used in combination with your spell casting and envisioning your dream pillow working. Never underestimate the power that you hold within yourself, use herbs, incenses, oils, and spells as the tools to combine with the power you already hold within yourself.

Always remember, the Earth, Air, Water, Fire; all of the elements are there to help us and we must always take care of our environment. Be in tune and be one with the environment and take care of what nature has given us and it will in turn take care of us. The powers that are held within the elements are endless and wonderous; the powers within ourselves are as well.

Safe travels, Peaceful dreams,

Blessed be,

Caitlynn Timms

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