Spell to Overcome Shyness

I love charm bags! Search how to make charm bags using the search box to your right on more information. You can wear the home made charm bag, you can sleep with it, you can place the charm bag on your altar or any other special place in your home or room, you can carry it with you in your pause or book bag and even place it somewhere like your locker or car. This spell is for confidence in social situations. This spell will help you to overcome shyness and social insecurities. This charm bag should be made during the waning moon phase. This charm bag is for a stronger confidence in all situations and more self-esteem when dealing with new people.

What You’ll Need:Spell to Overcome Shyness

  • • A white, yellow or orange pouch
  • • Sage
  • • Nutmeg
  • • Sugar
  • • Lavender
  • • Mandrake root
  • • Rosemary
  • • Pine needles

Place all the herbs into the pouch. On a slip of paper write ‘confident’ and place the slip in the bag also. Take the bag into your power hand charge the bag with your energy and intention. Say into the bag the confidence you wish to possess. You may say things like; ‘I am confident in all new situations’, etc. Wear the bag around your neck as a necklace, or carry it with you in your pocket or purse when you may be in a new social situation or you need the extra confidence.
Learn to work with and infuse the magick more by talking to new people or trying to be more outgoing than usual. Smile often throughout the day and make an effort to overcome your shyness. This spell is great and I made a charm bag almost every new school year.
When you feel you no longer need the bag, you can either scatter the herbs into the wind while thanking the four corners or you can burn them and give thanks that way. You can reuse the bag but be careful to use the charm bag for a similar spell or purpose.

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Spell to Learn the Truth

This is my first spell to learn the truth. I wrote this spell over 8 years ago. I found it again while going through my collections of spells on my PC. (I am pretty sure I have over 3000 spells on my computer! but I can’t post them all because that would be stealing someones copyrighted information.)

This spell is designed with the intention of having the person tell you the truth, having someone else tell you the truth, and/or having the truth come to you. This spell is more pro active, in the sense of having the answer actively come to you. You may want to do an aura cleansing spell before doing this spell, but that is entirely up to you.

The following spell to get the truth only requires one white candle and a candle of any color to represent you. This should be a candle to represent you in your current state. Need a little bit more detail? Read this awesome article on candle colors and their meaning or look to the sidebar for a simple group of spell correspondences.

Spell to Learn the Truth

Spell to Learn the Truth (Get Someone to Tell the Truth)

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 white candle
  • a candle to represent you
  • something to with

Carve your name into the candle that represents you. This candle can be any color just choose the one color that stands out and feels “right” to you. Light the candle and meditate on the flame, move from this and spend sometime meditating on your question. Don’t try to FIND an answer. Don’t try and answer the question yourself. Just sit and be with the question. After doing this for some time light the white candle:

“Goddess aid me in finding truth, let no deception linger.”

Meditate on the two flames and spend some quiet time in quiet meditation. Sit up! Don’t lay down as it is easy to fall asleep and that’s not what you are trying to do. The answer should come to you within the three days.

Do this every three days for up to an hour until you receive your answer.

Did you do this spell to learn the truth? Tell others your thoughts, feelings, suggestions, intentions, and everything else below.

As always thank you so much for visiting this website and sharing it with your friends. I love you. Thank you. And yeah you might be thinking “You don’t love me, you don’t know me!” Yes. Yes, I do. I love you just as I love everyone. You are even more important to me because your guys support me and this website. I hope your day is filled with light! Mine is, and its really because of all of you. Thank you for being my friend!

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Spell to Break Up a Couple

This is a spell I am hesitant to post. Spells like these, even when done with the best of intentions can cause a lot of hurt. If you do this spell you might succeed but remember the basic tenants of the three fold law. Whatever energies you send to me flow back to you three times three. This is a universal law of life and many religions call it many different things but the term most familiar is KARMA. Would you want someone to do this spell on you? I am not going to preach you guys to death, you create your own destiny and have enough common sense to do whats best for you…

What You’ll Need:

  • Cayenne Pepper, Salt, Sage, garlic and oak wood chip
  • crossing oil
  • 2 black candles
  • 1 couple candle
  • a picture of the couple
  • a muslin bag
  • a fire proof dish or receptacle

Spell to Break Up a CoupleDo this spell on a Saturday during the waning moon phase. Anoint the candle with the crossing oil. On the couple candle draw the discord rune or a broken heart symbol on the candle. Light the to black candles and the center candle. Envision the couple with extreme discord in their relationship. After meditating on this for sometime, place set fire to the picture of the couple, as you do this say the following;

“Consequences are nothing to me

This couple is no more as I will it to be

This is my wish so mote it be

I accept my fate three by three”

Place the burning picture into the dish. When it is done place 9 drops of crossing oil onto the ashes of the picture gather the ashes and all the other materials into the bag. Bury the muslin bag into the earth but away from your home. If you can bury one of the black candle stubs in each persons yard. Place the couple candle once it has burned down into the muslin bag.

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Spell to Make Someone Stop Liking You

Sometimes people end up in a situation where someone they don’t like ends up liking them for whatever reason. This is a way to change this persons heart or at least give them the message and move on to some thing else. This spell will help to get rid of the annoyance swiftly and with ease. This spell should be done during the waning moon and really does do the trick most of the time.

What You’ll Need:

  • Fire
  • Salt
  • Vervain
  • picture of the person
  • a bowl
  • banishing oil

Place the picture of the person in the center bottom of the black bowl. On top of the Spell to Make Someone Stop Liking Youpicture, mix the salt, vervain and three drops of banishing oil. Completely bury the picture in the mixed and let it sit for one day on your altar. Optionally you can burn a black candle with banishing oil next to the bowl on you altar.

Three days later during the night of the waning moon do your cleansing and cast your circle as you normally would outside. Build your fire (only if you can do so safely) and dance to the Goddess to raise energy. Do this buy playing ritual music or circling the bon fire.


Withdraw your heart, its home is not here. My heart is closed to you.

While chanting throwing the mixture into the fire. Afterwards have no contact with the person for another three days, if possible. If the person still is acting infatuated with you then quietly tell them that you don’t feel the same. They should accept the news in heed, getting over you quickly.

Another Post to Read: (Spell to Stop an Argument)

This spell usually works without you having to tell the person, but for personal reasons I decided to add that if for some reason the spell doesn’t work for you, you should still let the person know you aren’t into them. Imagine being the person on the receiving end of this spell. Wouldn’t you want to know if someone wasn’t into you? So you could move on and start life anew?

Leave all comments below. New contest every month for 2012! Books, shirts, altar tools, and more!

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Spell to Make Someone Go Away

Sometimes there are people in our lives who annoy us and they make life miserable for us! This is spell to make them go away Before doing this spell you should try to resolve the issues with the person naturally! This is a white magick spell but can easily turn black or gray so while you are doing the spell make sure you aren’t holding any ill will towards the person! Just because you want someone to go away doesn’t mean you have to hate them! If you do hate them then this isn’t the spell for you!

Spell to Make Someone Go AwayWhat You’ll Need:

  • black candle
  • salt
  • a picture of the person or the persons name on a piece paper
  • four thieves vinegar
  • a river

Light the black candle and say:

“Leave me, leave me this day

Your evil is no longer welcome you may not stay

This I do with no hate in my heart

No harm to you as you depart”

Take the persons picture and soak it in the four thieves vinegar. Throw one pinch of salt on top of the picture. Let it sit in the sun for three days then take it to a river or moving source of water. When you are at the river pour the four thieves vinegar into the rive while saying:

“Now it is time for your to depart, on you way, your leaving is key

Harm to none, as I will it so mote it be”

The person will no longer be a bother to you. You have to hvae control over your emotions for this spell to be effective. Saying the words Harm to None are meaningless if you are secretly haboring ill wil to someone. I recently had some issues with peoples’ betrayal and negativity. The person mistreated me, my friends, my boyfriend after knowing us for 3 years!

And while I am glad I removed those people out of my life and have no plans to ever reconcile with them (pretty low to lie on someone for no reason), I harbor no ill will. I hope they succeed in everything they do… AWAY FROM ME! lol.

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Spell to Remove Obstacles

Obstacles can prohibit and bind you in your life. If you ever hit a point where you can move forward this is probably due to some unresolved issues in your life. Working towards forgiveness, purpose, acceptance, responsibility, are all difficult tasks. What we need to remember is that while we might not be responsible for the outside things that affect us, or the things other people do to us.. but we are responsible for how we react to the situation. This is a powerful spell to combat these unresolved issues but you have to be ready to move forward and move on.

This spell… is about release. You may cry, you may yell, but you will also heal, release and move forward. Do this spell during the full moon or the waning moon.Spell to Remove Obstacles

What You’ll Need:

  • lime half
  • lemon half
  • orange half
  • a shower (or waterfall 🙂 )
  • a black candle

Light the black candles and meditate on the flame. See yourself happy and healthy and see the obstacles be resolved as your forgive, as you heal, as you move on and take full responsibility for your life. As the candle burns take the fruit half’s with you into the shower.  Start with the orange move the half on your body as if you are cleaning yourself with it.

Move in the direction away from your body. Start with the top of your head and move towards the soles of your feet.

Orange: As you work with the orange think of all the people you may have hurt in the past, by being mean, being angry, being rude. Feel the guilt, and allow yourself to cry. When you are ready to move on say the following; “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.” This is a powerful affirmation from Joe Vitale.

Lemon: Think of all the people who may have hurt you. They may have hurt you intentionally, they may have hurt you with no bad intentions, but it still hurt you. Allow yourself to feel this hurt. Yes! Its not okay but it happens. When you are ready to really let this go and move forward say the following; ” You hurt me, but I will not allow this pain to control my life. I forgive you”

Lime: Think of yourself. We punish ourselves more than anyone else. We are so mean and judgmental to ourselves but this is our lives, You are pretty enough. You are smart enough. How do you treat yourself? Why don’t you love yourself? Why do you hurt yourself? Let it go. Resolve to change your life and be the person you always wanted to be. Have low self esteem because you are overweight? Resolve to do better. Resolve to do better in all that you do. Hug yourself. Be one with yourself and when you are ready say the following; “I forgive myself for whatever misgivings or short comings I have had in the past. I resolve to take 100 percent responsibility for my life and I am ready to be happy. I accept happiness.”

Clap out the black candle and discard away from your home. When you have finished this you will feel weak and emotionally drained. You may want to go to sleep after this process. If you still are battling with the pain of the past you may repeat this process as often as needed.

This spell was written by me with a few people in mind. It came to me as a friend and I were talking about obstacles and removing them. Work towards prosperity, work towards forgiveness, work towards being the ultimate you. Please share your thoughts in the comment sections below.

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Candle Spell to Reverse a Spell

Best done on waning moon, or close to a new moon.  Mostly Best done on Saturday, due to day of Saturn,and represents banishment.

Cast your protection circle

Cleanse and consecrate your candle or candles if you wish to use more than one.
1 Black/white candle or use both if you like.

Have either a cross/pentacle blessed in holy water and sprinkle holy water on yourself for protection.

Anoint the candle with base oil or any oil that you feel is right for your own use.

If you have done a spell and carry remains of it, dash the remains over the candle, and chant the following spell three times.

Reverse This Spell, so it may no longer dwell,
Reverse This Spell, bring no one harm,
Reverse This Spell, Be Gone and Be Free, So mote it be, So mote it Be.

Meditate for 10 minutes or longer til your drained.  Place your candle on your altar so it doesn’t get disturbed.

Close your circle. Craig Robertson Authentic Jersey

Spell to Stop Nightmares

If you are being haunted by persistent nightmares then this spell should help. I would suggest you do this spell on a Saturday night during the waning moon as it nears the new moon phase. We need sleep to rest our brains and let our brains process all the information we absorb on a daily basis. If we don’t have restful sleep it can affect us in all areas of our lives. Not good!

Lately you guys might have noticed that I am really into incorporating fire in my spells. I have great success with them. You may want to find your element and incorporate it into your spells. BUT don’t just assume your element is whatever corresponds to your birth. I am a Scorpio but my element is fire! It may be because whatever astrological correspondences but I know instinctively.

Spell to stop nightmaresWhat You’ll Need:

  • 1 four leaf clover
  • basil
  • lavender
  • 5 white candles
  • protection oil
  • black marker
  • white paper
  • fire proof dish
  • white silk cloth

Make a start and light the black candles counter clock wise. Draw a picture of the  nightmare that has been plaguing you. With the north candle burn the paper and place it in the fireproof dish. While it is burning say seven times “This nightmare is no more I sleep soundly and peacefully”. In the center of the white cloth place the basil, lavender, and 5 drops of protection oil. Take the ashes and place them on top of the basil, lavender, and oil. On top of that place the four leaf clover. Tie to seal the cloth or tie it with white ribbon. Snuff the candles out clock wise and as you snuff each out say “As I will it so mote it be”. Sleep with your protection pillow under your main pillow.

Your nightmares should end.

Thank you so much for visiting the website. I love you all so much and I am glad to put this information up for you. I don’t see why someone would pay spell casters (who usually really AREN’T) to do something they can do for themselves.

You know Wiccans get a lot of shit for changing things, and whatever and I have to loudly complain about that. If the Divine is calling you to do something then follow your heart. While you may not be traditionally Wiccan you ARE doing magick and you are connecting with the Divine.

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Spell to Stop Gossip

Gossip and rumors are pretty lame all around. No one wants to be a victim of gossip, rumors and lies. If people are mistreating you try this spell to stop gossips and rumors in their tracks. This spell is best done during the waning moon phase on a Saturday or Friday after 3am.

Spell to Stop Gossip

What You’ll Need:Spell to Stop Gossip

  • • • A black candle
  • • • A green candle
  • • • A photo of the person spreading the rumors
  • • • Controlling oil
  • • • Binding oil
  • • • Protection oil
  • • • A photo of yourself
  • • • A white candle

After a ritual bath cast your circle as you normally would. Place half controlling oil with half binding oil in a dish and combine. Anoint the white candle with protection oil and place it on your altar with your picture under it. Anoint your black candle with the oil and place it on your altar with a photo of the person who is harassing you under the black candle. The green candle should be placed in the center.

Use a wooden match to light the candles. Use a different match for each candle. While meditating on the flame, see the person completely stopping all gossip related to you. See them not mentioning you at all and see them even retracting their earlier statements! Focus on this and chant the following:

Gossip, gossip stop right now, evil rumors that are foul, all the untruths you speak of me, shall stop right now! So mote it be!

Let the candles burn down.

This is a great spell to stop rumors and gossip and it was sent to me via Facebook. I know I haven’t been on much lately but once I finish adding all the things to the website I’ll be more active. It’s that old work before pleasure thing. But I miss and love all of you thank you so much for being great friends to me. I have a lot of exciting things coming for the site in 2012! I can’t wait!

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Full Moon Purification Spell to Break a Bad Habit

This is simple spell to break a bad habit  or banishing something that is negative and unwanted in your life. This spell is simple in nature but you have to have the right mix of herbs. While the base herbal mix I will provide will do the trick, you should also try to find the corresponding herb for your specific problem.

What You” Need:

  • Salt
  • Asafetida
  • Sage
  • 5 drops of sandalwood oil
  • A symbol of the bad habit, or addiction
  • Outdoor fire

Mix the herbs and salt together. As you do this imagine the bad habit being a bad habit no more. On the night of the full moon build your fire. And say the chant following:

This bad habit it no more

full moon spell to break a bad habitAs you chant, imagine yourself destroying the bad habit, negative energies, or whatever you are defeating. When you feel that you are completely ready to let go throw the mixture into the fire and say the following;

Go now and be never undone

I bind and banish thee

Close your ritual as you would normally. If you have a physical representation of the item then through it into the fire as well. If you want to stop biting your nails, put a piece of the nail into your herbal mix. If its food, alcohol anything  put it into the mixture. If you can provide a physical representation of the item then draw a symbol or write a statement that represents the bad habit.

This is NOT a spell you can do safetly inside, mainly because the Asafetida is pretty stinky and will stink up the whole house. If you can’t do this outside then remove the asafetida and replace with another banishing herb you deem suitable.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website. Please share this information with your friends or do me a favor and like this page using one of the share widgets below. If you have any questions, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, tips or anything else please leave it in the comment section below.

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