Bay Leaves Spell to Break a Bad Habit

This spell is a one to use when trying to break a bad habit or change your ways. This spell uses plant magic and fire. The bay leaf is a powerful magickal herb. If you want to break a bad habit try this spell and post your results. This spell can also be used as a wish spell. You should do the first part of the spell on the night of the new moon. People often see results by the time the full moon arrives.

Bay Leaves Spell to Break a Bad Habit

• What You’ll Need:Spell to Break a Bad Habit

  • • • 3 Bay Leaves
  • • • Paper
  • • • White candle
  • • • pen

On your piece of paper, write down your intention to change three times. Each time your write down your intention or wish say the words aloud. This should be written in the present tense, for example “I do not eat cheesecake after 8pm” (I love cheesecake! Someone should make me one!) After you have written down your intention, place the three bay leaves onto the paper once more saying your wish out loud. Fold the paper three times while focusing and visualizing your wish coming true. Keep visualizing until the spell is done. Then fold the paper by three again and place the parchment in a dark place.

Once you are satisfied with your new changes or the habit is broken, charge and anoint your candle with blessing oil. Light your white candle. Take the parchment with your intention and burn it using the flame. This is a way of giving thanks and you may add some words of thanks at this time.

Bay leaves are traditionally associated with wisdom in making decisions and protection from mistakes. Keep your intentions private from others and do this spell alone.
Try this spell and post your results in the section below. Thanks for being apart of my life! I am so grateful to you all!

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