Spell to Keep the Truth Hidden

This spell is about dishonesty. Lying or being a liar is never a good thing and is something that should be avoided at all times because they are energy traps, energy vampires that suck your energy and can make you feel lethargic, unmotivated and depressed. Sometimes lies cannot be avoided. While we know honesty is the best policy certain timesĀ  – whether it is out of fear, judgement, safety or another personal reason we have chosen to lie. Please do whats best for you and if its a case of physical abuse, mental abuse or sexual abuse this will not work for you and you need to seek professional help to deal with what is happening.spell to hide the truth

If you can do not avoid the person who you told the lie too. You should hand out with them the normal amount and if they outright catch you in the lie you were already caught and should just fess up to the lie.

This spell requires you to have binding oil and a black candle. Write the new truth on a memo card and place it on your it on your altar. Place a mirror on your altar as well. I bought my mirror from a dollar store (for $1) for my altar mirror.

Consecrate the candle for its magickal purpose and light it on your altar.

Look yourself in the eyes and tell your new truth. Repeat this 4 times and ten say ‘so mote it be’ as you snuff the candle.

Do not use this candle for any other spell. Continue to do this everyday until you believe sincerely the new truth or until you no longer are worried about it being an issue.

This spell works very well because you are basically brain washing yourself to forget the old truth and believe the new one only. If you look away when telling yourself the truth, feel uncomfortable within, or think that it is a lie then you won’t see the effects until you start to believe the new truth.

This spell can also be used to removed negative programming, old behaviors and thought patterns that no longer serve us. You can enhance this spell through regular meditation.

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