Wiccan Spell to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Thanks to Samantha Moon-shadow for submitting this spell to stop drinking alcohol! When you submit spells you have your choice of free gift so please send any spells you would like to post to [email protected] This spell has been one that is highly requested and so I am glad we finally have one to share. I do recommend reading the spell through at least once before you try it or leave a question in the comments. This spell is not a spell to make someone stop drinking so you must need the spell to do the spell. You could modify for that purpose if you need to.

Spell to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Spell to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Spell to Stop Drinking Alcohol

This spell should be done on the night of the new moon. This spell requires some banishing oil and three black candles. It may be a good idea to do a wiccan purification spell

first. This spell to stop drinking alcohol works best if you already meditate on a daily basis. If you don’t then I suggest that you practice meditating for 21 days prior to doing the spell. You can alternate between complete silence, guided meditations and chanting an affirmation centered around stopping your drinking.

On the night of the new moon dispose of all your alcohol. Afterwards light the candles in a circle around you. Meditate on removing the need to drink out of your life. Tell who you need to sorry and ask for their forgiveness mentally. Write down all the ways drinking has destroyed your life. Release all negative energy and thoughts from your world. Do this for as long as you need too.

The next morning start calling and reaching out to find a therapist. Many do ‘sliding scale’ payments which mean that you decide how much you can afford for the hour. Try to find someone who can do bi-weekly or even weekly sessions in the beginning. If you feel the urge to drink after this then you may need to attend AA. Try to go cold turkey for at least one year to repair the damage to your brain if you cannot do this then you need AA… If you can go without drinking for a year then afterwards you should drink no more than 2x a month and no more than 3 drinks… This means 3 beers, 3 wine coolers, 3 mixed drinks, 3 of any drink that has alcohol.

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