Drawing Down The Moon

The moon is a mysterious orb that appears to watch over us during the night. Harnessing the energy and power of this luminous body can aid in everything from spiritual growth to prosperity and health. Learning the different phases of the lunar cycle is important for mastering the energies for the appropriate magical manifestations. The full moon is of course the most mystical phase of our attending satellite.

drawing down the moon

The full moon has for centuries, been associated with madness and high crime rates in large metropolitan cities. Hospital emergency rooms fill to the brim with victims of domestic violence and gang related gunshot wounds. Madness in some, collaborates with this time, and many myths and legends are born of the full moon.

But for those who are more in tune with our sacred cosmos, the full moon is a time of joy and celebration of new beginnings. Preparing oneself for receiving the puissance of our magnificent sentinel is a deeply personal experience. Having an open mind and heart are key to obtaining the success and gratification that is sought in drawing down this vigil antecedent. Preparing the space with candles and incense on the altar play a crucial role in performing magical rituals, even if the space is outside. Weather permitting, the best way to drawn down the full moon energy is outdoors. Start by preparing the magic space by burning sage to cleanse the area, then call the corners; North, East, South, and West so the appropriate Guardians can import their energies to the ritual. Once the circle is cast, the thaumaturgy can proceed.

Aside from its negative connotations, the full moon can cast an invigorating spell upon the practitioner and his or her magical intentions. The blessings acquired from full moon conjuring serve to provide not only a deeply spiritual transformation, but this observation beneath our most familiar celestial body, can remind us of the power of the Divine that is all around us at all times. Gaea is our home and Luna lights our nocturnal journey. We should honor our craterous sentinel through all her cycles, blessed be!

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