New Moon Ritual

If you are part of the Wiccan ritual, you can do a ritual when there is a New Moon. The first thing that you should do is cast a circle. You can cast a circle or purify the area to make it sacred. You should perform outside to get a good look at the new moon as well as the sun setting.For this ceremony, you should bring a white candle, a handheld mirror and a small bowl should be put on the altar. You should perform this ritual at sunset.

As soon as the sun drops below the horizon, you should be able to see the new moon rising. If you do this ceremony with ceremony, you should make the children feel part of the ceremony by having them spot the new moon. As soon as the new moon is in the sky, you should unwrap the candle and speak:

Welcome back, Moon!
We’re glad to see you.
Another life cycle has passed
another four weeks gone by
and our lives have moved to the next level.

You should set the candle on the altar and light it. You should face the moon and speak:

Today is a new 24 hours,
and a new 4 weeks begin.
As the waters flow, and the moon goes above us,
we are grateful that The Moon has returned.
She watches over us, ever vigilant,
yet always not the same,
and we are grateful for her light.

The children present at this ceremony should wave to the moon and thank her for coming back. You should then turn to the east to where the sun is rising in the morning. You should pick up the mirror and hold it until you can look at the new moon in the mirror. You should then speak:

Bring us your intelligence, your guidance,
Your protection, in the coming 4 weeks.
You are with me at every step,
watching and showing me the way,
And I am grateful

After placing the mirror back on the altar, beside the candle, you should pause to think about new beginnings and new commitments. You should heat the small bowl, full of blessing oil, then put the water on the foreheads of the people in the ceremony. You should speak:

May the moon, bless you.

If you are alone, you should put the water on your forehead and bless yourself for the new moon.
You should end the ceremony with closing the circle.

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