Wiccan Names of the Moon

During the ages, cultures from Europe to North America have kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to each recurring full moon, meaning a new name every month. There are many reasons for different cultures having different sets of names, like being in wildly variable regions where weather is not concurrent between places, and the timing of seasonal changes may be skewed. This guide specifically explains the English moon names, beginning in January and ending in December.

wiccan names of the moon

January is the Hunger moon, named for the European harshness of winter during the beginning of the year. Wolves during this time roam the countryside looking for food, which is hard to find, not only for wolves but, for everyone. This month is a time to plan ahead from a spiritual perspective.

February is the Snow moon, as certain parts of the world are blasted by thick blankets of it during this time. This is a good time to bolster your spells for the home and family.

March is the Sap moon, for this is when tree sap first begins to bleed from the bark. Magic that heals is made best this month.

April is the Pink moon, mirroring the nubile beginnings of the flowering season. This is the time to foster relationships.

May is the Flower moon for obvious reasons. Spring is under way, and such is the time to turn those fostering relationships into commitments.

June is called the Rose moon, or “la lune rose,” as cited by the French. Half of the year has now passed away, and this is the point in time where it is good to be proud of your accomplishments so far. Also it would be wise to begin pondering on what is left for you to do before the rest of the year is gone.

July is the Buck moon. Moose and deer grow their first antlers during this time. This is when one works on physical things, like the body, or handiwork.

August takes the name of the Sturgeon moon, named after the fish, which it is now the season of. Give thanks this month to the Great Spirit, and to yourself.

September is the Corn moon, or the late Harvest moon if it does not show itself during August. Clear up life’s issues now, for it is a good time.

October details the Hunter’s moon. At this time align yourself with the natural world.

November is called the beaver moon. The cold sweeps in, and culture dictated that this was the time to gather beaver pelts to keep warm for the coming frost. Set protection for yourself and others this month.

December is the final moon, the Cold moon. This is when you stay indoors and turn your attention to home, especially your ritual space, for the new year comes upon you soon, and the cycle begins anew.

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