Spell to Fly without Wings

This spell to fly can work with alone or with a group of people.  Although the most powerful thing about this spell is the chanting… if you add all the items that are additionally suggested then you chances for making this spell work increase dramatically! If you can do this spell on the night of the full moon then try to do the spell at exactly 11:11 (starting chanting). This spell doesn’t require much and you can customize this spell anyway you want!

Do you know your magickal name?


Spell to Fly without Wings

spell to fly without wings

Feel Lovely! Use this spell to fly!

What You Need to do this Spell to Fly Without Wings:

  •  Your Magickal Name
  • White Candles
  • A chant of your own

Place the candles around the person you want to leviatate if you have candles. Have 1 or 2 people repeat your magickal names over while your hands are placed lightly under the body (just your fingertips should be under the persons body). The rest of you guys – including the person in the middle should start chanting to fly. I always think it will be more powerful and give you a greater chance of it working super fast if you write your own chant to go with this spell to fly without wings but here is one to use if you can’t:

“We will fly on Salem’s great  broom, Goddess seeks the light of the moon, Power shall float to thee, as we will it so mote it be.”

This spell to fly is fun and easy to do. I would recommend this spell to almost any one who is curious or a beginner in the craft. This spell is almost perfect to do at sleepovers and is probably one of those spells that are going to be really fun and give you guys a great secret to keep even if it doesn’t work as planned. Keep in mind the goal is to make the person levitate but it can manifest in many different ways for up to a year! You could have lucid dreams of flying more frequently, float or feel like you are floating while sleeping or meditating and finally find yourself more… floaty… this could manifest in looking more graceful while walking, being able to dance way better or being faster while walking or running!

Try this spell and let us know exactly how it worked out for you in the comments below! Bojan Bogdanovic Jersey