Mind’s Eye Protection Spell for Home

This is a spell to protection yourself or your home. I am placing this spell under the home and protection categories so you can find them easily. This spell can be done as a home protection spell to protect the members of the house hold or as an individual protection spell.

Mind’s Eye Protection Spell for Home

What You’ll Need:Protection Spell for Home

  • • • Your mind
  • • • Strong visualization techniques

You can do this simple protection technique whenever you think about it or if it is a home protection shield do it whenever you go away.

Spend some time in quiet meditation. Envision a white protective light surrounding you or your property. Completely form the energy shield in your mind’s eye. See your energy rising and forming into a powerful protective shield.

Ask your guardians for protection of you and your home. You can add a white candle and chant if you want to but this spell is intended to be done without any items or additional supplies.

This spell is simple and relies in your belief in your own magickal abilities. This spell can be done at any time whenever you feel the need. Most people expect or want lengthy protection spells but keep in mind your connection with the God and Goddess is inherent. Asking the divine for love, help and protection can be done without a ton of tools.

Try this protection spell and let me know what you think! Thank you for visiting my page you all are helping the community and website grow by sharing and liking and all of that and I just want to say thanks!

Leave all comments thoughts and suggestion below and I’ll make sure to answer and approve it within a day or two. I am a little behind because I am focusing on adding great content on the website but in the next few weeks I am making it my mission to answer every comment!

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