Spell to Keep Someone Alive

This spell does not guarantee the ability to extend the life of someone BUT  for some this spell will help you give someone some more peaceful time on this earth.  This spell was passed down to me from an other gypsy friend from the mountains of Tennessee. This spell was used as part of a coven ritual in the past but I don’t have access to that original spell just this modified version. This spell does include a lot of hard to find items and for this spell I cannot recommend any modifications. If you do this spell and the dying is in pain the person may die to end their suffering. This spell is very unpredictable and it is my sincere hope that you think deeply before trying it.

Spell to Keep Someone Alive

spell to keep someone alive

What You’ll Need:

  • personal token from the person you want to heal
  • a white candle
  • a white rose
  • a mason jar
  • sugar
  • a silver coin
  • holy water
  1. Place the sugar, white rose and silver coin into the mason jar.
  2. Pour holy water over the rose and seal the jar.
  3. Place the jar on your altar and place the candle on top of the jar (if you have blessing oil use it to charge the candle).
  4. Light the candle and take hold of the personal token – sit in quiet meditation while raising your energy.
  5. When you are ready start reciting a chant from your own personal book of shadows or say the following: “Goddess of healing waters, shine deep – bless the one I love with a long life”. Make sure to focus and visualize the person as healthy and happy (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT).
  6. Keep the jar on your altar for 2 days. Each night light the candle and repeat the incantation.
  7. On the third day bury or flush the contents of the spell jar and return the personal token to the person.

Have you tried this spell to keep a loved one alive? This spell is a great addition to healthcare and/or lifestyle changes to keep your loved one living a happy and healthy life as long as possible. This spell will work perfectly if the person has a strong need to stay here on the earth plane and can make changes to their life and diet to keep them cognitive and healthy. Sometimes spells will not work and while we change our lives through magic and intention – occasionally the Goddess/Universal Source energy has other plans that are set in stone. T

Try this spell and let us know if it worked for you. Thank you for being the best part of Just Wicca. I love you and I support your dreams.

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