Wiccan Magic Health Spell for Health and Happiness

Magic health spells can be used for many things from healing the mind to healing the body. You can find more wiccan healing spell for free on this site but if you can’t find the spell you want then take a look at the online book of shadows for more information. If you are a beginner then take a look at the wiccan spells for beginners for more information and tips.

This magic health spell was written to keep up and happy attitude and wonderful health. As with most spells this is NOT a substitute for a proper physician’s care.

Wiccan Magic Health Spell

Wiccan Magic Health Spell

Wiccan Magic Health Spell

Face east in your sacred area and spread your arms like you are doing the sun salutation in yoga. Afterwards chant the following:

“As above so below, I am healed. I thank thee Universe for my health and radiant smile. Mabon awakening in the east.  As I will it”

As you repeat the chant envision a white healing light entering your body and infusing your cells with this healing energy. Gather the light energy to the center of your being and hold it there. After a minute expanding the energy into a circle around you. Repeat this process until you are ready. End this mediation magic health spell by gathering the energy into your body and simply stating ‘so mote it be’.

This wiccan magic health spell promise results before the next full moon. If you don’t receive the reuslts you want by the next full moon then it is okay to redo the spell. This magic health spell can be enhanced by adding healing oils, candles, herbs and incense. Magic health spells are something every witch had in her book of shadows. If you try this spell please leave your tips and suggestions in the comments below.

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