Spell for Mental Calm (Wiccan Meditation Spell)

Whether it is psychic warfare or dealing with the day-to-day stress of modern living, we must seek calm for our mental health. Achieving balance in all areas in life is something that is elusive but a necessary aim. This a spell but in many ways this is a meditation for inner peace and soundness of mind. I implore you to discover ways to enhance your brain. It this practice of mental fortitude that gives you new neural pathways in brain enhancing all elements of your life. If you are interested in more ways to train your memory (for remembering chants or doing a spell without a reference paper) then check out this brain training program (affliate link).

Spell for Mental Calm

Wiccan Meditation Spel

What You’ll Need:

  • earth
  • blessed water
  • new age music (optional)
  • follow this process 1 or more per day
  1. Dressed in white (if you are doing this as part of a larger ritual, if you are adding this to your daily practice wearing white isn’t a requirement) ground yourself under a large tree, if this isn’t possible you may alter this to your situation (opening a window, sitting on a deck or going to a national/local park).
  2. Place the enhanced water on both palms and your temples.
  3. Close your eyes and breathe in through your nose while thinking of light and breathe out, exhaling out the worries of the day, of the past and of the worries of the future.
  4. After awhile you will enter into your trance state. If thoughts come creeping into your moment of connection let them come and go refocusing on the light. If you try to fight these thoughts you will lose your connection just let them flow.
  5. You will know when this moment of lucidity is ready to end. Give thanks and return to your daily life.

This spell is a wonderful way to connect to the earth. This has some elements of ‘grounding’ the process of connecting your bare feet to the earth. This process has been said to cure illness, balance your levels, ease stress and many other wonderful benefits? Have you tried earth grounding? How have you added this component to your spells? Leave your ideas below or join us on the witchcraft forum.

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