Spell to Break Up a Couple

This is a spell I am hesitant to post. Spells like these, even when done with the best of intentions can cause a lot of hurt. If you do this spell you might succeed but remember the basic tenants of the three fold law. Whatever energies you send to me flow back to you three times three. This is a universal law of life and many religions call it many different things but the term most familiar is KARMA. Would you want someone to do this spell on you? I am not going to preach you guys to death, you create your own destiny and have enough common sense to do whats best for you…

What You’ll Need:

  • Cayenne Pepper, Salt, Sage, garlic and oak wood chip
  • crossing oil
  • 2 black candles
  • 1 couple candle
  • a picture of the couple
  • a muslin bag
  • a fire proof dish or receptacle

Spell to Break Up a CoupleDo this spell on a Saturday during the waning moon phase. Anoint the candle with the crossing oil. On the couple candle draw the discord rune or a broken heart symbol on the candle. Light the to black candles and the center candle. Envision the couple with extreme discord in their relationship. After meditating on this for sometime, place set fire to the picture of the couple, as you do this say the following;

“Consequences are nothing to me

This couple is no more as I will it to be

This is my wish so mote it be

I accept my fate three by three”

Place the burning picture into the dish. When it is done place 9 drops of crossing oil onto the ashes of the picture gather the ashes and all the other materials into the bag. Bury the muslin bag into the earth but away from your home. If you can bury one of the black candle stubs in each persons yard. Place the couple candle once it has burned down into the muslin bag.

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