Spell to Stop Gossip

Gossip and rumors are pretty lame all around. No one wants to be a victim of gossip, rumors and lies. If people are mistreating you try this spell to stop gossips and rumors in their tracks. This spell is best done during the waning moon phase on a Saturday or Friday after 3am.

Spell to Stop Gossip

What You’ll Need:Spell to Stop Gossip

  • • • A black candle
  • • • A green candle
  • • • A photo of the person spreading the rumors
  • • • Controlling oil
  • • • Binding oil
  • • • Protection oil
  • • • A photo of yourself
  • • • A white candle

After a ritual bath cast your circle as you normally would. Place half controlling oil with half binding oil in a dish and combine. Anoint the white candle with protection oil and place it on your altar with your picture under it. Anoint your black candle with the oil and place it on your altar with a photo of the person who is harassing you under the black candle. The green candle should be placed in the center.

Use a wooden match to light the candles. Use a different match for each candle. While meditating on the flame, see the person completely stopping all gossip related to you. See them not mentioning you at all and see them even retracting their earlier statements! Focus on this and chant the following:

Gossip, gossip stop right now, evil rumors that are foul, all the untruths you speak of me, shall stop right now! So mote it be!

Let the candles burn down.

This is a great spell to stop rumors and gossip and it was sent to me via Facebook. I know I haven’t been on much lately but once I finish adding all the things to the website I’ll be more active. It’s that old work before pleasure thing. But I miss and love all of you thank you so much for being great friends to me. I have a lot of exciting things coming for the site in 2012! I can’t wait!

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