Candle Spell to Reverse a Spell

Best done on waning moon, or close to a new moon.  Mostly Best done on Saturday, due to day of Saturn,and represents banishment.

Cast your protection circle

Cleanse and consecrate your candle or candles if you wish to use more than one.
1 Black/white candle or use both if you like.

Have either a cross/pentacle blessed in holy water and sprinkle holy water on yourself for protection.

Anoint the candle with base oil or any oil that you feel is right for your own use.

If you have done a spell and carry remains of it, dash the remains over the candle, and chant the following spell three times.

Reverse This Spell, so it may no longer dwell,
Reverse This Spell, bring no one harm,
Reverse This Spell, Be Gone and Be Free, So mote it be, So mote it Be.

Meditate for 10 minutes or longer til your drained.  Place your candle on your altar so it doesn’t get disturbed.

Close your circle. Craig Robertson Authentic Jersey