Spell to Make Someone Stop Liking You

Sometimes people end up in a situation where someone they don’t like ends up liking them for whatever reason. This is a way to change this persons heart or at least give them the message and move on to some thing else. This spell will help to get rid of the annoyance swiftly and with ease. This spell should be done during the waning moon and really does do the trick most of the time.

What You’ll Need:

  • Fire
  • Salt
  • Vervain
  • picture of the person
  • a bowl
  • banishing oil

Place the picture of the person in the center bottom of the black bowl. On top of the Spell to Make Someone Stop Liking Youpicture, mix the salt, vervain and three drops of banishing oil. Completely bury the picture in the mixed and let it sit for one day on your altar. Optionally you can burn a black candle with banishing oil next to the bowl on you altar.

Three days later during the night of the waning moon do your cleansing and cast your circle as you normally would outside. Build your fire (only if you can do so safely) and dance to the Goddess to raise energy. Do this buy playing ritual music or circling the bon fire.


Withdraw your heart, its home is not here. My heart is closed to you.

While chanting throwing the mixture into the fire. Afterwards have no contact with the person for another three days, if possible. If the person still is acting infatuated with you then quietly tell them that you don’t feel the same. They should accept the news in heed, getting over you quickly.

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This spell usually works without you having to tell the person, but for personal reasons I decided to add that if for some reason the spell doesn’t work for you, you should still let the person know you aren’t into them. Imagine being the person on the receiving end of this spell. Wouldn’t you want to know if someone wasn’t into you? So you could move on and start life anew?

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