Spell to Become Irresistible

Thank you guys for sending in your spells. The Book of Shadows is growing at a rapid rate because of you. Thank you for visiting this site, liking it, sharing it with your friends. It not only motivates me to provide as many spells as I can but it also encourages me when I am posting the spells, knowing that it helping you. This spell was sent to me by Holly. Thank you so much for sending in this spell, I am sure the others appreciate this wonderful spell as well. Holly writes:

Hey Raven! Thank you for the website its great but you don’t have many beauty spells so please feel free to add this one! Blessed Be!

What You’ll Need:Spell to Become Irresistible

  • rose petals (the prettier and healthier they are the better)
  • pink candle
  • light blue candle
  • wine and wine glass
  • sugar or honey
  • seduction oil
  • a small mirror

How to Make Seduction Oil:

  • 1 rose petal
  • 5 drops of musk
  • 5 drops of civit
  • 2 drops of patchouli
  • 1 drop ambegris
  • 1 drop jasmine
  • 1 drop rosemary

On a Wednesday night anoint your candles with the seduction oil. Grab a small pinch of the sugar and throw it into the wine. Hold your power hand over the wine glass while holding the base of the wine glass with the opposite hand. Thrice say:

Beautiful , I call upon you to make this wish

Lend me you beauty and as I drink this

Make it so, he can’t resist

Place the wine glass on top of the mirror and light the blue candle. Take the blue candle and light the pink candle. Place the candles on either side of the mirror. It should be the blue candle, the wine glass and then the pink candle. Let the candles burn for six minutes. While the candles are burning focus on the wine glass. On the seventh minute drink the wine while seeing your self filled with attracting energy.

You can also place the wine bottle on the altar while you are doing this to infuse the bottle with seduction. This is good to do if you can have the person drink the wine before the next new moon.

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Spell to See if Someone Likes You

Ever been in a situation where you are interested in a guy or gal but wasn’t sure how they felt about you? Do this spell! This spell will promote a romantic vibration out into the universe. If the person is interested then the spell will make the person notice you more. It will clear any obstacles preventing a potential relationship but won’t force someone to fall in love with you.

What You’ll Need:Spell to See if Someone Likes You

  • • Pink candle
  • • Pink yarn, white yarn, blue yarn
  • • White candle
  • • Attraction oil

Cast your circle as you would normally. Anoint your candles with the attraction oil. Place the candles on your altar. Separate the candles a bit because you are going to need room to work. Light the candles and chant the following while braiding the yarn. You can get enough yarn to make a bracelet necklace or ankle bracelet.

As you are coming to me, meet me in pure love. I am coming to you, with the heart of a dove. You for me and I for you if we are meant to be, I like you and you like me so mote it be.

Braid and chant until the yarn is spent. Place the braid in between the candles and let them burn down. Place three drops of the attraction oil onto the braid.

Your love interest should express interest in you within three weeks. If they don’t take it as a sign you are meant to be and move towards someone else. You may burn the braid if this is the case. If you and your love start dating start a keepsake box with this as the first item. When the relationship is over keep the box or burn it and move on.

The best day to this spell is Friday the day of Venus, Goddess of Love. You should do this spell on the night of the full moon if possible.

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Elemental Spell to Keep Your Lover Faithful

This is an elemental magick spell. This spell has two methods. The first method uses the element of fire and the second method uses the element of water. You can change this spell to suit/fit your needs and element if it is not listed. This spell should be done around the time of the new moon but the leaves used in this spell should be gathered during the time of the new moon for best results. This spell uses ivy leaves, but you can gather whatever leaves you have at your disposal.

What You’ll Need:infidelity spell

  • 4 large leaves
  • love incense
  • fire proof dish
  • carving tool
  • brown candle

Using your carving tool, on each leaf write one word of the following;

Keep My Lover Faithful

Light the incense and light the brown candle. Burn the leaves in the correct order (burning the leaf with ‘Keep’ written on it first). While you are doing this say the following words or something similiar;

Goddess of Love, I ask of thee, Bring fast fidelity

Scatter the ash in the wind.

In order to do the water element version of this spell, simply take the leaves to a stream, river or source of naturally flowing water. Place the leaves in the water and as you release them say these words or something similar;

Water flowing free, bring fast fidelity

You can change this spell for your corresponding elements. Just use your brain and come up with a way to make this spell your own, working with the element of you.

This spell was sent into me by Janna. Thanks so much for sending in this spell! If you guys have spells and want them featured on the website then email me jw at justwicca.com

Have you ever casted a love spell? And if you did… did it work? I have some love spells stories on the site for you all to read. You will actually find a ton more in the comments after the love spells but that page highlights some.

You can leave your own thoughts/stories in the comment section below. Also if you have any questions that is the best and quickest way to get a response for me.

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Thanks so much for visiting the website. I hope you will find some use for it! Also please share this website with your friends, I need your help in making this community grow. Larry Fitzgerald Womens Jersey

How to Get Your Ex Back

Get You Ex BackThis article will tell you what you need to know to get your ex back. This isn’t a bunch of rules but it is my advice. Take my advice and get your ex back. All of my Facebook friends have been messaging, instant messaging, and commenting on my blog a lot asking for love spells.

You can try my sugar love spell or this simple true love spell.

If you are more familiar with witchcraft and Wicca then you might want to try my spell to make someone love you. These three spells are wonderful and effective and free.

Wondering if you guys are meant to be? Want to talk to a love expert? Then get expert advice from real love counselors, psychics and tarot readers. You can get one question asked for free or talk to them for free for the first three minutes by clicking here.

If you are a reader or need detailed instructions then hear are a few good books for you:

  1. Get Your Ex Back Or Get Over It: The Self-Help Guide To Love, Relationships and Breakups [Paperback] – $10.98 (amazon)
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If you want some eBooks on getting you ex back then try.

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  2. Ex Back Blue Print Plan – Proven Guide to Get Your Ex Back [eBook] – $9.00 (clickbank)
  3. The Man That Has Helped 50,119 People In 77 Countries… The Magick of Making Up [eBook] – $39.00 (clickbank) (has a video)

Spell to Get Your Ex Back

Love Spells: The Joining of Souls

This spell is definitely not ethical, but it is very effective. Remember that magic is a two-way street, and that you will be equally bound. Sprinkle dried white roses with almond oil and burn them inside a magic circle as you recite the spell. Add slips of paper with your names written on them if you have trouble getting the roses to burn. Say:

By all that lives on land and sea
by the incoming and the outgoing
by the odd numbers and the even
by the power of three times three
thy waking thoughts shall be of me
from now throughout eternity
no peace or increase shall you find
until your hand is joined in mine
I bind thee heart and soul and mind to me
I bind thee eyes and thoughts and loins to me
I bind thee to me forever
with cords of velvet longing
by the white rose and the rosemary
by the caverns and the groves
by the silence of the mountains
by the chasms and the standing stones
I bind thee forever to me
with cords of silken danger
Isis, Astarte, Ishtar
Aphrodite, Venus
I bind thee to me forever, so mote it be

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How to Make a Love Spell Effective

Love spells need to be used cautiously since spells are not to be used to harm others. Controlling another’s free will and changing the path that person’s life was intended to follow does cause harm to that person, I strongly urge against doing this. With that being said; using a love spell to bring to you your intended love is safe for all involved.

To make a spell most effective it is essential to take into account all the aspects of your spell to tie it all together and make your spell as strong as possible. When working a love spell, use colors that symbolize the result you are in search of. My recommendation is to use the colors; White, to symbolize the purity of the love you wish to gain, Blue, to always have truth and loyalty in your newly discovered relationship, and Pink to bring about a deep and emotional type of love.

Herbs are a strong tie to help bind your spell, making it even more effective but be sure to use the herbs that you feel will work the best for your intended goal. When working a love spell, Rosemary incense or rosemary oil works well. Rosemary helps to bind two people together making it an effective choice in searching for your destined love connection.

One more element to keep in mind when doing any Spellwork is the moon phase. When working a love spell I find it best to work during a full moon which is most beneficial for love and matters of the heart. Having as many elements in line with each other, all working toward the same goal will increase your spells effectiveness.

The spell that seems to have quite a high effectiveness rate is one to bind true love. During the full moon, take three different color pieces of cloth, yarn or strings in the colors of white, blue, and pink. Intertwine these three colors together symbolizing your heart intertwining with that of your destined loved ones heart. As you are weaving these together say these words:

Aphrodite, Goddess of love

Let your magick and mine intertwine

Bring to me the love

That is meant to be mine.

After they are weaved together, anoint it with Rosemary oil and wear it as a bracelet or carry it with you.

This Spell is not intended to make someone fall in love with you simply because you want them to love you; it is meant to bring you the love of the person who is intended to fall in love with you. It will help that person realize the love they already had within their heart for you.

May you be blessed with true love and eternal happiness.

Blessed Be,

Caitlynn Timms

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Do a Love Spell WITHOUT ingredients!

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to do a spell or specifically a love spell without ingredients? Yes! It is so possible to do a love spell with little or no ingredients. With a little creativity, maybe reusing some older items, some concentration and mental ability you can successfully complete a love spell spell. In this article I will explain some simple techniques for doing a love spell. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Sometimes we want to do a more elaborate love spell… but its just not possible.

I have gotten  a lot of emails from some of the regular visitors from this website looking for Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients. Because I have never written a love spell with out any ingredients I found this spell to be a challenge. Let me know if this spell has worked for you, as I have not attempted this spell. (I am in a great relationship already 🙂 ). Let me know how you think I can improve this spell of if this spell has worked for you.

Be inventive. Be intelligent. Be creative. USE YOUR MIND. Use your intuition. Build up your ability to visualise, and concentrate. Learn to take basic things like sand, a rock, plain water and CHARGE THEM with intention to become the tool you need. Magic, Spells and Potions

So since we are making/writing/doing Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients this means we have to work with out intuition and visualization skills. Sometimes you may not have any ingredients right for a particular spell, you might not be able to have witchcraft related items in your home, or you may not have the supplies for some other reason. I feel with or without the ‘right’ tools you can do magick. Esp if you are creative enough. 🙂

Learn how to do a love spell without ingredients!

Focus everyday on the qualities you would like to attract. Don’t focus on a particular person as this spell does not seek to encroach on someones free will and is meant to attract true love to you. Practice meditation, energy raising and visualization daily. You need to be really clear about the person you want to attract. Don’t send the universe  mixed singles. When you have sufficient focus start chanting a simple chant. You should write your own, something along the lines of;

“Brilliant Moon, At this hour

I call upon your magick power

Give to me the love I seek

As I will it so mote it be.”

I would do this spell on the night of the full moon for the next six months. You should have attracted love just with your visualizations alone in this period of time. You can also add other elements to this spell such as the right herbs and candles, but since most of the emails have been about doing Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients I thought it would be best for me to post this spell as is.


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Spell to Attract a New Love

On a night when the moon is waxing from New Moon to Quarter Moon, light a pink candle and a red candle, or light a candle shaped as a man and a woman (or whatever figures suit your preference). Burn some rose-scented incense.

Fill a red or pink flannel mojo bag with some herbs that are Venus-ruled, such as mugwort, cardamom, heather, orchid, tuberose, tonka, hyacinth, violet, marjoram, willow or yarrow. Add a piece of sun-dried lemon or orange peel cut in the shape of a heart, a pink piece of paper with the words “I open fully now and accept this new love,” and a lock of your hair.

Add in any of the following roots known for their potency in love magick: ginseng root, Adam and Eve root, mandrake root (the most powerful of the magickal herbs), John the Conqueror and orris root.

Chant the name of the person you most desire to be with, if you have already met someone who interests you. As you prepare the bag, chant his or her name and say:

Out from the Earth I draw these elements

Out of the Sky I breathe new air

In the clear Water I reflect new attraction

Out of the Fire I draw passion’s dare.


Comes to me now, my new love so precious

Comes to me perfectly, gladly and free

Opens his [or her] heart to accept now my new love

As I open my heart, accept his [or her] love for me.


So Mote it Be.

Spell to Attract a New Love

Close up the bag and anoint it with myrrh or rosemary oil. Pass it several times through the rose incense. Wear it daily on a white string or gold chain around your neck.

Keep this fresh and protected: anoint the bag each Friday evening with three drops of pink champagne or rose oil, then pass it through the smoke of burning patchouli incense.

Secretly rub the bag whenever in his or her presence.

Do you want that special man or woman of your dreams to finally start noticing you? Do you long for the affections and attentions of that particular person? Do you wish he or she would just ask YOU out on a date? Take action now! Red Magick Love Spells has the right spell for you, even if you are not an experienced witch!

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Spell to Attract Friends

Having friends that you can depend on through all types of situations both good or bad is very important. That sense of community is important. We all want to be accepted by a group of people and we all want to have people in our lives with similar goals, thoughts, ambitions, feelings and ways of thinking.

This spells works well if you are constantly trying to improve yourself and your life. You can also supplement this spell with a daily affirmation. You can find wiccan friends on my Witchcraft Message board or the Wiccan Pen Pals Page.

This is a spell to attract multiple new friends into your life. This spell works fast and is very effective. Try this spell to attract new friends and tell us your results in the comment section below this post.

AD: Wiccans Do It Better Shirt

Do this spell during the waxing moon on a Sunday

What You’ll Need:

  • multiple ribbons or yarn strings in various colors
  • a yellow candle
  • good luck oil

Cast your circle and gather your supplies. Anoint your candle and light. Gather the yarn and braid the various colors into a friendship bracelet. As you do this chant:

“Interwine and interwoven, may our friendship never be broken;

True friends attract to me; as I will it so mote it be”

spell to attract friendsDo this until your bracelet is made. Put three drops of the good luck oil onto your friendship bracelet and wrap it around the candle as it burns down. Wear the bracelet and be the friendly person you are. Friends will  naturally be attracted to you. Place three drops of good luck oil on your bracelet every three weeks.

Not only is this spell meant to attract friends but also luck. You must try your best to maintain positive thoughts and actions. Its not always easy to be a positive person but you can start by telling someone you love them daily, and tell yourself you love and accept yourself. If you don’t love and honor yourself first, how can you expect others to do the same?

I love you. All of you. I don’t know where you have been, or what you have been through. I may not ever know. But I love you and you all are always in my heart. Its my goal to show you all how much you mean to me by making this website the best it can be. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time on this blog. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this spell to attract friends. You can leave comments, questions, suggestions and everything else below. Thank you so much for visiting JustWicca.com!

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Draw Desire Spell


This free love spell is to draw out you desires. It is very intense and romantic so use this free love spell very wisely. It can be dangerous, so be careful what you wish for…

Free Love Spell

First you want to meditate. You want to clear your mind right now and be calm and at peace. Don’t focus on the spell or the end result right now, just clear your mind. Let the thoughts flow out of your head, you can try this with a guided meditation on disk, mp3 or youtube.com

After proper meditation, place whatever candles you wish in front of you and begin the drawing. You may use a pencil and paper, but other things are encouraged as well. Markers, pens, just not water colors or anything that will take too long to dry. Draw with power. Invest your self energies and the elemental powers into the drawing. Draw your desire, may it be love, a curse, protection, anything.

Free Love SpellAfter you have finished your drawing for this free love spell, take a candle with the correct color for the spell and burn the piece of paper after you have folded it up into a package. Put the burning paper on a heat proof surface and watch the flames go out. As it does, the power of the drawing is released and will begin working. Let the candle burn itself out.

I love this free love spell its fun, simple and really unique. I know that I say that often but I love really bare bones spells that force you to bring your energies to the work magickal working. It is almost like a physic connection between you and the Goddess and God. Try this spell if you need clarity on a big decision or if you are hitting a stumbling block in your path.

This is a spell for you to get whatever it is in your life that you want. You are literally drawing and this is creating a powerful desire spell. Be explicit, get creative and really use your power and energies to draw exactly whatever it is that you want. Make sure you are using the correct candles and if you find that your desire is hard to place then use a general white candle. I used a green, white, and red candles for my spell, which was a slightly modified version of this free love spell. It worked great. Leave some comments below with any questions and comments you might have.

Do you want that special man or woman of your dreams to finally start noticing you? Do you long for the affections and attentions of that particular person? Do you wish he or she would just ask YOU out on a date? Take action now! Red Magick Love Spells has the right spell for you, even if you are not an experienced witch!

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Spell to Make Someone Think of You

My spell to make someone think of you really has worked for me which is why I am sharing it.  This spell is best done on a Wednesday during the waxing moon. If the full moon falls on a Wednesday this spell will be even more potent and effective. This spell seems to work well for most people who try it. I have tried this spell so many time and my friends have also done most of my wiccan love spells… it works.

Spell to Make Someone Think of You

What You’ll Need:

  • red candle (if you don’t have a red candle a white one will do)
  • cherry incense blend
  • picture of the person (if you don’t have a picture of the person and can’t get access to one, write the persons name on a white slip of paper and while looking at the paper visualize the person with clarity, and intense focus.
  • (optional) you can place this crystal for love under your pillow to dream of you lover.
  • wiccan love spell

spell to make someone think of youOn Wednesday night at 11pm charge you candle with your intentions. Imagine the person thinking of you non stop, during the day, and at night. Imagine them seeing you in their dreams (you might want to send them a message). Imagine them thinking of you while at school and work. See them noticeably distracted. See their thoughts of you swimming in their heads. Tell them what you want them to think.

Light the incense and the red candle. Lie on the floor and imagine yourself going into their brain. Imagine yourself as them thinking the thoughts. You are placing these thoughts into their head.  If you are doing this correctly you will feel a tingling sensation in your head. This is your connection. Hold the picture of the person and say the following:

“Lady and Love, Hand in Hand

Your thoughts are in my command

In all you do and all you see

Only and Always think of me”

Place the picture of the person under the burning red candle. Afterwards spend sometime meditating on the thoughts you want in there head playing over and over like a recorder. If you can do this until the candle burns out then fine. You may want to sit the candle by your bed and meditate on the persons thoughts until you fall asleep.

The person should not only start to think of you constantly but will also dream of you!

I did this spell to make someone think of you

This spell to make someone think of you has worked for me and all of my friends. You can kinda tell when someone is thinking about you more or is more attentive to you. A lot of my earlier wiccan love spells would work for me so fast that it basically disproved that it was all just chance. I say start small with little experiments if this spell to make someone think of you doesn’t work at first. Take sometime and start smaller and then work you way up.

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