How to Make a Love Spell Effective

Love spells need to be used cautiously since spells are not to be used to harm others. Controlling another’s free will and changing the path that person’s life was intended to follow does cause harm to that person, I strongly urge against doing this. With that being said; using a love spell to bring to you your intended love is safe for all involved.

To make a spell most effective it is essential to take into account all the aspects of your spell to tie it all together and make your spell as strong as possible. When working a love spell, use colors that symbolize the result you are in search of. My recommendation is to use the colors; White, to symbolize the purity of the love you wish to gain, Blue, to always have truth and loyalty in your newly discovered relationship, and Pink to bring about a deep and emotional type of love.

Herbs are a strong tie to help bind your spell, making it even more effective but be sure to use the herbs that you feel will work the best for your intended goal. When working a love spell, Rosemary incense or rosemary oil works well. Rosemary helps to bind two people together making it an effective choice in searching for your destined love connection.

One more element to keep in mind when doing any Spellwork is the moon phase. When working a love spell I find it best to work during a full moon which is most beneficial for love and matters of the heart. Having as many elements in line with each other, all working toward the same goal will increase your spells effectiveness.

The spell that seems to have quite a high effectiveness rate is one to bind true love. During the full moon, take three different color pieces of cloth, yarn or strings in the colors of white, blue, and pink. Intertwine these three colors together symbolizing your heart intertwining with that of your destined loved ones heart. As you are weaving these together say these words:

Aphrodite, Goddess of love

Let your magick and mine intertwine

Bring to me the love

That is meant to be mine.

After they are weaved together, anoint it with Rosemary oil and wear it as a bracelet or carry it with you.

This Spell is not intended to make someone fall in love with you simply because you want them to love you; it is meant to bring you the love of the person who is intended to fall in love with you. It will help that person realize the love they already had within their heart for you.

May you be blessed with true love and eternal happiness.

Blessed Be,

Caitlynn Timms

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