Spell to Attract a New Love

On a night when the moon is waxing from New Moon to Quarter Moon, light a pink candle and a red candle, or light a candle shaped as a man and a woman (or whatever figures suit your preference). Burn some rose-scented incense.

Fill a red or pink flannel mojo bag with some herbs that are Venus-ruled, such as mugwort, cardamom, heather, orchid, tuberose, tonka, hyacinth, violet, marjoram, willow or yarrow. Add a piece of sun-dried lemon or orange peel cut in the shape of a heart, a pink piece of paper with the words “I open fully now and accept this new love,” and a lock of your hair.

Add in any of the following roots known for their potency in love magick: ginseng root, Adam and Eve root, mandrake root (the most powerful of the magickal herbs), John the Conqueror and orris root.

Chant the name of the person you most desire to be with, if you have already met someone who interests you. As you prepare the bag, chant his or her name and say:

Out from the Earth I draw these elements

Out of the Sky I breathe new air

In the clear Water I reflect new attraction

Out of the Fire I draw passion’s dare.


Comes to me now, my new love so precious

Comes to me perfectly, gladly and free

Opens his [or her] heart to accept now my new love

As I open my heart, accept his [or her] love for me.


So Mote it Be.

Spell to Attract a New Love

Close up the bag and anoint it with myrrh or rosemary oil. Pass it several times through the rose incense. Wear it daily on a white string or gold chain around your neck.

Keep this fresh and protected: anoint the bag each Friday evening with three drops of pink champagne or rose oil, then pass it through the smoke of burning patchouli incense.

Secretly rub the bag whenever in his or her presence.

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