How to Do a Spell

If you are new to Wicca or Witchcraft you may be wondering How to Do a Spell. Spells work with many things, and many ways. People of course do spells very differently, but I will walk you through the very basics of spell work using candle magick. So you can find some of our hundreds of free wiccan spells. If you are new to wiccan then I feel I must warn you, spell work is not for the silly and immature, you need to attempt to learn things about the craft before you are misguided into doing harmful magick. Magick works just like the basic principles of karma, what you send out you receive back. Don’t do anything you are prepared for, because you always need to be careful what you wish for.

Some people suggest doing a form of divination like working with Magick Runes before a magickal working to know there results. I am not a fan of that theory, I think you must be attuned to the universe and connected with magick. I can hardly think of a time when someone didn’t know or realize they were doing black magick. The Universe has a way of balancing itself out. So now lets discuss  How to do a Spell.

One thing that can be said about magick is that it gives you power. Power to do what you want, have what you want, be happy, strong and secure. BUT with this we must know about what is right and what is wrong. This article will give you some resources and the very basics of how to do a spell.

Magick is a highly individualized working. You have to put your own energies into the working to make it effective. If you found a spell online, then consider writing your own spell custom made to your specific wants. What is it that you want? Why are you doing this spell? This should all be considered while creating a spell.

The first thing to be decided is the purpose or intent of the spell. What specifically do you want to happen? What is your desired result? What will change? You must decide exactly what it is that you want to accomplish with this spell. There is no point in know how to do a spell, if you don’t know what you want it for.

You must also be considerate of the time. You should especially take a closer look at the moon phases and their meanings. Here are the basics of moon phases. (

Here is what the different phases are normally used for in Magic.New Moon – This phase is very similar to the Waning Moon and used to rid ones self of things.

Waxing Moon – This phase is for doing Spells that might increase your gain such as money, power or other material things.

Full Moon – This the phase where I do my most important spells. For my beliefs are that my Magic is much more powerful during this phase. Most people like my friends only consider the Full Moon the actual day that it is the fullest and marked on the calendar. They do not know that the Moon has the same influence for a seven day period. Once again I personally prefer to work on the night of the Full Moon, at its fullest.

Waning Moon – This phase is normally for Spells that do away with things or make things go away. Such as making an enemy go away or a bad spirit or slander along with many other things.

The Moon holds a special place in the hearts of witches and non witches alike. Since the moon is the closest astronomical entity to us its energies, rotation, and gravitational field have a intense sphere of influence. It is important to know which lunar phase is most effective for your spell.

The full moon is the most powerful time to do a spell. Never do a spell for money during a waning moon, and never do a spell to loose weight during a waxing moon. So as we can see the moon phases are another important element when learning how to do a spell.

Another thing to consider is the time of year in which you are doing your spell. If we are following the vibrational and natural patterns of the earth then we know there is a time for everything. There is a time for starting things and planting seeds, there is a time for growing, and a time for reaping. Whenever you can use your magick with the flow of the great Goddess Gaia, then you will see a tremendous result. This is not to say you should wait and do your spell next year, but keep this information in mind for a later date.

Most people do there magick at night, this is done for many reasons, the night is calm and soothing, you will have no interruptions, there isn’t the business of the day so other energies are corrupting your magick. You can of course do the magick whenever you deem fit, but generally magick workings are done at Midnight, or later.

Now you will need to decide where to do your spell castings or magickal workings. You should be a private place, where you feel the most comfortable, and have enough privacy that you won’t be interrupted. If you can be allowed try to set this place aside for all things magickal, this area will retain your magickal energy making your spells stronger and stronger. This will be your magickal place, where you can be alone and connect with the God/dess.

Before you cast your spell have all your tools gathers and ready. These Wiccan Tools have no magick in them. They are magickal tools, designed to help you with your flow of magick but they on their own are not magickal. When used correctly these tools enhance you magick and make your spell casting that much more effective. Choose these items wisely. You can do this by thinking again about your spell and what you want to accomplish. What herbs correspond with this purpose? What color candles, what moon phase, what feelings do they invoke? When buying spell candles make sure they have no fragrances or scent added. Scent heightens senses, and you don’t know if the scent in the candle is appropriate for you it may disrupt your magick.

Now that you have your tools together, make sure to cleanse and purify yourself. People since the beginning of time have use ritual baths, Chasity, and detailed rituals for this purpose. You can just do a simple bathing ritual. The goal while cleansing yourself should be to clear your mind, sooth your body and spirit, and getting in the mood for magick. No worries just clearing your mind and relaxing.

Now you can do your spells. You must concentrate intensely on the goal, feel the energy. You need to be able to conduct, control and direct this energy as you do your spell. Don’t ever do magick under the influence of anything that can alter your conscious. Drugs, alcohol aren’t conductive to enhancing medicine, and while some expect an altered state of consciousness, you must be able to concentrate.

Now that you have done your spell you must remember that the principle of cause and effect apply to the universe and magick as well. So whatever you do or do not do has a effect. So if you do a spell for a job, then know that you will get your job, but you should also be showing the universe that this is what you really want by looking for a job.

In magick the old saying “What goes around, come around” also applies to magick. This is called the Universal Law of Retribution, or the Law of Three. The ULR states that whatever yo do, you can expect it back. The Lo3 states that whatever your do expect the same done to you times three.

I hope this helps you understand how to do a spell. You can find some spells for new wiccans on the website. Learn and enjoy the powers of the Universe, BUT be careful what you wish for.

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Uncasting the Wiccan Circle – How to Close Your Circle

I try to answer common questions from young people interested in spell crafting and a lot of people have questions about closing their circles and wanting to know how to close the wiccan circle in the ‘right way’. There is not specific way to close your spell crafting circle. This article is a guideline for future reference and I hope it gives you enough basic information to expand upon your own knowledge and style. You can find many traditional ways of doing things by reading and researching but I think the beauty of finding your path and modifying the ways things were done in the past breeds creativity and bring joy to the art that is witchcraft. When you are done with your spell or ritual it is common to close the crafting circle. The most common way to close your circle is by reversing what you did to open the circle.


How to Close Your Circle

How to Close Your Circle

  • Thank the Guardians and mentally send the light of the candles to the Universe or whoever you have in mind that needs it.
  • If you have candles and they were lit in a particular order then put out the lights in the opposite order.
  • Close the circle by simply stating:

Let this circle come uncast but never be unbroken. Merry Meet and Merry Part until we Merrily Meet again. As I will it so mote it be.

  • Leave any altar or holy ritual candles to burn down completely.

I hope this reference was useful and helpful to you for your future spell workings and crafting. Please leave your wiccan circle closing rituals for inspiration below. We are a community and it is nice to converse and share ideas with one another. Witchcraft is unique and self inspired. There is a lot of controversy surrounding finding your own path and moving from the strict rules that previously dominated the religion but please be true to yourself. Thank you for visiting!

Blessed Be.

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Drawing Down The Moon

The moon is a mysterious orb that appears to watch over us during the night. Harnessing the energy and power of this luminous body can aid in everything from spiritual growth to prosperity and health. Learning the different phases of the lunar cycle is important for mastering the energies for the appropriate magical manifestations. The full moon is of course the most mystical phase of our attending satellite.

drawing down the moon

The full moon has for centuries, been associated with madness and high crime rates in large metropolitan cities. Hospital emergency rooms fill to the brim with victims of domestic violence and gang related gunshot wounds. Madness in some, collaborates with this time, and many myths and legends are born of the full moon.

But for those who are more in tune with our sacred cosmos, the full moon is a time of joy and celebration of new beginnings. Preparing oneself for receiving the puissance of our magnificent sentinel is a deeply personal experience. Having an open mind and heart are key to obtaining the success and gratification that is sought in drawing down this vigil antecedent. Preparing the space with candles and incense on the altar play a crucial role in performing magical rituals, even if the space is outside. Weather permitting, the best way to drawn down the full moon energy is outdoors. Start by preparing the magic space by burning sage to cleanse the area, then call the corners; North, East, South, and West so the appropriate Guardians can import their energies to the ritual. Once the circle is cast, the thaumaturgy can proceed.

Aside from its negative connotations, the full moon can cast an invigorating spell upon the practitioner and his or her magical intentions. The blessings acquired from full moon conjuring serve to provide not only a deeply spiritual transformation, but this observation beneath our most familiar celestial body, can remind us of the power of the Divine that is all around us at all times. Gaea is our home and Luna lights our nocturnal journey. We should honor our craterous sentinel through all her cycles, blessed be!

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How to Cast a Circle for a Spell

This article was submitted by: Hermione Chinmayee.

Thank you for your submission! You guys can submit articles ([email protected]) for your choice of oils or crystals from the Just Wicca Store on etsy. 🙂

Hope this article will be informative to you. This is article has been requested for a long time. I was never compelled to give you a tutorial because we know not even pagan sect has the same teachings. This is not the exact way I cast my wiccan circles nor would I expect this ritual to be performed exactly as written. With all things, education and expertise will come in time. Blessed Be!

How to Cast a Circle

With the increasing visibility of the Wiccan religion, the concept of casting a circle has become a portion of our popular consciousness. The concept includes defining and creating a sacred area that’s charged with magical energy and protected from unwanted influences.

How to Cast a Circle for a Spell

  • Choose a space big enough for you and anybody else who’ll be assisting you in casting a circle to move about in. Additionally pick a place and time where you’re unlikely to become disturbed.
  • Cleanse the area ritually by burning sage or an additional purifying incense as well as spreading the smoke all throughout the area. One alternative if you do not have these objects or are sensitive to smoke includes lightly sprinkling water over the space. While you’re performing the cleansing, think about any old energy cycles which are in existence being cleared away.
  • Begin casting a circle within the east of the area. The eastern direction generally is related to the element of air, the power of your spirits and mind associated with these concepts. Pointing and facing east with your finger, wand, or knife, think about these qualities. Invite these spirits to come into the circle in any way which feels suitable.
  • Stroll clockwise ¼ of the way around the circle, making an invisible line as you go with the ahthame, finger, wand, or knife. Think about the line as a wall of energy you’re making around the circle, keeping all negative forces out and all magical energy in. Arrive next at the southern tip of the circle.
  • Continue casting the circle by pointing and facing south and calling out to the powers of this direction, usually related to fire and the attendees’ desire or will. Continue to draw the circle as you stroll the circumference to the west.
  • Invite the powers of the west, oftentimes related to the emotions and the element water. Continue to draw the circle as you stroll the circle to the north.
  • Invite the northern powers, often related to the element earth, unknown or mysterious forces, and the physical world and body. Continue to draw the circle while continuing around the east in which you began.
  • Finish casting the circle by calling out to any additional guests you’d like to attend, like personal deities, and stating that your circle is shielded from unwanted influences. Continue on with whatever you’d like to do inside your circle. As you’re finished, thank the involved spirits and stroll around your circle in the opposite direction, thinking about the boundaries opening, expanding, or dissolving.

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What is wiccan poppet magick?

What is wiccan poppet magick?

A lot of you have been asking for more specific magical articles and I want to be able to inform you of deeper things because if you’ve been to the site for awhile then you’ve probably already had some magical successes and are ready to grow in your craft. As always the information on this site is geared toward beginners and I hope this information is useful to you. If you have any article suggestions please let me know in the comment section and I will post information as soon as I can.

poppet magick

For people that are interested in Wiccan practices and information there are several types of magick that are not only used but respected as powerful and legitimate. Wiccan poppet magick is one of many forms of magick and is considered to be a sympathetic type of magick. This type of wiccan poppet magick can be used in other ways as well. When using this type of magick you are calling upon several healing powers that are for the good of the person and the intention of the spell. The white poppet is used mainly for the purpose of healing but can also represent protection and/or innocence.

Making a poppet for this type of magick is a simple process. The wiccan poppet is made as a rough representation of a person or an animal. It can be made from a number of different materials including cloth, wax, and clay. An item from the person they are representing is also included as part of the poppet. This can be a clipping of hair,  fingernail, or a piece of clothing. Once the poppet is made a spell is said over it that will bring protection to the person. You can also make poppets for love, healing, beauty and of course black magick reasons. 🙁

What is wiccan poppet magick?

Colors play a very important role in poppet magick. Each color has a specific purpose that it is trying to fulfill.

  • Green is the color that is often used to promote fertility and prosperity.
  • The color red is used to try to heal blood related disease and courage.
  • Blue is the color that is used for emotionally healthy and mental healing.
  • Black is the color that is used to reverse spells and to stop harmful gossip.
  • Purple represents the astral body, psychic ability and intuition.
  • Pink is said to represent attraction and beauty.

The poppets can be used for all of these purposes and a number of different purposes as well. The colors and the people are represented in the poppet. Wiccan poppet magick is used to help a person heal and find happiness. It can be used to represent yourself or another person. Wiccans still use this type of wiccan poppet magick to protect their loved ones and make sure their family is taken well care of. Learn more about spell correspondences. Have you tried any wiccan poppet magick? Let us know how it worked for you below!

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The Dark of the Moon

The phases of the Moon have historically been linked with the various incarnations of the feminine Goddess, with the dark phase of the Moon usually seen as the Crone in most forms of the Pagan religion. The accepted role of the dark of the Moon has changed over time, but remains a period of introspection for the majority who follow Pagan rituals and understand the high esteem this form of the female Goddess should be held in.

The Dark of the Moon

In periods of prehistory the Moon was seen as the heavenly incarnation of the female Goddess, with the dark of the Moon often seen as representing Winter. During these periods of history, Winter was seen as the renewer of life and not a period to be feared, which led to the image of the Crone being associated with the dark of the Moon as the bringer of Winter and the renewal of life for the Spring growing season.

Over time the belief in Pagan religion was eroded and the accepted view of the dark phase of the Moon was altered to a more sinister outlook towards the divine feminine. Although, the dark phase of the Moon appears to have always been seen as the Crone, the addition of a fearful aspect of the image represented the fear of the human race towards the darkness of night and undergoing introspection.

Throughout the dark phase of the Moon period each month no rituals are generally performed, instead those who class themselves as members of the Wiccan culture undergo a period of reflection and soul searching. The period known as the dark of the Moon appears directly before the New Moon arrives and brings with it the hopes of a new season as the Goddess Diana takes her place over everything. Prior to the arrival of the Maiden, the Crone appears with the dark of the Moon and allows every person the chance to reflect on their life and determine their way forward with the arrival of the New Moon.

Because the New Moon and dark Moon are so closely linked together the rituals performed during these periods often use similar materials and words to represent the removal of the old with the dark of the Moon and the rebirth of the New Moon.

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Minor Pagan Festivals

Minor Pagan Festivals

The Wheel of the Year depicts the annual cycle of holidays celebrated in various Pagan religions. Although holidays like Yule and Samhain are familiar to most Pagans, there are several minor holidays that are scattered throughout the year. The following holidays are mostly celebrated by Germanic pagan religions such as Ásatrú.

minor pagan

Ancestors’ Blót – November 11

Ancestors’ Blót may seem self explanatory but the celebration that occurs on November 11th differs from other traditional ancestor honoring holidays. This holiday focuses both on the ancestral group who cared for the land during in past times, as well as a time to honor the wights that live in the physical area surrounding their homes.

Valris Blót – February 14

Also known as the Feast of Váli or The Festival of Kin. Váli is a god of righteous vengeance and love between friends, family, and partners. It is on this day that Váli, son of Odin and the giantess Rindr, avenged the death of his brother Baldr by slaying Höðr. Valris Blot is often celebrated by feasting with close friends and family, as well as showing them affection and honor in the name of Váli.

Yggdrasil Day – April 22

Though not an ancient holiday, Yggdrasil Day has become an important tradition created by northern neo-pagans. Yggdrasil Day is a time to respect nature and take action to reseed the land. It is customary to plant a tree during the celebrations, preferably an ash tree.

Summer Feast – June 20

The longest day and shortest night of the year is known as the Summer Feast. Sunna rides her sun chariot as high as it can go in the sky before it makes its decline into the darkness that comes for the winter months. Great bonfires are burned and feasts are dined upon. It is a time to send praise to Sunna so that one might receive her blessings in return.

Winter Blót – October 15

Winter Blót is a day in which the days of summer and winter remain in balance. This is a time to leave offerings for Deities to ask their assistance in the harsher season of Winter. Ancestors and Deities are both honored with toasts of mead, ale, and cider.

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Identfying Between Paganism and Wicca

A common ignorance today is the misuse of labels, Hoodoo; voodoo, punk; pop-punk, thick; fat etc. It’s important to know what you’re talking about, ESPECIALLY when it comes to religions! Paganism versus Wicca to be exact.


The term pagan which comes from the Latin word paganus was originally used in ancient times as a derogatory term to define anyone living in rural towns. Eventually, as Christianity came into play and spread throughout the roman empire, the term evolved to be used as a slur for all outsiders to the Christian faith. In biblical times when one was referred to as a pagan it meant one of two things, either the people in question believed in other gods, or such people believed in no god whatsoever. The term atheist was not yet coined to expose a distinction between the two. Now, we use three terms: We have atheism, meaning without god/ religion, which we attribute to those who oppose the belief in any deity. We have satanists, derived from ancient Hebrew meaning opposer. A satanist recognizes the possibilities of a god but opposes the hypocritical dogma of the the holy church and all it’s teachings. Thirdly, we have pagan which is now attributed to any religion based upon the worship of nature to any extent, anyone with an earth-based faith is pagan, though the array of different pagan religions are not interchangeable.


Wicca is one of many pagan faiths. Brought to attention in 1954 by one Gerald Gardner as a branch of witchcraft -though arguably not the same witchcraft that the ancients put into practice- Wicca is a set of practices which promote oneness with nature, ourselves, and each other which originated in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Wicca and Witchcraft are NOT the same thing. Wicca is a TYPE of witchcraft, not the whole thing.

No matter what you believe, whether it be a branch of Christianity, or a branch of Paganism, Animism, Pantheism, Shamanism, or Polytheism, it does not dispute the fact that we are all entitled to our beliefs and should be respected and understood. We can only be understood if we teach each other and learn from each other with open minds and compassionate hearts.

I say this but it is common for myself and others to use these words interchangeably. It depends as all things with your audience, if you are in the company of some people who identify with one rather than the other, then please respect their wishes. Otherwise, use whatever words you are the most comfortable with, never fear unnecessary judgement. 🙂

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All About Paganism

All About the Pagan Religion

Paganism describes a group of religions that is focus on nature. Paganism is a diverse community. Some of the parts of the Pagan community includes: wicans, druids, shamans, scared ecologist, odinists, and heathens. Some of the groups focus on certain traditions or practices which includes: ecology, witch craft, celtic traditions, or certain Gods. Majority of the Pagans all share a vision that comes from their belief about the natural world vitality and spirituality. The waning moon simply means that the moon is getting smaller moving from a full moon to a new moon.pagan-satan

Some people think pagans are sexual deviants, they think they worship the devil, are evil, practice black magic, and harm people and animals. However, that is not the truth and that is why it is necessary to define who the pagans are and what they stand for. Pagans worship in many forms from feminine to masculine imagery. The God and the Goddess are important and are widely recognized. In the Goddess worship the woman play a very important role in the pagan movement. Pagans believe in treating all of the sexes in their religion equal.

Unlike all of the other religions pagans do not have a place to worship. They do not believe in worshiping in a building that was made by human hands. The pagans believe majority of the church ceremonies should be conducted outside. Their ceremonies are conducted in the woods, caves, hill tops, or by the shore. The ceremonies begin by making a circle which is called their scared space it has no beginning or end in other words it is equal.The circle is called a magic circle. During the pagan ceremony the magic circle provides sacred space and the rites, as well as the magic work are conducted with in this space.

The magic circle concentrated power is a door way to the Gods. Depending on the way the circle was divided define and effect the environment and the energies it created with in the magic circle. In conclusion, Pagan is a very interesting religion especially the magick circle which is a doorway to the other Gods. This is part of the best part of the religion because all religions talk about God.

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The Waxing Moon

This article will help explain the waxing moon and its special meaning. Wiccans believe in both religion and magic as sources of reverence and power, and an esbat is when those two elements coincide in the form of a ritual or religious service with a focus on a magical element. Specifically, esbats occur in accordance with moon cycles and are celebrations of the Goddess, who is represented by the moon. The Goddess is one of two important religious figures in Wiccan religion. She symbolizes femininity and is worshiped alongside the Horned God, or father, who represents masculinity.


The moon has four cycles, allowing for a possible four esbats per month. The four stages of the moon’s cycle are new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. Learning the four cycles and their purpose is important for every Wiccan, but especially important for female practitioners of magic, or witches.

The Waxing Moon

The waxing moon occurs after the new moon, which symbolizes a time for beginnings, however the waxing moon symbolizes a time for growth. For this reason, it is important for the focus of the esbat to be on an enterprise that is in a state where it will benefit from growth. This requirement can take many forms and covers a broad area.

waxing moon

For example, an obvious and ancestral example might be a ritual to help enhance the growth of a field after it is planted. Similarly, modern day Wiccans might perform a similar ritual for their gardens. However, there are other modern-day applications as well. An offering to increase the profit of a business, for instance, or for a relationship to rekindle or flourish.

How To Perform the Esbat

Esbats are held in the evening after the moon has risen. Ideally, for the waxing moon esbat, the ritual would be held when the moon has reached one-fourth of its ascension cycle. To begin, cast a circle and set up an alter. Afterward, rely on an experienced member of your coven to speak a prayer or spell, or perform one silently, before placing something symbolic of the growth you desire to occur on the alter. Esbats usually conclude with a final spell or prayer and a celebration, which includes seasonal food and drinks.

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