All About Paganism

All About the Pagan Religion

Paganism describes a group of religions that is focus on nature. Paganism is a diverse community. Some of the parts of the Pagan community includes: wicans, druids, shamans, scared ecologist, odinists, and heathens. Some of the groups focus on certain traditions or practices which includes: ecology, witch craft, celtic traditions, or certain Gods. Majority of the Pagans all share a vision that comes from their belief about the natural world vitality and spirituality. The waning moon simply means that the moon is getting smaller moving from a full moon to a new moon.pagan-satan

Some people think pagans are sexual deviants, they think they worship the devil, are evil, practice black magic, and harm people and animals. However, that is not the truth and that is why it is necessary to define who the pagans are and what they stand for. Pagans worship in many forms from feminine to masculine imagery. The God and the Goddess are important and are widely recognized. In the Goddess worship the woman play a very important role in the pagan movement. Pagans believe in treating all of the sexes in their religion equal.

Unlike all of the other religions pagans do not have a place to worship. They do not believe in worshiping in a building that was made by human hands. The pagans believe majority of the church ceremonies should be conducted outside. Their ceremonies are conducted in the woods, caves, hill tops, or by the shore. The ceremonies begin by making a circle which is called their scared space it has no beginning or end in other words it is equal.The circle is called a magic circle. During the pagan ceremony the magic circle provides sacred space and the rites, as well as the magic work are conducted with in this space.

The magic circle concentrated power is a door way to the Gods. Depending on the way the circle was divided define and effect the environment and the energies it created with in the magic circle. In conclusion, Pagan is a very interesting religion especially the magick circle which is a doorway to the other Gods. This is part of the best part of the religion because all religions talk about God.

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