What is wiccan poppet magick?

What is wiccan poppet magick?

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poppet magick

For people that are interested in Wiccan practices and information there are several types of magick that are not only used but respected as powerful and legitimate. Wiccan poppet magick is one of many forms of magick and is considered to be a sympathetic type of magick. This type of wiccan poppet magick can be used in other ways as well. When using this type of magick you are calling upon several healing powers that are for the good of the person and the intention of the spell. The white poppet is used mainly for the purpose of healing but can also represent protection and/or innocence.

Making a poppet for this type of magick is a simple process. The wiccan poppet is made as a rough representation of a person or an animal. It can be made from a number of different materials including cloth, wax, and clay. An item from the person they are representing is also included as part of the poppet. This can be a clipping of hair,  fingernail, or a piece of clothing. Once the poppet is made a spell is said over it that will bring protection to the person. You can also make poppets for love, healing, beauty and of course black magick reasons. 🙁

What is wiccan poppet magick?

Colors play a very important role in poppet magick. Each color has a specific purpose that it is trying to fulfill.

  • Green is the color that is often used to promote fertility and prosperity.
  • The color red is used to try to heal blood related disease and courage.
  • Blue is the color that is used for emotionally healthy and mental healing.
  • Black is the color that is used to reverse spells and to stop harmful gossip.
  • Purple represents the astral body, psychic ability and intuition.
  • Pink is said to represent attraction and beauty.

The poppets can be used for all of these purposes and a number of different purposes as well. The colors and the people are represented in the poppet. Wiccan poppet magick is used to help a person heal and find happiness. It can be used to represent yourself or another person. Wiccans still use this type of wiccan poppet magick to protect their loved ones and make sure their family is taken well care of. Learn more about spell correspondences. Have you tried any wiccan poppet magick? Let us know how it worked for you below!

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