Spell to Get Money

This spell is to bring more money into your life. This spell to get money is very near and dear to my heart because it comes from my first book of shadows from when I was 14 years old. This spell is a little bit more technical than many spells I post, mainly because when I was younger I was super concerned with doing things ‘right way’. Overtime with experience and stronger faith my spells became less technical and more spiritual. Feel free to modify this spell however you would like. Thank you for coming to the website, I hope these spells work for you like they did for me.

Spell to Get Money

This spell can only be done the fourth Thursday every month during a waxing or full moon. This spell does have the use of some wiccan tools most people don’t have.

Cast your circle and light 2 white and 3 green candles on your wiccan altar. Take your star oil and use it to charge the candles. Meditate on how you can bring money into your life. Let the answers come to you and let them come and go like waves in your minds eye. After you have sat in quiet meditation, ask the goddess to bring the money into your life any way she sees fit. Snuff your candles.

Inspiration to make millions of dollars or even a few extra bucks will come to you with in the next year. The most important thing about this spell to get money is the need to take action as soon as you get an idea, interview, random vlogging camera etc. You must take consistent action for this next year to keep wealth flowing into your life.

One year after doing this spell to get money you can stop working super hard… but you should never lose your work ethic or become lazy become then you won’t have the same chances!

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