What is a Wiccan Altar

What is a Wiccan Altar

Being a Wiccan for years, or just starting out it is a good idea to re-arrange your altar periodically, or to set up a new altar that represents you as a Wiccan. In the Wiccan religion it is the altar that brings out the beliefs, focal points and the ideas of each particular Wiccan. Everything that is used on the altar during a ceremony must be safely put away when not in use. Setting up your own personal altar should bring joy and peace. All Wiccan altars are special areas that a Wiccan sets up that represents each Wiccan in their own way. . A circle of protection must be put around the altar whenever using the altar. Before using the altar a Wiccan must cleanse themselves before entering into the altar area.

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Many Wiccan altars are represented by objects that can be seen, touched, heard, smelled, or tasted. To have as many of the senses at a Wiccan altar brings a sense of balance in body and soul. Each Wiccan will put on her altar objects that are close to her. For every object that a Wiccan believer desires to have on their altar must be cleared of any negativity, and blessed before being placed on the altar.

The Wiccan believer may have pictures of her family on the altar. Those pictures represents the love that they share between them. She may listen to some soothing music that will help to relax her, and to allow her heart and ears to open up, and hear messages from the divine. She may burn a certain type of incense to clear away any negative energies, and say a certain mantra over and over again to keep positive energy flowing in, around, and through the entire altar area.

Some Wiccan believers feel more comfortable having their time at their altar alone. Other Wiccan believers prefer to have other Wiccan followers join them at the altar. Either way is correct, and it is a time for meditation, and it is a time to strive for a higher state of mind, body and soul. The altar area should be a place of reverence and respect. Sammy Watkins Womens Jersey