Spell to Increase Your Financial Income

During a waxing Moon, mix together in your cauldron the following dried herbs: lovage, white rose, High John the Conqueror, luckyhand root, and fenugreek.

 Go outside and sit under a special tree that you have chosen for performing magick spells. Sit where you can still see the Moon’s glow through the branches.

 The first week that you perform this spell, call upon the Tara who is Buddha Goddess of wealth and prosperity:

 I call upon the Tara, Goddess of plenty

To bless me with wealth, abundance and prosperity

 Fill my cup, I ask, with all good things –

Health and wealth and dreamed of blessings

 I thank thee for my new perfect flow and harmony:

I now perfectly give and perfectly receive.

 So Mote it Be.

 Burn the herbs in the cauldron. As the smoke rises, visualize the smoke as the essence of new prosperity, increasing amounts of money and abundance, now filling the air that is around your life.Spell to Increase Your Financial Income

 Thank the Goddess for her gifts, and continue to visualize exactly what it is that you desire – a new home, your own successful business, your debts dissolved, a child’s education paid for.

 Thank the Goddess again by chanting:

 Tara, I thank thee – your riches unfold!

My debts are dissolved, my accounts all in order

I wear real wealth on me in energy and fact

I am abundance now, and shall nevermore lack.

My wealth is a fact!

 So Mote it Be.

The second week that you perform this spell, call upon the Goddess Tara again:

 I have called upon the Tara, Goddess of plenty

And she has blessed me with wealth, abundance and prosperity

She has filled my cup, with all good things –

Health and wealth and dreamed of blessings:

 I have lately received: [list whatever good has occurred in your life over the past week, particularly in the area of money and abundance]

I thank thee as always for this perfect flow and harmony:

I now perfectly give and perfectly receive.

 So Mote it Be.

 Wear a green Buddha amulet or gold cornucopia pin or necklace every day for a week or more each time you perform this spell, giving thanks that your wealth has arrived, whether you can physically see it yet or not.

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Good Luck Spell for Winning Money, Gambling, and/or Investing

This spell is for Good luck with winning money, gambling and/or investing.

Perform this spell when the Moon is waxing and before you gamble, enter a contest for money or make a new investment. It is best performed when the Moon is in Taurus.

Take a green taper candle and a pin. Scratch the words “I Am the Money Winner” onto the candle. Anoint the candle with 7 drops of myrrh and 7 drops of rosemary oil. Do not blow out the candle – let it burn all the way down.

Now cast your circle: light a white candle and walk slowly round the circle to cleanse Spell for Winning Moneyits energy.

Then walk widdershins (counter-clockwise) and whisk negative energies out of the circle with your besom or a branch (one that has fallen naturally and still has live shoots on it). Walk deosil (clockwise), waving burning sage to reinforce the Fire and Air energies.

Add a few pinches of salt to the water then walk deosil around the circle, sprinkling the water on it to reinforce Earth and Water energies.

Walk to the East of the circle and say:

Welcome, Wind – you blow to me my good fortune.

Walk to the North of the circle and say:

Welcome, Earth – you ground me in wise choices.

Walk to the South of the circle and say:

Welcome, Fire – your flame lights my way.

Walk to the West of the circle and say:

Welcome, Water – you flow my abundance easily to me.

Welcome, Elements, to my Circle of Light!

Call upon Abudantia, Roman Goddess of luck, abundance and prosperity:

Abudantia, I call thee, before I cast the die.
Shine on me your light, so Chance favors me now.
Guide my hand and instinct until the perfect moment comes.
Let great money flow to me, like a perfect tree that grows.

So Mote it Be.

Lastly, create a chamomile solution with powdered chamomile flower and unscented oil. Rub this onto your hands before you gamble or begin any new investment.

For added potency to this spell, wear an amulet, such as the Native American Thunderbird symbol, a four-leaf clover, or an Aladdin’s lamp. Rub the amulet before you gamble or make your investment.

Remember always to key into the Goddess within and listen to your gut instincts as they instruct you on what contests or investments to trust and which to leave behind.

Have you ever won money? Do you think you manifested your win?

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Get the Job Interview Spell

For this particular spell it is best done on Thursday,

Day of Jupiter, and on waxing moon.

Candles That Correspond to your zodiac sign:

ARIES = red
TAURUS = green
GEMINI = yellow
CANCER = silver
LEO =orange
VIRGO = yellow
LIBRA = pink
AQUARIUS = all colors
PISCES = mauve

What you will need for this spell:

2) Green Candles

1) White Candle or Black Candle

1) Candle of your corresponding Zodiac Sign located above.

Incense: Cinnamon, Patchouli, or Sandalwood.

Success Oil: Cinnamon Oil, or Patchouli Oil

Herbs of Success you can use 1, or mixture of multiples of: Cinnamon, Clover, High John the Conqueror, Patchouli, and Vanilla.

A copy of your Resume

A photograph of yourself/ if you can’t access, or do not have a photograph your full name on paper will work just fine.

Also runes if you wish to carve on the candles.

To start the spell off:

1) Do a ritual cleansing bath asking the universe to remove obstacles out of your path, and cleanse your spirit of negativity. Also cleanse your sacred space of negativity.

2) Cast your circle

3) Cleanse, and concrete your candles plus you may have the option to carve money symbols or runes, or even ruins of success on them, dash a hint of success herb on them.

4) Light incense circle around your sacred circle.

5) Light the black candle, dash a hint of success herbs on the photograph, and resume. Then place your picture, and resume below the black candle. Then meditate on the walls, barriers, or obstacles being torn down, and seizing your new opportunities. Chant this spell: “O Great Universe I come to thee with perfect love, and trust. To open great paths for this opportunity I seek. May no harm come to none as well as myself. May this come in the most correct way so shall it be. So mote it be!”

6) Place the light black candle of to the side and now light the remaining candles. Place the green ones on opposite ends of your picture, and resume. Now visualize yourself having the job that you so desire. Visualize your first check coming to you, and happiness surrounding yourself. Chant the following spell: “I call upon the Universe, Bring me this Job I need. Bring me good relations with my fellow workers, and employers. May they see me compatible in all ways possible. I ask this of thee in perfect love, and trust, please make it just. Bring harm to no one, and myself. This I ask of thee. So mote it be! ”

7) Place the green candles off to the side, then take your zodiac candle, and place it on top of your photograph. Visualize your success at getting this job, and further meditate on good things to come from the job. Chant this following spell “This Job I need, I cast this spell, in perfect love, and trust, Bring me what is just. I (Your name) ask of the universe if it is meant to be, bless me with this job I seek for that I thank thee. So mote it be!”

8) Meditate further on until you feel drained. Then snuff the candles out. Place your picture, and resume up in a safe place until you get the interview.

9) Close your circle, and thank the goddess/god and the universe for all that they have done.

10) You may light the remains of the candles to seal the spell’s power until they are no more. Dispose of the candles properly either burying them, let them wash away into moving water. When you get the interview, picture in your pocket, or purse. Then take the resume with you to your job interview.

11) Remember be patient and be positive. Blessed be, and good luck!

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Simple Wiccan Spells For Money

wiccan spells for money

wiccan spells for money

This is a one of many wiccan spells for money, found on the web. I found the chant and spell, but I don’t remember where, so if you know where this spell was found, please leave me a comment so I can give appropriate credit.

I also would encourage you guys to visit wiccan spells for money on Everything Under the Moon to find out some great information about being a witch and everything  else. She has a great online book of shadows so if you haven’t been there yet, make sure you check it out! (She is also a kind, but scary person and a great friend! Send plenty of positive energies her way!)

Okay this is another simple money spell. I would suggest you do it on a Thursday, the night of the full moon if at all possible. The full moon is when our magickal energies are at some of there highest and it is always predictive of good results when doing magick based on the lunar cycles. I have not personally done this spell, but please try it and leave a comment below telling me how it worked for you. Magick is a wonder and powerful thing, you might want to read up on Magick Runes and include a Runescript into your magickal working.

wiccan spells for money

This is the spell for money. Do this spell for help in times of financial difficulties. You will need: Cinnamon Oil, and a money note. (It is suggested that you get the largest denomination bill that you have. So $10, $20 and up if you have it, if not the a $1 dollar bill will be find as well.)

Concentrate on your abundance. Search deep within yourself and visualize what you want. Feel as if you have it all right now, as you do this draw or trace the money symbol or rune on the largest money note/bill you have.  Say thank you to the God/dess and know that it is already yours. Put the dollar bill in your wallet and resist spending the money as long as you can. Every time you see the bill visualize the rune and its meaning to enforce its power.

This money spell uses visualization, and rune magick. You can find out more about the magick runes and about runescripts. This is a spell that is easily customizable. You can write the number 8 on a slip of paper and also insert it into your wallet. You can light a green candle when doing the magickal working as an additional correspondence. It is a simple spell, but really effective!

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Spell for Increased Abundance

This is a spell for increased abundance. This spell can be done during the phase of the moon you deem best. 🙂

What You’ll Need:Spell for Increased Abundance

  • green or gold candle
  • paper
  • clear crystal
  • myrrh oil
  • visualization skills

Take a green or gold taper candle and scratch onto it the words ‘I AM ABUNDANCE’ with a pin.

Anoint the candle with myrrh or a fine perfume.

Light the candle on your altar or in a quiet place and sit before it.

Write on a piece of paper the amount of money you would like to make, on a monthly or yearly basis. If it is one specific sum that you are asking for, write beside the sum what it is you will use the money for.

Hold a clear crystal before the flame of the candle, so that the light of the candle shines through the crystal. Concentrate on the crystal and the amount you are asking for, feeling that the money is already present with you, as the crystal is. Place the crystal beside the candle.

Close your eyes. Holding the paper with the amount written on it, keep the image of the lit-up crystal in your mind.

Chant fifteen times:

Great Mother, I see that from your Hand now flows,
All the abundance I ask to know.

I open wide to accept this amount and more –
All the wealth that is mine, ‘til now held in store.

I now perfectly give so as to perfectly hold,
The flow of abundance – let my riches unfold!

Blessed Be, and Thanks to our Great Mother for all her gifts.

Now burn the paper with the amount you have asked for in the light of the candle. Scatter the ashes of the paper outdoors in the wind.

Allow the candle to burn all the way down. Carry the crystal on you for at least three days afterward, longer if you wish.

Your abundance is on its way. Actively expect it to come, in ways small and large.

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How do you manifest money into your life? Leave all questions/thoughts/quips in the comment section below.

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Job Promotion Spell

For those of you with a job try this job promotion spell for a new position with your same company or a raise. This a great job promotion spell and I job promotion spellhope you have great results with it. If you decide to try this spell make sure you leave a comment and let me know how it worked for you! Or you can share this job promotion spells by using the share buttons at the bottom of this post. I wrote this job promotion spell myself when I was younger so I hope you will enjoy it and put it to good use!

Job Promotion Spell

What you will need:

Do this job promotion spell on Sunday. You can use a red or gold candle, but I usually would use a gold one. Charge your candle and light it. Meditate by the candle flame and say the following chant eight times:

“Like a giant golden star”

“Through the heavens I soar”

“Doing everything perfectly”

“Giving me honors plentiful and more”

“To bestow upon me the thing that I see”

“A new promotion, as I will it so mote it be”

This great job promotion spell used powerful colors like gold and red. Some people see orange as a power color and use orange instead. I prefer the gold because of the gold stars you would get when I was younger. I can easily use the golden star reference but you should use whatever is best for you. Do this spell during the waxing moon because it is a time for increase. This time for increase is the perfect correspondence as your rank or title grow as your job position will grow. Have you tried this job promotion spell? Please leave a comment below and let me know how it worked out for you.

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Pagan Money Attraction Spell

This is a great money magick spell. It only requires simple things you can get in one trip to wal-mart.This Wiccan Money Spell has been on various

Wiccan Money Spell

Wiccan Money Spell

places on the web since 1995. This spell is a classic!

Try it and expect wealth because this spell works wonderfully. You can get the items for this spell for less than $7 dollars. How cool is that? You should try this money knot spell and if it works for you be sure to add it to your book of shadows. My website has plenty of money spells like this Wiccan Money Spell. You can use the search to find more spells on the website.

Wiccan Money Spell

What you will need:

Take your cord and start making a knot. While you are making the knot say this chant.

“With knot one, this spell has begun”

“With knot two, plenty of work to do”

“With knot three, money comes to me”

“With knot four, opportunity is knocking on my door”

“With knot five, I am and will thrive”

“With knot six, monetary problems will be fixed”

“With knot seven, success will happen”

“With knot eight, increase is great”

“With knot nine, all of this is mine”

This Wiccan Money Spell is so wonderful. I am so glad to have it on my website and I am glad I found my first book of shadows in order to share it with you. I have decided to share with you many of my personal spells like this money knot spell. I have easily over 500 magick spells so I am looking forward to discovering some of my old favorites. This Wiccan Money Spell has worked for me. You can do this spell during the full moon but you can also do this spell while the moon is waxing (or increasing).

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Spell for Business Success

Perform this spell during a waxing Moon, preferably over Beltane.

Light a green candle on your altar. Place a bill of any denomination on the altar. Tip the candle so that a drop of the wax falls onto the bill.

Write on a piece of green paper the name of your business (or your own name), the present year and the amount of income you wish to gain from this venture in the next twelve months. Place the piece of paper under the bill, and place both under the candle.

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Now cast your circle: light a white candle and walk slowly round the circle to cleanse its energy.

Spell to Bring Success to a New Business VentureWalk widdershins (counter-clockwise) and whisk negative energies out of the circle with your besom or a branch (one that has fallen naturally and still has live shoots on it). Walk deosil (clockwise), waving burning sage to reinforce the Fire and Air energies.

Add a few pinches of salt to the water then walk deosil around the circle, sprinkling the water on it to reinforce Earth and Water energies.

Walk to the East of the circle and say: I welcome thee, Wind – your breezes renew my venture.

Walk to the North of the circle and say: I welcome thee, Earth – your depth sustains my efforts.

Walk to the South of the circle and say: I welcome thee, Fire – you inflame my passions for my work.

Walk to the West of the circle and say: I welcome thee, Water – you flow to me my wealth.

Stand in the middle of your circle. When you are ready recite the following;

Welcome, Elements, to my Circle of Light!

Call upon Rosmurta, Celtic Goddess of business success.

Come, Rosmurta, and ensure my success

Light the highest way for this new business

Grant me the wisdom, the plans and the Knowing

To birth in this enterprise a wealth steady growing.

So Mote it Be.

Retrieve the piece of paper from under the candle and burn it in the candle flame, saying:

Into the ethers I release thee

Into the air you’re now set free

Return to me in solid matter

Return to me my business prosperity!

So Mote it Be.

Close the circle. Keep a running log of all the good that comes to your business each day – each new client or customer, every bit of income, every lesson learned.

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Quick Job Spell

spell for a job

Spell for a job

This is a great spell for a job. This is a solid spell and if you are looking for a job or even a new job then trying this spell is definitely recommended.

Spell For a Job

It’s simple, just write ‘[Name] needs a job in which he earns good money, which he enjoys, is challenged by and able to do, with good fellow workers and a nice boss, with good prospects, in an honest and reputable firm. I ask that the right job become available in this area, and that those interviewing candidates look beyond his low spirits and obvious demoralization and see his skills, education, mind, abilities. I ask that this come about in such a way that is correct, work for the good of all concerned, and harm none.’ on a piece of paper (not recycled).

After you say your chant, which you can use the one above of write your own. Preferably one that rhymes, call upon the four elements, burn the paper (air and fire) and wash the ashes into the earth (water and earth). After you do this spell for a job you need to be actively looking, searching and calling about your job believe me it is out there, but I am under the impression that some things are going to fall in your lap and some won’t. Show the universe how much this means to you. Actively pursue your goals and wishes.

You can of course do this spell for yourself, friends, family, or whomever. Sometimes I do world spells, or spells to send positive energies to the world as a whole. I incorporated some elements from this very spell to make a bigger scale spell.  On another note I wouldn’t do a spell or magickal working on or with someone who didn’t want to actually get a job, or has a problem with magick. A lot pf people feel it is intrusive to do workings on someone without their permissions.

This spell for a job is really something I would suggest. I have seen some really remarkable things in context to these spells. Try them and leave me a comment below. 🙂

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Money Wish Spell

Gold Coins

Money Wish Spell

Money Spells: Money Wish Spell – Spell for Getting Money

Money Spells are money wish are really easy and effective. You can do this spell practically anytime and receive some real results. All you have do is use your visualization skills and use your magickal creation power. I guess I would say, for optimum results you should do this spell on a Thursday, Sunday or Friday of the full moon or waxing moon.

Money Wish Spell

What you will need:

  • A lucky charm or special coin
  • Powerful visualization skills

See how much money you need. See yourself with tons of riches. Visualize yourself receiving the money.  This is how you are charging your coin with your intention. This will make your magickal creation work faster, more effectively and get you the results you want from the universe. Meditate on your wish. Meditate and dream about you having what you want. Money wish spells like this are really powerful. While holding your charged charm or special coin, you should say a chant you have written for this spell. If you want a sample chant or you want to use mine then read below:

Silver and Gold, return unto me

By the witchy powers of three hundred time three

The money I require is mine to keep

Make your way to me, immediately

Money Wish Spell Notes

It is a simple but really effective chant for me when I do a ritual like this money wish spell. Carry your coin with you while forgetting about the spell. Soon you will have then coin with you and receive the money you need. Some people thank the universe for the money at the end of their chant, some people thank the goddess for blessing them with the money, and it really just depends on your path. You can do it any way you want and still receive some real results. This is an amazing money wish spell.

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