Spells to Make Hair Grow Faster and Longer

Spells to Make Hair Grow Faster

Some spells to make hair grow aren’t that great but this one is a winner, and it was submitted by another follower of me on twitter. (@BallisticJW). Her name is June Mar-Witch and she is from Tulsa. She is a coven witch of the druid path and actively participates in rituals. She has an new found interest in evil love spells but uses her magick for good. She believes that the universe is connected as one. She also loves the book The Secret and reads it almost daily.

Spells To Make Grow Hair

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(Spells to Make Hair Grow)

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This is one of many simple spells to make hair grow longer. It can be done on any day and doesn’t specify a time/lunar phase to do it in. Please just use your own judgement. Because this spell is so simple, take time to put your own personal energies into the magickal working; you can do this many different ways. You can customize this spell with candles, chants, incense or anything else you may want to add.

When I did this spell I also had a daily affirmation that I used. What are affirmations and why do they work? Read more about affirmations here and then get this life changing affirmation mp3.

Spells to Make Grow Long and Faster

Spells To Make Grow Hair

Spells To Make Grow Hair Faster and Longer!

Take a lock of your hair, or the persons hair you want to grow and also a small bowl of water. Bless the water and focus on the hair growing long, while placing the hair into the bowl. As you do this recite the following chant:

Long and flowing like a river

Make my hair grow quicker and quicker

This spell will make your hair grow longer, faster and stronger. Plenty of friends whose hair wouldn’t grow past their shoulders or was thin etc. All of them have had great results and received long flowing hair from the Goddess in a matter of six months. She said she did the spell every full moon for six months, and in addition to the basics of the spell she also let the hair bathe in the full moonlight of the Goddess mother.

This spell doesn’t seem to work for male patterned baldness though. I have received some emails that it works for people with Alopecia(sp?) though. Try it! Also read this article for more tips on how to grow your hair faster and longer!

I hope this spell works for you. I have tried other spells to make hair grow for my hair type and they worked well but this one worked the best. Every time I see an interesting spell like this one I want to try them! Ha, it is so nice to enact your own desires with the help of the God/dess. Magick is strong and powerful, but with all things be careful what you wish for!

Did you try this spell or other spells to make hair grow faster? How long did it take for your hair to grow? Was it longer? How much time did it take? Leave me a comment and let me know if it also worked for you!


  1. Jaidyn says

    I just did the spell! I know in my heart that it will work. I started my diet and I take hair, skin, and nails vitamins to aid in the process. I meditated before I did the spell because I wanted to do it with a clear head and heart. I made the chant into my own. Before the spell, I let the water and my hair bathe in the full moon’s light. I had two white candles and I lit those. I chanted three times and took the bowl of water with my lock of hair back outside so the moon’ slight could shine down. I placed the bowl on between the candles, said my chant one more time, and blew out the candles. My bowl is on my dresser. What shall I do with the bowl of water with my hair in it?

  2. grace says

    im 14 years old and i really belive and think this works but i dont know if you have to be born or if you have trained could someone give me some advice thanks

  3. Jessica Noll says

    Hi i am not sure if it would help me or not. I was in a car accident when i was a kid. And due to the results of it i pull my hair out of my head as well as eye brows and lashes would this help me at all i am embarrassed by the way i look would it help me?

    • says

      I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Also maybe speak to a doctor about other alternatives? Spells like this can really enhance the effects of any treatments. Have you seen the movie The Craft? Neve Campbell’s character had a skin condition and healed herself with the aide of spell casting.

      • Adelet says

        Hello, I’m a teen and I am spiritual… my hair is at my hips but would love to grow it around 5-10 inches longer and healthier. Do you think it would work if I tried it? I love my hair but I would loveto grow it longer and healthier.

        Also, have done small spells (positive) before I even heard of Wicca. But do you think you can only do a certain amount of spells depending on the energy?

  4. Janet Diaz says

    The spell may or may not work, but you should try to get enough nutrients because lot of health issues raises because of nutrition deficiency. Healthy hair is an indication of being healthy, if your hair is shedding means there are health issues in you. So you have to take care of your diet for healthy hair growth.

  5. Faith says

    Is there a real hair spell, cuz’ I need one badly. My boyfriend want me to have long hair by Monday….. And he’s not a judger, and he cute, and he’s very nice, his name is Colin Gaines.
    He’s supper nice… So is there one?

  6. Suprita says

    Hey Raven Moon , Can you add a few lines of your own ….. something like “make it grow from the top of my head to my shoulders / tailbone quicker and quicker”

  7. evangeline says

    I am starting of this,spell today first time my hair is in a very fragile condition really hope it works im a naturaul born wiccan so lets see how this works out :) blessed be

      • Carly says

        Oh ladyRavenMoon I need help I been doing spells since as long as remember and I always tell my self I’ll get better but nothing happens, I just want to learn how to do it properly and I just want at least one spell to work and I’ll be grateful enough. I love magic but it doesn’t love me

        • says

          I’m so sorry to hear that you are frustrated with magic. Now its time to see if you really have been doing things properly. Most people suggest studying for one year before doing their first spell. If not – do you meditate twice a day? Have you looked to the proper moon cycle? Do you exercise daily? Magic loves us all.

  8. says

    My hair is to my shoulders and when I get weave I can tell that it grows because the parts in between the braids have hair in them where as when I first get it all you can see is my scalp but even if it grows it doesn’t show it. Its been shoulder length for YEARS. I would really LOVE for it to be waist length, but Im african american and that rarely happens so Im going to do the spell on a full moon… and ever full moon there is and hope for the best. I’ll come back to tell you the results if it works for me.

  9. Mackenzie says

    does it matter what temperature the water is? Also can u whisper the spell because I don’t want my parents to hear me and do the lights have to be off?

  10. Haku says

    Hi I just really want long hair I haven’t done this spell yet but I have a few questions: For the lock of hair do you have to cut the piece of hair off or could you just dip it into the water or something? o.o and also does it have to be done in a full or waxing moon? Does the spell even have to be done inn the nighttime or is it just for better results? Please answer!

  11. Faboan says

    hi.i just did this spell.i dunno if its a sign or not but my hairs are circling in the water clockwise.i hope its a sign of working of this spell.i’ll share results soon

  12. melanie says

    Can we do this spell in the shower or maybe while taking a bath? My hair is to my waist but is so thin my older sister lost all her hair and im afrAid that im facing the same fate! So because my hair is so long cutting it is not an optopn and can i do this spell for my sister if she sent some hair in the mail? Just feel really bad for her!

  13. angelfire says

    This spell is amazing… it really worked.. i just dyed my hair blond and then did the spell and two weeks later i need to dye them again because the roots are dark.. thank you.

  14. Elisabeth says

    Okay so i am new to witchcraft and came across this caught my attention being i have been wearing extensions for over 3 years (clips in) i can take them out etc but my hair just doesn’t grow takes ages so i will be trying this!

    but @Ladyravenmoon i am aware it should be done on the evening of a Full Moon do i leave the lock of hair in the bowl overnight? IF so outside or that doesn’t matter?

  15. Sharon Athena says

    One of my closest friends, whom I rent from and live with named Cindy, noticed today that my hair seemed to *appear* to be longer and thicker.

    Apparently, the spell starts the illusion which somehow speeds up the hair’s growth process. I’m lovin’ the logistics of this spell ;)

    (Posting because I did promise in my last post I’d let y’all know if/when I started seeing results [if any]).

  16. Sharon Athena says

    I did this spell last night. I already have what a hairstylist considers “long” hair, meaning it’s past my shoulders. Yay. However, I used to have Hispanic hair, aka hair that was the same color, thickness and texture of a Latina’s: black, enough for three people, and very coarse.

    Then I had an extreme emotional upset in my family, and my hair spent three years falling out. I now have Caucasian hair (like a white girl should, right? Ha ha). I miss my hair the way it used to be, which is long enough to sit on, but I can’t get it to grow past halfway down my back. This sucks. Hence, the spell.

    I’ll let y’all know if I get my hair back. Thanks for the spell!

  17. Candace says

    Merry Meet and this is my first official spell as I am learning Wicca and I was wondering to have I have to cut off a lock of hair or just dip it in the water??

  18. Ndo says

    Hey I just wanted to see if this worked for any more people? I just attempted to do it on the supermoon night but not sure if I did it right. I’m a guy with a military haircut but I want long hair

  19. Samantha says

    I was wondering in order for the spell to work do I need to really cut a lock of my hair can’t I do the spell while taking a shower?

  20. Gilma burgos says

    Im new at this stuff soo i did the flying thing but i feel it but i dont fly can i do it with out the candles and feather??

  21. says

    Hi there to every one, the contents present at this website are really awesome for people experience, well, keep
    up the good work fellows.

  22. Autumn says

    Hey, it’s me again! I’ve tried this spell probably 3 times and still see no difference. If anything, my hair broke off…..(cause of dying it. GUILTY.) What am I doing wrong? I just want long hair to my waist! Is it because I am african american hair that this spell isn’t working twice as fast as say a caucasian would since their hair grows crazy fast already? I hope I don’t sound ridiculous…..sorry. I get jealous of all the pretty blonde girls with long healthy hair……( ._.)

  23. says

    I have not tried it yet but I want my hair to grow natural my friend told me to try it out I all was wear weave but I tied of it I want my real hair but it to short and if I want it long I want it natural curly

  24. says

    Hi, when I was 18 I went to see a witch who was going to read the cards to me, she said that one of my friends had cast a spell on me for my whole hair to fall out and be bald, I was shocked because my hair on the back of my head had already been bald from hair falling out a lot and there was no way that lady knew that, I have long hair and cover it very well and is one big secret of mine that I’m now bald all around my head but cover it letting my hair down..The witch lady asked me to give her a piece of my hair so that she can break and undue the spell, but I didn’t trust her because I heard that I needed to be careful who I give a piece of my hair because it can also be used for many other things, she also said I have a pure heart and kind innocent soul, so I was scared and told her that I’ll think about it, she said to me that she already knows what’s going to happen, I ask what? she said I wasn’t going to give her the piece of hair because I don’t trust her, and that when I get older I would realize that I’ve should’ve given her the hair because my hair is going to fall out so much that not even Dr’s would know the reason why…And you know what? she was right.. I’am now 35 and still bald all around my head, Dr’s don’t know why, after many treatments done still no answer as to why I’m bold all around, still cover it with my hair being down..can’t find this lady again so I’m trying to find other options…will this spell work for me even if many years ago someone did a spell for it to fall all out? thank you for your help.

    • Samantha G says

      Hi read your story that is sad. But if I was in your position I would of done the same thing

  25. Hailey says

    Hello I’m 13 and thinking to be Wicca my mom is and she can help me but I am still afraid to do any spells do to the fright of something evil may follow me I have moved into a house and there was something there that should not have ben. is this 100% safe?

  26. cay says

    I plan on trying this, but everytime I do hair growth spells, not only does the hair on my head grow, but little facial hairs and other body hair. Is there a way to prevent this and just make the hair on my head grow?

    • says

      You should put your thoughts and intention toward the hair growth on your head only. Try to take your visualization skills to the next level and intensely focus on the hair on top of your head.

      Good Luck and Blessed Be!

  27. Danni MAckinlay says

    thyroxin defecciency has burnt my hair back , like to boys length ,
    if i use Moon water , the question where you say place the lock of my own hair in the water , I take it if i have allready blessed the moon water that is fine .
    The hair is thin , so would welcome any results and hopes to let u know . If it works does it work quickly ?

    • says

      It helps your already growing hair. Blessed the water with the moon and taking it back inside is completely fine. If you can’t spare a lock of hair then a strand should be just fine.

      Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

  28. magical mist says

    Dear RavenCandle
    I have been worried to try out magick but I have done lots of research and have wanted to try it although my friends and family advise me not to. What should I do? I really want to use spells but everyone says I shouldn’t

  29. patience says


  30. JudeyJane says


    I just wanted to share some knowledge for those questioning this, be it Christian or any other faith.
    Now I was raised Christian but over the past few years have been exploring beyond the Christian faith and have become awakened to the fact that we are all ONE and not separated from God or the nature of this earth as most religions will have you believe. Those who take part in a religion, I hope you sooner than later come to understand that EVERYTHING created by God has life, thus you are able to speak life also into everything. Everything has vibration, everything has a consciousness, everything is able to react to negative and positive energy, this is the true concept of prayer but most people who follow their said religion do not truly understand or believe this. This also ties into the laws of attraction, etc.

    The other day I found a video titled “Water Memory” that basically explains that scientists have now found actual proof of power that our words, thoughts and intention, have on water. There is an entire documentary on it that shows how water responds to blessings, love, gratitude, and also how it responds negatively to bad words that you impose upon it. Upon learning that I actually had this similar idea that the spell suggests to bless water with my intent (which was to grow my hair and to have a healthier body overall).

    Now I also bless the water that comes out of the faucet when I shower, I bless my bottle of water before I drink it, I bless my food, and I affirm positive thoughts everyday.

    Anyway, the reason I am saying this is because you should be not afraid of trying this. I bless my water in the name of Jesus Christ and infuse it with his light. You can bless it in the name of whoever your master is, just understand that it will work and it helps to know WHY it will work. My consciousness increased to a whole other level after having watched that documentary to actually SEE the affects our thoughts and emotions and words have on water. I now love water and NATURE as if it were another human being and try as much not to take it for granted. Bless everything you touch and ask to return it back to its natural pure state. The reason we attain so many diseases now a days is because everything we consume from nature no longer has the light of GOD in it. It has been contaminated by chemicals, human thoughts, and negative energy, pressed and sucked the light right out of it. But when you bless it and pray over it with the love, light, and gratitude of God, it’s like healing it. Then when you consume or use that water or food, it actually begins to RESTORE the cells in your body (seeing as your body is composed mostly of water). The blessed water you consume begins to change the tainted water in your body. Doing this DAILY will make you a whole new creature inside and out so long as you surround yourself with POSITIVE energy and thoughts.

    Just wanted to add this to those who were skeptical. A few years ago I would have been afraid of even LOOKING at something like this but I have grown such a love for those practicing all religions now that I understand truly how we are connected.

  31. Schadowe says

    at best, how many times should the chant be repeated? and can this spell be done on the full and new moon or just the full?

  32. Avery says

    I have sholder length hair and I reaaaaaly hate it the haor dresser cut it too short for nor reason. And i would really like for my haor to grow back atleast 7 inches, but how long would this take?

  33. gianna parks says

    I’m new to all of this and so far I dnt think non of the spells work for me they say day the hand u write with is powerful then the o the and I feel it but nothing happens and I make sure I believe I always believe in the super nature sense I was little I just dnt understand

  34. Autumn says

    Is there a spell for changing the texture of your hair? I want curly/wavy hair and not my chemically relaxed/over processed hair. :( ugh! I’m tired of that crap.

    • says

      Well the only way I know to change the texture is to go natural. You can transition over time.. (Check the youtube videos!). Your natural hair will be healthier anyway!

      Blessed Be!

  35. Short and damged haired girl says

    How do I bless the water like how I don’t understand my hair actually is not that healthy is that ok?? Cuz I am curious please awnser back

  36. says

    [my mom said if i ever tried that she said i will be grounded]i realy my hair to grow and do you love ☆★one-direction★☆!!!!!

  37. j:lee says

    it is the first time i am doin this r u sure it would work and and when i take a lack off my hair do i have to keep takin off lack every time i do this spell and when i a bathe my hair do i have to chant the spell also

  38. AngelAZ says

    Do I need to trim a lock of my own hair or do I place my head over the bowl and let it fall in? I am new to this.

  39. Andy says

    Hi, I was a little worried about the spell working or how I know that I am doing it right. I’ve done it a couple of times now but do you have any pointers on how to make sure I get to my maximum potential with this spell?

  40. ArKashay Davis says

    Hi!!! I am a christian and I believe in God. I don’t see anything wrong with doing this spell when I know my beliefs and my intentions are good. Are you a christian? Even if your not, how do you feel about a christian doing this for the good?

  41. Shanadelle says

    Question. Do I HAVE to dip my whole head in the blessed water? Or can I just simply sprinkle the water over my hair and let it dry? Please reply.
    Thank you.~

  42. Krystal says

    Hi my name is krystal and i m deaf will that work if i speak it right ? My hair is falling n i want to grow strong n health n long as i use to be i wonder is that possible for deaf plp that can work on spell ?

    • says

      If you are deaf then you don’t have to worry about speaking it out loud. The intention matters more than the language. I have friends who sign there spells while walking about their circles. I hope this helps!

      Blessed Be! @BallisticJW

  43. pandora says

    umm…is it the same bit of hair everytime? or do you have to keep cutting bits everytime you do it?? and when you bless the water do you just say “i bless you” or something?? thankx

    • says

      No I wouldn’t use the same hair. And you don’t have to cut any of it! Bless the water with your intention! The way you described is fine!

      Blessed Be! @BallisticJW

  44. Abi love says

    So crazy! I shaved the bottom part of my long hair and now I’m growing it out so it looks silly when it’s pulled up, and I’m just so reading this on April 6 which is a full moon! Thanks! I’m just recently getting into Wicca and it is simply amazing! <3

  45. krystal dawn says

    Hello there! I have a question I am non wiccan, I believe in God but I technically don’t have a religious prefrence at this time i tried a hair growing spell & I was wondering if it would work even thought I’m not a wiccan. Thanks

    • says

      I think spells work through intention… Not necessarily if you are a witch or not. I will stay that if you are hesitant about doing a spell then you shouldn’t, but other than that I have known plenty of witches and non witches alike who have done spells on the first try with great results!

      Blessed Be! @BallisticJW

  46. Laurentis says

    MM, Lady Raven Moon

    Maybe someone has already answered this question in the previous posts, but I would like to know precisely. On a Full Moon, I cut a lock of my hair, and I also take a bowl of water. I bless the water and I focus and visualize my hair growing faster and healthier . Then I place or soak the lock of hair into the bowl of water. And now my question is, what should I do with the water after the ritual, and what with the lock of hair? Thank you.

    Blessed Be

    • says

      There are many things you can do with the water and the lock of hair. You could tie the lock of hair with a yellow ribbon to a piece of oak tree and bury it under a tree or in your backyard. Afterwards you could pour the water over your keepsakes burial.

      You could interchange the oak tree twig with a sprout or a seed packet to give thanks. Alternatively you could tie the hair with the yellow ribbon and place it under your pillow taking it out to hold as you visualize your desired hair length.

      Make sure to take extra care of your hair and you will see some truly amazing results.

      <3 Blessed BE!

      • Laurentis says


        I come from a muslim family, and the burial grounds are located in the village, 20km from my city. If they see me pour the water there, they will probably burn me as a heretic, instantly, so I wouldn’t take such risk. Can I pour it in a river or a lake? Thank you

  47. Annonymous says

    Hi….I’m 22..I got my haircut back in January..I how ever don’t like the results..It was so long and pretty all the way down my back and I miss it already. I wanted my hair cut a different way.. A Long hair layered look.But the woman who cut my hair didn’t want me to have it my way and she cut it way to short and it’s in the middle of my back now and it’s very short on the front and sides and I have no wiccan magic what so ever and I believe in this stuff and I am in desperate in need to want my long hair back asap.

  48. HG says

    There’s a full moon tonight so I’m about to step outside and do this spell. I have Lupus so my hair will grow pretty long but it will come out from the root when I have flare ups. I hope this helps. I get so depressed when I see that I’m losing so much hair. I need for it to be strong. And I wouldn’t mind if it grow some more too! :-)

    • says

      Make sure your intention is for your hair to be healthy and strong. I have a friend with lupus her hair is pretty fine but it doesn’t fall out a much and she never has a bald or really thin patch in her head.

  49. Moon Selea's Best Friend says

    If u do this every night not just on full moons will it work better and If u do this during a blue moon will it be even stronger? And will it work better if u wet all if ur hair? Sorry for all the questions I’m a very curious person and I’m blonde with shoulder length hair and want it to be really long so I can start donating to locks of love for people who have cancer.

    • says

      Doing it on the full moon should work just fine. It may become a chore if you force yourself to do it everyday. You may begin loosing faith, but once a month you will see and notice the growth and want to continue using you magick to achieve the length you want.

      Blessed Be!

  50. dessy says

    Im exited to try it!! DO you have any spell for better singing, and making your dreams come true!! \\
    Also for the Hair thing, has anyone sent you any before and after pics, can you post some or of you. . It dosnt have to show your face, I just wanna see!!

    • says

      Check out the Book of Shadows for more spells! No one has sent any in that they would allow me to post… But if you use this spell then please send us yours!

      Blessed Be!

    • says

      Well you can do the spell as much as you want but really magick is about doing it once, trusting in its coming and letting it go. Of course you have to put some action toward your goal, like if you don’t comb your hair and wonder why it isn’t growing or something but just do it, trust it and let it go!

  51. Anonymous says

    can you put your hair and your friends hair in the same bowl of blessed water to make both of our hair to grow longer in one spell, or do i have to do it seperatly?

  52. Sara says

    Hi , I did this today. :D And I am thinking of doing it again on the full moon day. I have one question. After doing putting my hair in the bowl chanting the above, I threw away it. Is it OK ? I just didn’t find any reason to keep it somewhere for any longer than the little time I kept chanting. If I need to keep it like that for sometime, please tell me.


  53. shalea says

    I’ve never done magic before. How do I bless the water? My hair grows at an average rate but I feel like it’s been breaking off and since I put texturizer in it I want it to be it’s natural texture again. Can I do this spell even if I’ve never done magic? All of my great-grandparents were santeros and voduns, but the family since has become Christian. I’m not really though.

    • says

      You bless the water with your intention. Yes any one can do spells with some success, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to learn all you can before doing so.

  54. LALA says


  55. crystal clear says

    thank you for the spell it worked perfectly my hair is thicker, stronger, and 10 inches longer in 1 1/2 months

  56. Vicky says

    {you know that saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? well, that’s partly true. i’ve noticed that extremely beautiful people are thought by everyone as beautiful, and if youre just okay-looking, then some people may think you are pretty, while some peope won’t. and and everyone agrees on if someone is unattractive. so, technically, beauty mostly isn’t in the eye of the beholder. know what i mean? what do you think?

    • says

      I think people should really focus on BOTH their inner and outer beauty. This is important, to build confidence, have self esteem and looking like the person you are. Whether it conforms to conventional standards of beauty or not, it is so important to be a physical representation of who you truly are.

      Some things can be worked on and somethings cannot, but everyone is beautiful. Do something that makes you feel beautiful, for me I feel beautiful when doing magick. :) <3

      What do you think?

  57. Crystal says

    Okay like im pagan/wiccan im 15 but i can’t bless any water right now so could i still do the spell without the blessed water????

  58. Brenda says

    Does this spell work for all types of hair e.g. Asian, Hispanic? Im not sure so I made up a spell.

    Stretch it let it grow
    like a river let it flow
    make it long, make it thick and shiny
    make it grow till she grow weak and old
    make her smile, make her laugh without a cry
    make her wish she wouldnt die.

  59. nanach215 says

    Hi there my hair has been chemically burned off and now its short like a boy cut it was to my shoulders but ive relaxed it and it all feel off about 5 months ago im 22 and have been stuck in my house since been wearing a wig but i dont feel right miss my real hair. one of the other problem is that my hair seems as though it dont want to grow and has always been short since i was young ive always wanted long hair and am self conscious all my life cause i really need help with this hair when i was young i heard rumors that my family has some Wiccan power but am not quite sure about it ive always was in to spells before but never seem to work how am i suppose to awaken this power i might have if i dont no how to use it and in desperate need of my hair to grow need help..

    • says

      do the spell.

      say an affirmation everyday in the mirror before and after bed.

      “I am so happy and grateful for my long flowing hair. I allow my hair to grow longer and longer”

      eat right. drink water. exercise. take a vitamin.

      and start a haircare routine that works for your hair. AA (African American) hair tends to require more moisture. CA (Cacasion American) hair needs to be washed sometimes daily. Get to know YOUR HAIR and learn what helps it grow.

      And sleep with a satin scarf at night.

  60. candycat says

    hi.I want my hair to grow real bad in the chant can you say how long you want it beacause i dont want it growing to the floor or anything. i want it at least to m shoulders. my hair has always been short i think its time to grow it. ps you sound like a nice person please respond

      • iamweird234 says

        Is there a spell to make your hair not have rats in it? cause that happens to me, and its makes my head hurt,so then i don’t do it and the rats get worse….

    • says

      You can do this spell under the full moon. Its is the most powerful moon phase. I am seeing results in the texture and length of my hair. It has been a few months since I did this spell.

  61. Michelle says

    hey doll i was just wondering do you have to wet your whole hair in the bowl of water ? & also can you wash your hair after doing this or should you wash it before doing this ? what works best ?

    • says

      If you have questions or concerns with doing magick then don’t do it. I know plenty of christian witches but that might not be the right path for you. I think its important for you to work out how you feel about magick and God, etc etc, before you dabble in it. Be sure of what it is you feel or else the results will be disastrous for you.

      • ke100788 says

        thank you! im a guy and i want my hair to grow faster because i plan to get dreadlocks. hopefully this helps! :)

      • iamweird234 says

        Raven , i read that wearing black and dying your hair blue does not make
        you a witch. And that reall witches will laugh if you dress like that. the thing is I WANT
        TO DRESS LIKE THAT!!! i like the color black and i like blue. and blue and blue don’t
        go together, so black seems the way to go…… im confused. I cant even wear my favorite colors without being laughed at?

      • raquel says

        I’ve never done a spell before and I’m thinking this will be my first one. I have 2 questions 1. When the spell says take a lock of hair does that mean cut a piece and place it in the bowl or can you just bend your head and put a piece in ? And my last question is do you think since this is my first spell do I need to work on my magic first ? I don’t have any experience at all lol , I don’t even have an altar and I’m not in a coven the only thing I’ve done is read a few wiccan books and spell books … Help!

      • Mallory K. says

        thank you so much. my hair grew so much. it grew 7 inches in 3 months, and i was a black girl who couldn’t get my hair to grow past a certain length. NOW my hair is much thicker, healther, stronger and longer. i am so happy, cause homecoming was a amazing because i flet pretty. :)

        i felt like a book character. and now me and my boyfriend have been dating for 2 weeks cince homecoming week.. he even was switched to my homeroom class.

        now tho some girls are really jealous of me and try to talk about me. but all the boys think i am the prettiest.

        also i did you spell to make my eyes change and they only changed for 3 minutes. how to make them change forever?

      • Lunara Aethera says

        Dear Raven,
        I have another hair spell that I found quite helpful. I would love to share it with you :) should I post it here or is there an email I should send it to?

          • Lunara Aethera says

            bowl of water
            candle (of your color choice)
            your shampoo

            light the candle and allow the wax to drip into the bowl of water while saying…
            “colored wax infest this water,
            and from the flame make it grow hotter, and from the mixture soon to be, grow some hair for all to see”

            then mix in the dirt while saying,
            “from this dirt small seed do be,
            way to small for thee to see
            yet from the life force in these seeds hair shall grow like nasty weeds.

            strain the mudddy water into your shampoo.

            i used this spell after getting a pixie hair cut i hated and my hair was to me shoulders within 2 months :)

      • Anonymous says

        I had to cut my hair a long time ago. Due to dammage it wasnt growing. Its still damaged and short, like a boys cut. Im so depressed over it. I have tried many spells and even paid for them. Im beginning to feel so low about myself. Please help. Give me a simple spell that will work fast. Im starting to loose all hope. Please please help me. I trully believe in spells. Im desperate. I dream everyday of having my long hair back.. Then i wake up and am dissapointed.
        :-( please please help me x

    • gianna parks says

      I’m new to all of this and so far I dnt think non of the spells work for me they say day the hand u write with is powerful then the o the and I feel it but nothing happens

      • Tina says

        To all that say your spell doesn’t work. Always remember that magick comes from within and if you truly want it to work. never say that it didn’t, always release after you complete the spell and NEVER speak to anyone about what your doing or the spell you did. That will lessen the energy to bring your spell into manifest. your intent must be pure and your energy high. you must believe in yourself first.

        do as ye will an harm none
        blessed be,

    • Haley says

      you can consecrate it under the full moon as well. leave it out under the light of the moon, retrieve it before dawn

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