Spell to Become Popular

This spell to become popular truly works and it’s all about your intention. This spell will tell you a lot about yourself and with everything else on this site be careful what you wish for. This spell can be modified or changed to your liking. Some people can do spells without magickal tools but I feel that we evolved from being primitive apes through the use of tools. Some of us, me included, still have that connection to our ancestors who lived on and from the land. Tools help us feel the energy to be able to manipulate it. So use the tools that you have and make this spell work.

Wiccan Spell to Become Popular

This spell to become popular works by giving you access and will power to become the ‘true you’. This spell does work from the moment you complete it but more so in the weeks and months to come. I would do some serious soul-searching before doing this spell because some things you wish for aren’t what you thought they were cracked to be.

Spell to Become Popular

Spell to Become Popular

For example, Emily is overweight and wants to become the best looking girl in the school so she does this spell to become popular. The spell gives her the will power she needs to stop over eating but soon she is consumed by being thin. She also becomes popular but she doesn’t help anyone around her – she is just another mean girl. She will eventually see herself for who she is… and who she was all along.

This can work in so many ways so think carefully. You just need a brown candle, attraction oil, a charged crystal (rose for love/attraction, citrine for money/abundance ) a dry erase board and marker (I got mine from the dollar store!) and a mirror.

Write an affirmation about your new life as a popular person. Remember to stay away from vain and narcissistic requests. Example: I am so happy that I always have someone to sit with at lunch. I am so happy that we hang out together and are real friends. I am so happy that I am healthy and able to wear all the stylish clothes. I am so happy that my YouTube channel is popular and for my 1k subscribers! Thank you Goddess!

Say this affirmation everyday with the candle lit and looking yourself in the eyes in the mirror.

You can watch my YouTube video for spell enhancement to help you create your spell reality. If you use the video – which I just uploaded today!! – do it twice per day at morning and at night.

Thank you for sharing this information with your friends! I appreciate you guys! You have changed my life! Try this spell to become popular and watch how wonderful life can be!

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Spell for Clear Skin

Have any questions about this post? Read the forum discussion here. (After five posts you’ll receive an awesome gift!)

This is a clear skin spell. You can find this spell on many different websites but mine is a slightly different version given to me from a good friend. Beauty spells are unique, interesting and quite fun to do as you see the changes you want.

spell for clear skin


First off, I tried this clear skin spell when I was really stressed out and had a major outbreak. I had an important event to attend and my good friend Jessica Toad, told me to try this spell from her own Book of Shadows.This is a seven day process but it worked for me within 3.

Jessica also reminded me to drink plenty of water, and wash my face both morning and night. If you have sensitive skin the make sure you use gentle items tailored more to your skin type. This may be common sense but if you are serious about seeing results then you must work to manifest it on all levels both inner and outer. Taking care of your skin is key to this spells success.

You should do this spell sometime during the waning moon or on the new moon if you can.

Paper Clear Skin Spell

For this clear skin spell you will need the following:

  • White Candle (Charged)
  • Pen
  • Paper

Do this spell on a Saturday night at midnight. Cast your circle as you normally would and light a white candle, and write 3 things about your skin you want to change. Say this simple chant six times

On this day my skin will change,

brilliant, beautiful, skin I will gain

In seven days my worries will disappear

I ask of you goddess to always be near

So mote it be tonight.

Take the paper and place it on your altar keep it there until the changes you have wanted have come to past. Chant this simple chant everyday while meditating on your new skin, and only drink water, not any juices, or caffeinated beverages. Also, wash your face every morning and at night and I promise you will see the results. It may seem simple but when you see the changes in your skin you will be amazed. Taking your skin and body is very important, do your best to maintain your well being.

Did you try this spell? Leave a comment below to tell me what your thought. Also if you want to contribute a spell from your own Book of Shadows then contact me! My email is [email protected]

Leave a comment below with any questions about this spell for clear skin and let me know what you guys think.

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Spell to Become Irresistible

Thank you guys for sending in your spells. The Book of Shadows is growing at a rapid rate because of you. Thank you for visiting this site, liking it, sharing it with your friends. It not only motivates me to provide as many spells as I can but it also encourages me when I am posting the spells, knowing that it helping you. This spell was sent to me by Holly. Thank you so much for sending in this spell, I am sure the others appreciate this wonderful spell as well. Holly writes:

Hey Raven! Thank you for the website its great but you don’t have many beauty spells so please feel free to add this one! Blessed Be!

What You’ll Need:Spell to Become Irresistible

  • rose petals (the prettier and healthier they are the better)
  • pink candle
  • light blue candle
  • wine and wine glass
  • sugar or honey
  • seduction oil
  • a small mirror

How to Make Seduction Oil:

  • 1 rose petal
  • 5 drops of musk
  • 5 drops of civit
  • 2 drops of patchouli
  • 1 drop ambegris
  • 1 drop jasmine
  • 1 drop rosemary

On a Wednesday night anoint your candles with the seduction oil. Grab a small pinch of the sugar and throw it into the wine. Hold your power hand over the wine glass while holding the base of the wine glass with the opposite hand. Thrice say:

Beautiful , I call upon you to make this wish

Lend me you beauty and as I drink this

Make it so, he can’t resist

Place the wine glass on top of the mirror and light the blue candle. Take the blue candle and light the pink candle. Place the candles on either side of the mirror. It should be the blue candle, the wine glass and then the pink candle. Let the candles burn for six minutes. While the candles are burning focus on the wine glass. On the seventh minute drink the wine while seeing your self filled with attracting energy.

You can also place the wine bottle on the altar while you are doing this to infuse the bottle with seduction. This is good to do if you can have the person drink the wine before the next new moon.

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Hair Growth Spells That Work!

Here are a collection of hair growth spells designed to start working instantly! You can see hair growth overnight. And while some spells to make hair grow aren’t that great, these are the best ones available online. One of these spells were submitted by a  fellow reader. Her name is June Mar-Witch and she is from Tulsa. She is a coven witch of the druid path and actively participates in rituals. She has a new-found interest in evil love spells but uses her magick for good.

Spells to Make Your Hair Grow

June’s Hair Growth Spell for Overnight Hair Growth

This is one of many simple spells to make hair grow longer. This spell is simple, so take time to put your own personal energies into the magickal working.You can customize this spell with candles, chants, incense or anything else you may want to add. This spell works to strengthen your hair and promotes healthy hair growth. You should take the time and cut all split ends before during this spell. If your hair is damaged you won’t see the explosive hair growth because of shedding. Also consider washing your hair less and maintaining a new diet, fitness and supplement routine for even greater benefits.


Spells To Make Grow Hair

Spells To Make Grow Hair Faster and Longer!

What You’ll Need:

  • A lock of your hair
  • Pure Water
  • Full Moon
  • White Candles (optional)

Spell Instructions:

Take a lock of your hair, or the persons hair you want to grow and a small bowl of water. Bless the water and focus on the hair growing long, while placing the hair into the bowl. As you do this recite the following chant:

Long and flowing like a river

Make my hair grow quicker and quicker

This spell will make your hair grow longer, faster and stronger. Plenty of friends whose hair wouldn’t grow past their shoulders or was thin etc. All of them have had great results and received long flowing hair from the Goddess in a matter of six months. She said she did the spell every full moon for six months, and in addition to the basics of the spell she also let the hair bathe in the full moonlight of the Goddess mother.hair spells

Tips and Tricks

When I did this spell I also recited a daily affirmation. What are affirmations and why do they work? Read more about affirmations and then get this life changing affirmation mp3.

This spell doesn’t seem to work for male patterned baldness though. I have received some emails that it works for people with Alopecia though.

Links and Other Resources

  1. How to Grow Your Hair
  2. Wiccan Affirmations
  3. Why Affirmations Work
  4. Beauty Spells
  5. Wiccan Spells


Hair Growth Potion

This hair growth potion

hair growth spells

 What You’ll Need:

  • Rose Oil
  • Blessed Water
  • Olive Oil
  • Brewed Black Tea
  • Pink Candle
  • White Candle
  1. Combine the brewed tea (made with the blessed water), 5 drops of each oil and place it on your altar.
  2. Place the candles on your altar. Place the pink candle on the right and the white candle on the left.
  3. Light the candles and chant over the potion for an hour. You can leave the potion to step/brew for a few hours or overnight on the altar.
  4. The next time you shampoo your hair rinse as usual and then pour the potion in your hair. Let the potion sink in for 30 or so minutes and then rinse. Afterwards deep condition your hair.

*NOTE: Black tea stains, so wear an old TEAshirt :). Read more about using tea for hair.

I hope this spell works for you. I have tried other spells to make hair grow for my hair type and they worked well but this one worked the best. Every time I see an interesting spell like this one I want to try them! Ha, it is so nice to enact your own desires with the help of the God/dess. Magick is strong and powerful, but with all things be careful what you wish for!

Fast Hair Growth Chants

beautiful hair

Chant for Stronger Hair

Use this chant if your hair has felt brittle and you have experienced shedding. Make sure you have done recent maintenance on your hair like cutting split ends, hot oil treatments and using less heated hair tools on your hair and manipulating it less as well.

  • Strong like Samson. Thick like a horses mane. My hair is strong by Goddess light. My hair is strong again.

You can use this chant with the spell to make your hair grow for faster results.

Hair Length Chant

When you are looking to having longer hair that flows like water then use this chant daily.

  • Like water flowing, my hair is growing. Let it grow. Let if glow. Let it grow. Let it glow.
  • Moonlight’s glow, waters flow. Let my hair grow and grow.

Chant for fewer split ends

Split ends are one of the most damaging conditions your hair can face. You want to get split ends cut as soon as possible but in the mean time use this chant and protect your ends.

  • Bind together what was broken. My hair has a bond unspoken. Heal the image of things split. Bind together what was meant. Split ends are no more.

Chant for Beautiful Hair

This chant will promote beautiful hair that has strength, shine and body. The affirmation works by being placed into your subconscious mind. Your hair will start looking its best after 7 days of daily chanting, continue to repeat the chant for beautiful hair often to keep your wonderful results and great hair therapy. You can enhance the spell with blue candles and cherry blossom incense.

  • Hair shines like stars with the strength of Thor. It grows and has body, more and more. Night is when my magic starts. My hair is beautiful is the wish from my heart. Grow now. My hair is beautiful and protected.

Add your own hair growth spells or chants in the comments below and let us know what happens with your spell. If you join and post in the wicca forum you will receive a gift after 5 posts, so come join the fun.

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Spell to Believe in Your Own Attractiveness and Beauty

Perform this spell during the time of the New Moon to the Quarter Moon.

Cast your circle, lighting red and orange candles. Call forth the Elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, and request the presences of the Goddesses Aine, Aphrodite, Venus and Astarte.

Place a hand mirror, a fresh red or pink rose, rosemary oil, blessed water, a rose quartz and a small bottle on the altar.

Mix together some crushed rosemary, skullcap, thyme, spikenard, yerba mate, vanilla, strawberry, violet and ylang ylang, and set it aside on the altar.

Hold the mirror so that it reflects both the candlelight and your own face. Looking into the mirror, recite:Spell to Believe in Your Own Attractiveness and Beauty

Goddesses, aid me now:

Believing in my beauty, believing in my charms

I call to me now the one who will treasure and treat my heart well.

Knowing my own attractiveness, knowing my strength and grace

I carry my own confidence, love and light in this face.
So Mote it Be.

Using the rune symbol WYNN, anoint your skin with the rose oil in the area of your heart chakra, then touch the rune to your lips.
Sprinkle the blessed water on the rose quartz and upon your own head.

Take a pinch of the herb mixture and sprinkle it over the candles. Place the rest in the small bottle and close up the bottle, taking more of the mixture out whenever you perform this spell.

Now focus on the flame of the red candle, chanting:

I am the rose; I am the real beauty

I am all that my love seeks and believes in,

My real love sees me, recognizes me, is drawn to me now.

 So Mote it Be.

Repeat this daily until the candles are burnt down and the herb mixture is gone. Alternatively you can burn the herb mixture and bury the ashes in a flowerpot that contains any flower or plant that is Venus-ruled.

Thank the Elements and the Goddesses for all they have given you, and close your circle. J.J. Nelson Womens Jersey

Spell to Change Your Hair Color

You all have been sending in so many wonderful spells. Thanks! Glamor spells usually affect the way others perceived you. This spell is to actually change something and while these spells sometimes work they tend to be hit or miss depending on the witch, and never seem to last longer than a few minutes. This spell was sent in by Amora W. from Lakeside, Michigan. She writes:

This is a spell my gal pals and I did often in our youth. The effects only last for seconds. This spell is hard because it requires strong concentration.

Spell to Change Your Hair ColorWhat You’ll Need:

  • colored candle (the color that you want you hair to be)
  • a white candle
  • a mirror

Sit in a quiet room in front of a mirror. Light the white candle. Spend sometime seeing yourself as your and imagining how you will look with the different hair color. Try to visualize yourself with great detail. Light the colored candle and stare into the flame. When you are ready move your hand from over the white candle to hold your hand directly over the flame of the colored candle (not too close! you don’t want to burn yourself). Cup your hair and as you run your hands over your hair visualize your hair changed.

While this spell doesn’t have to be done during a specific day or moon phase, I would suggest you do this spell on Monday during the waxing moon. This is just a suggestion though! Amora didn’t provide that specific information, so just do what makes sense to you.

Thank you for visiting the website. You can hundreds of free spells and information on the website. I post new spells daily so make sure to check back tomorrow! You can leave all questions, comments, suggestions and tips in the comment section below.

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Spell to Change the Body

This spell to change the body was sent in by Jessika M. This spell is a 21 day process and may take longer depending on the changes your are seeking to make in your body. This spell take a bit of commitment because you will have to say your affirmation throughout the day and visualize/meditate both in the morning and at night.

Spell to Change the BodyWhat You’ll need:

  • a brown pillar candle
  • a mirror
  • an affirmation
  • strong visualization skills

Write an affirmation for the change you want to occur. For example if you wanted loose weight, you might have the affirmation of “I am healthy, thin and full of energy.  make the right decisions for my body everyday.” Light the candle and meditate on the flame. Say you affirmation silently to yourself for as long as you wish. While you are saying your affirmation visualize your new body as detailed as possible. Do this daily in the morning and at night and say your affirmation during the day as often as possible. You may want to write your affirmation on a card and look at it often throughout the day.

Light your candle everyday in the morning and at night until the changes in your body are complete. When the change is complete thank the Goddess and discard the candle into flowing water.

This spell is more of a process, while Jessika maintains that most changes can happen in a matter of 21 days she advises it may take longer. If you can begin this process on the night of the full moon fine. If not do it in the moon phase that best corresponds to the changes you want to see. For example if you want to gain weight (who would?) doing this spell during the waxing moon is best.

Please leave all questions and suggestions in the comments section below! Thanks for visiting Just Wicca!

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Spell for Beauty

spell for beauty

source: public domain

This spell for beauty really works well if you start it on or during the full moon. This beauty spells is simple and really effective. Most witches do their witchcraft on the night or eve of the full moon until the end of the full moon. In order to obtain real perfection you must feel confident and have a lot of self esteem. This spell will help you focus on your outward beauty.

How to do a Spell for Beauty

What you will need for this spell:

Hold a special charm, or beautiful stone. Charge a pink candle with your intention and say a beauty affirmation you have written. You can say for example:

“I  am very beautiful.”

“I know I am beautiful inside and out.”

Say a beauty affirmation for the next 21 days and take time to groom yourself very carefully during this time. My friend does this spell to attract love. Because she loves herself and sees her beauty she allows the world to see her special beauty as well.

I would suggest you go further and start a beauty, hair, body, meditation, manifestation and visualization routine into your life for the next 21 days as well. If you want remarkable change then find a routine that will work over the next 3 months. I recently started a big spell and life process. I am going to do this spell and routine for the next 3 months and I plan to see remarkable results with the help of the goddess.

You can start your own life changing journey whenever you want to. Go on a quest for more beauty, money, love or anything else you want. You can change your life and live a magick life. I do everyday 🙂

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Pink Candle Weight Loss Spell

This is a spell for weight loss. You can’t lose weight simple by using this spell. You have to change your eating habits and include exercise if you really are aiming to succeed in your weight loss goals. This spell is perfect if you are just beginning your weight loss journey and for those of you who need a boost in motivation. This spell should be done during the waning moon.

Pink Candle Weight Loss Spell

What You’ll Need:Pink Candle Weight Loss Spell

  • A pink candle
  • A orange candle
  • Blessing oil
  • A picture of you (as recent as possible – this is optional)
  • Sage incense

Anoint the candles with the blessing oil and spend some time charging them with your intention. Using something to carve with, engrave your current weight onto the pink candle. On the orange candle engrave the candle with your weight goal (I would suggest starting small – less 10 pounds or so). Engrave the rune for beauty on both candles and find a place to engrave your name on both candles.

Cast your circle as you would normally and light your incense first. Then light the pink and orange candles. If you have a picture of yourself, place it in the center of the candles. This should be a picture of you are your current weight. For those of you with digital cameras I would suggest you take a picture and print it out.

Spend some time and meditate on your weight loss goals. Why do you want to lose weight? How will your life, health, and self-esteem be like after you achieved this weight loss goal? When you are ready you can say the following chant or change it to suit you:

With Self-love I come to thee
This isn’t the weight I want to be
This size doesn’t suit me
As I will it so mote it be!

I would suggest you do spend some time every morning saying this chant to yourself for at least 5 minutes. Go from that and immediately do your morning workout. Even if it’s walking in place for 5 minutes!

I lost 50 pounds. I began with walking in place for 15 minute a day (because I couldn’t really do anything else!) and slowly because increasing my walking time. Then I moved into cardio and now I work out every day doing intense cardio for an hour. You can do this and I believe in you!

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Beauty Spells: A Spell for Beauty

Spell for Beauty

Spell for Beauty

This is a really simple, but fun and effective spell for beauty. All people like to have soft and beautiful skin. This simple spell gives you really pretty and soft skin- that’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

This spell is so simple- all you need is sugar, water, and a white candle!

Sugar is not only a staple in every Wiccans pantry but also a great item for love spells, friendship spells, wish spells, and beauty spells.

This time we are using sugar as a gentle exfoliate to heal and soften our skin naturally.

Sugar is the best way to naturally exfoliate the skin, because it doesn’t sting and unlike salt – it doesn’t tear at the skin. This spell for beauty is simple, effective, fun and more importantly it works fast. You can get clear, blemish free skin within a matter of minutes. It is good to use on those stressful days, after and intense workout, before a date, or when you want that extreme feeling of being fresh and clean.

Spell for Beauty

Light a white candle, and chant three times.

“New Moon – New Me as pretty as can be

All who see shall awe at me – As I will it so mote it be”

With the candle still lit, place 3 tbsp of water with 2 tbsp of sugar – if you have it – place on petal from a rose and mix well.

With your eyes closed, place the mask in circular motions on you face and neck.

Let sit for 1 min while meditating on your beautiful, clear skin, rinse the mask off your face, and place a warm-hot rag on you face for another minute.

Pat your face dry and blow out the candle – Be amazed at the results!

Remember you can do this as often as you like, with to with out the enchantment. And be on your way to great looking skin, you can find hundreds of free wiccan and pagan magick spells for beginners, for free here at justwicca.com

When I first started using this spell for beauty, I would do it three times a week and only drink water. It worked so well the first week I only have to do it one a week now.

Give it a try and see if it works for you!

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