Wiccan Affirmations

Wiccan Affirmations

Wiccan Affirmations

Wiccan Affirmations

 There is one Presence and Power in the Universe

That manifests to us (me) as Goddess and as God

It guides the stars and the planets

It guides me and moves through my life

For I (NAME) am a perfect incarnation of God (dess)

and a perfect priest/ess of God/dess  (again adapt for gender as in the

previous post)

and I am a complete manifestation of this power

I hereby use it now for GOOD

specifically to turn this astrological aspect, (NAME ASPECT, for example

Mercury Retrograde) into it’s most harmonious expression in my life

I release all imbalanced energy and it’s effects

out of this aspect

and affirm only harmonious energy

 – For the good of all

and according to the free will of all

with ease and with joy

and so mote it be


I acknowledge that there are other faiths besides my own on this planet, and in my smaller community. I also acknowledge that those who are adherents to these other faiths believe as deeply as do I, and sometimes more deeply than I feel about my faith.

I hold no ill will toward other faiths and wish to start anew with followers of other faiths. I do not hold an individual follower responsible for the teachings or actions of their faith in general, just as I cannot hold an entire faith at fault for the acts of an individual members of the faith community. I will not attempt to convert or otherwise modify the beliefs of another. I do invite those of other faiths to engage in an open discussion of beliefs, free from judgment by any party to the discussion.

While I may be wrong, I find comfort in the belief that I could be right.

You should write you own wiccan affirmations and use them daily. You should try to focus on changing your tune. What are some of the thing you want to work on? Confidence? Self-esteem?

If you lack confidence then try writing an affirmation stating your confidence. “I am beauty, fun, happy and energetic.”  Write and say your affirmations both night and day and throughout the day if you can. Do this for a minimum of 21 days and watch the changes within yourself.

Learn more on how to be a witch by reading that article. It should give you some perspective on Wicca and witchcraft.

You can find visualization and wiccan affirmations  videos on you tube to watch often. It is important to feel good feelings, and your inner magick and intention will work to help make those changes real for you. If it is a more stubborn thought then try to do your affirmations for three months both day and night. You should watch your affirmation and visualization videos often.

Write your own Wiccan Affirmations.

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