Why Didn’t my Spell Work?

The question of; “Why didn’t my spell work” often comes up and that is what I am going to try to answer here. Think of the spell that you tried and did not seem to have success with; remember all of the elements that were linked together to work in harmony with your spell. Ok, now with you visualizing the spell, walk through it step by step as we go through some of the important factors that need to be in place to help you spell to work.

Many things work in harmony to make a spell work and to give it the strength needed to make it work well. The correct Moon phase is an essential key to the success in spell casting. Spells to rid you of things work best during the New Moon. Spells to gain things such as money, power, or other things that you wish to gain are best done during a Waxing Moon. Spells worked during a Full Moon are said to work the best because the moon is at its fullest making the magick most powerful when done at this time. If you are working a spell to make something go away then try working this spell during a Waning Moon to get the best effects.

The materials that you used during the spell are another important element to whether you spell works or does not work. Would herbs or oils help aid your spell to be more powerful? If you do choose to use herbs or oils then do your research to be sure that you are choosing the correct ones for the type of spell you are trying to cast. Candles and their colors also do make a difference. Do your research to be sure that you are using the most optimum colors for the spell that you are working with.

Take into consideration the spell itself and whether it is actually good or not. Some spells work better from one than for another but it also is possible that the spell you are using needs some rewriting because it is not a very good spell. It is also a good idea to be sure that you are in the correct mental form before trying to work any spell. Meditation is a positive way to start so you can clear your mind and then visualize what you desire from your spell. Truly feel the desired results of your spell and if it doesn’t work don’t be discouraged, just step back and look at the spell to find what went wrong and just try again. Keep in mind that if a spell does not work no matter what you try, it might be because it was not intended to work. There are some things that we think that we want but deep in our souls we know it is not what we really need in our life, therefore we are not putting our full self into making this spell to work.

One last thought, you feel that your spell didn’t work but how much time did you give it to work before you gave up hope on it and classified it as a failure? Not all spells are going to have an instantaneous result and you may have to be patient, giving it some time to see if your spell was actually effective.

Good luck with all of your spells and may all of your path always be lighted with hope.

Blessed Be,

Caitlynn Timms

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