Spell to Make Hair Grow Long and Fast

This is a great Spell to Make Hair Grow, and it was submitted by another follower of me on twitter. (@BallisticJW). Her name is June Mar-Witch and she is from Tulsa. She is a coven witch of the druid path and actively participates in rituals. She has an  new found interest in Magick Runes, and Evil Love Spells, but uses her magick for good. She believes that the universe is connected as one. She also love the book The Secret and reads it almost daily.

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This is a simple Spell to Make Hair Grow. It can be done on any day and doesn’t specify a time/lunar phase to do it in. Please just use your own judgement. Because this spell is so simple, take time to put your own personal energies into the magickal working; you can do this many different ways. You can customize this spell with candles, chants, incense or anything else you may want to add.

When I did this spell I also had a daily affirmation that I used. What are affirmations and why do they work? Read more about affirmations here and then get this life changing affirmation mp3.

Spell to Make Grow Long and Faster

Spell To Grow Hair

Spell To Grow Hair Faster and Longer!

Take a lock of your hair, or the persons hair you want to grow and also a small bowl of water. Bless the water and focus on the hair growing long, while placing the hair into the bowl. As you do this recite the following chant:

Long and flowing like a river

Make my hair grow quicker and quicker

This spell will make your hair grow longer, faster and stronger. Plenty of friends whose hair wouldn’t grow past their shoulders or was thin etc. All of them have had great results and received long flowing hair from the Goddess in a matter of six months. She said she did the spell every full moon for six months, and in addition to the basics of the spell she also let the hair bathe in the full moonlight of the Goddess mother.

This spell doesn’t seem to work for male patterned baldness though. I have received some emails that it works for people with Alopecia(sp?) though. Try it! Also read this article for more tips on how to grow your hair faster and longer!

I hope this spell works for you. Every time I see an interesting spell like this one I want to try them! Ha, it is so nice to enact your own desires with the help of the God/dess. Magick is strong and powerful, but with all things be careful what you wish for!

Did you try this Spell to Make Hair Grow? How long did it take for your hair to grow? Was it faster? Leave me a comment and let me know if it also worked for you!


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  1. cleary says:

    Hello my I ask what do mean by “bless the water”

  2. grace says:

    im 14 years old and i really belive and think this works but i dont know if you have to be born or if you have trained could someone give me some advice thanks

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