Spell to Heal Someone

This spell to heal someone works to enhance the medicine, infusing it with energy and light in order to heal an illness. This spell can be done during any moon phase but I have seen great results on the night of the full moon. I already had my medicine, so it wasn’t a new bottle and I wouldn’t recommend waiting to take your medicine until you have a chance to do this spell. This spell is simple and effective and really works on your level of belief and energy. Spell to Heal Someone

Sunday is the traditional day to do healing spell work and rituals.

Spell to Heal Someone

What You’ll Need:

After a ritual bath spend sometime meditating (Why Meditate?)  Take the healing oil and anoint your candle and charging the candle with your intention. Light the healing incense and light the candle, placing it onto your altar. When the smoke has filled the room sit quietly in meditation.

Imagine vividly that you are completely well and in better health that you were before the illness. Take the medication into your power hand and get a feel of how it will help your body.

Imagine the medication as it enters your body and does its work to heal your body.  See yourself surround by light and see that light gathering into your power hand and eventually moving into the medication. While visualizing the energy infusing with the medication repeat the affirmation ‘I am healed’.

Place the medication into the white pouch and leave it there untouched until the white candle and incense burn out.

You can further accelerate your healing by meditating while the incense burns out and the candle burns down.

Every time you take your medication you should repeat the affirmation of ‘I am healed’ you can change the affirmation any way you see fit. When I did this spell my affirmation was ‘I am healed and in better health than before’. That affirmation really worked well for me. I also did this spell to heal someone on my close relative. I would see them take their medicines and say in the affirmation that they were healed. I did not let them know that I was doing this as people who are sick are in a fragile state of mind and any little intrusion whether you personally deem them good or bad can send the fragile person into downward spiral.

I am a huge fan of affirmations… because they work! If you are ever in a bind and can’t think of a chant that will work then use an affirmation! Its just a statement but it holds a lot of power.

If you have done this spell to heal someone on yourself or for another then please leave me you experience in the comments section below. You can click to read more about wiccan affirmations.