Spell to Change the Body

This spell to change the body was sent in by Jessika M. This spell is a 21 day process and may take longer depending on the changes your are seeking to make in your body. This spell take a bit of commitment because you will have to say your affirmation throughout the day and visualize/meditate both in the morning and at night.

Spell to Change the BodyWhat You’ll need:

  • a brown pillar candle
  • a mirror
  • an affirmation
  • strong visualization skills

Write an affirmation for the change you want to occur. For example if you wanted loose weight, you might have the affirmation of “I am healthy, thin and full of energy.  make the right decisions for my body everyday.” Light the candle and meditate on the flame. Say you affirmation silently to yourself for as long as you wish. While you are saying your affirmation visualize your new body as detailed as possible. Do this daily in the morning and at night and say your affirmation during the day as often as possible. You may want to write your affirmation on a card and look at it often throughout the day.

Light your candle everyday in the morning and at night until the changes in your body are complete. When the change is complete thank the Goddess and discard the candle into flowing water.

This spell is more of a process, while Jessika maintains that most changes can happen in a matter of 21 days she advises it may take longer. If you can begin this process on the night of the full moon fine. If not do it in the moon phase that best corresponds to the changes you want to see. For example if you want to gain weight (who would?) doing this spell during the waxing moon is best.

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