Spell to Reunite Lovers

If your lover has been separated from you for reasons beyond your control then cast this spell to reunite you. This spell works best if done on the night of the waxing moon and doesn’t require many items. After the spell has been cast you will reunite very soon.

When the moon is in waxing phase, choose two red or pink taper candles. With a pin, scratch your name onto one of the candles and the name of the lover you wish to be reunited with on the other candle.

Scratch onto the other side of each candle the word RECONCILIATION. Anoint the candles in rose oil. Tie them together with a piece of red or pink string or ribbon, sit them upright in a holder and light them. Do not blow out the candles – let them burn all the way down. Candle spells may appear simple, but are potent and meaningful.

 You may wish to have a rose quartz (or pink tourmaline) by the candles as they burn.

 On a round, pink piece of paper, say three times:Spell to Reunite Lovers

I call to me now a new love from the old – from my man [or woman] who is loyal and kind, warm and giving, both friend and lover.

 I call to me now my past love to the present – all sadness forgotten, all resentment dissolved – we are passionate and playful, patient and good-natured, moving forward without glancing back.

 I call to me now my departed love, to return to our daily walk, a renewed journey, a shared life and home(s).

 I call this forth, asking that all this come in such a way as to be for the good of all.

So Mote it Be.

If the break up was particularly painful, this should be said no less than 15 times.

Gather together in a ceramic bowl or cauldron at least four of the following herbs that aid a love spell: catnip, daisy, birthroot, black snakeroot, cardamom, cinquefoil, Beth root, cloves, crocus, burdock, cumin, dragon’s blood, elder, elecampane, feverfew, cinnamon, gentian root, coltsfoot, ginger, damiana, heart’s ease, dulse herb, hyacinth, Indian paintbrush, jasmine, khus-khus, lady’s mantle, laurel and lavender.

To your herbs, add 7 drops of strawberry oil, 7 drops musk oil, 10 drops of lavender oil and 3 drops of rosemary oil, and mix together, then put into a red or pink flannel or velvet bag.

Anoint the bag with rose oil. Wear or carry the bag with you, touching it whenever you see or am near the object of your love.

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