Love Chants – No Candles Needed

The Love Spell Chants that you do are about the purity of love, they are not about the selfishness of love or owning a person. Do not do a love spell chant to control one person to manipulate a person you routinely hurts or who hurts you. When you are using your powers for love, you need to remember that you can send love in many different directions. You will be able to give love to someone who does not have it, hopefully help foster love in someone’s heart or find the love that you have been looking for for so long.

love spell CHANTS

Love Spell Chants

Unselfish Love

unselfish love spellWhen you want to offer love to someone else, these love spell chants are going to provide them with the energy they need to go on. Sometimes, they will have a hard time accepting love, but you can use these love chants to make sure that your friends or family are feeling the love that is out there for them in the world.

  • “My heart is open so open yours too. If we are meant to be then let our love light shine through.”

Self Love Spell Chant To Uncover Self Truths

tell the truth chantWhen you are wondering why love has not found you, you can use this Wiccan love chants to find out what you are doing wrong in your search. You could have an amazing awakening when you are doing these chants, and you will discover what you need to do to make your life more fulfilling in the future.

  • “Lady I ask you to show me the way. I want a love for my heart his love can stay. In my dreams please come to me, as I will it so mote it be.”

Love Spell Chants For The Future

love chant for spellsYou want to make sure that you are thinking about the future when you are doing these love chants. You can chant for love for the children you do not have, for the futures of your young children or for the futures of your young friends. You will be able to start a chain of positive energy that is going to last long into the future so that everyone around you will have the love they deserve. You simply need to get started today with these love chants to get the best possible results for everyone.

  • “I open my heart for love. I open my heart to truth. I am a patient, kind, loving member of my family both now and in the future.”
  • “Aphrodite shining bright, Bless his/her heart with lust and light, For me he/she can’t fight, His/her feelings so bright, He/she shall think of me day and night, It shall be between me and him/her, So mote it be!”

Love Chant To Make Your Lover Tell the Truth

love spells chantsSometimes we wonder if a lover has lied to us and until we know all the facts it is hard to trust them. If you don’t trust the person you are with then you are putting your relationship at risk. You have to trust the person you love if you want your relationship to withstand the test of time and other obstacles. This chant works by encouraging a truthful environment that promotes transparency between you and your lover. You will have to be truthful to your lover during this time.

  • “Truth find us, Truth find us, let lies not depart us, we wake and we know, the truth white by glows, you tell me the truth. You tell me the truth. You told me the truth.”

 Spell Chants For Fertility

fertilityWhen you are trying to add to your family then try this spell chant for fertility. You can say this chant three times before you lay with your partner. Visualize yourself or your lover with child while you lay with them. Do this process every time you lay with them and soon there will be an addition to your family. Use this chant for 28 days straight and be amazed at the results. Eat a diet filled with fresh fruits, fish, garlic, nuts, potatoes, eggs and drink plenty of water. This spell works fast so be sure this is the right time for you!

  • “Earth mother lend me you skill, we shall meet and we lay. Moon father shine your light bright, we meet and we lay. A new light shall shine.”
  • “Round. Earth. Mother. Birth.”

Ask Me Out Love Chant

love me spell

If you have built a good rapport with the person and you like each other but you still haven’t went out, then use this effective love chant. This love spell chant will help create opportunities for you guys to get closer or for one of you to mention hanging out alone. You could become your crush’s homework partner or have to meet up to gather supplies and resources for a big project. If you have the chance to mention going out then take it, only if you know the timing is right. Spell to Make Someone Think of You.

  • “Fire of lust and fire of passion,Bring to me some satisfaction.Lust unbridled I desire,
    Bring to me now what I require.”


Spell Chant To Have Her Hand in Magick / Spell to Get Married

marry me chantMarry the woman you love and create a bond between two who know the magick of the craft. The first chant is to be said at the start of your pursuit of her hand. Start this spell chant and propose on the night of the full moon while in nature. When the bond has been agreed upon have a Friday feast with members of both covens and celebrate with wine and merriment through the night. This will ensure a happy union.

The second chant is to find a husband. This chant is perfect for those who are dating and wanting to marry soon. If you are allergic to Ivy leaf the use a daisy.

  • “Complete me. Bind us.Bless Our Union. Joined by covens, bound by flame. Our union is one.”
  • Place an Ivy leaf between breasts and recite: “Ivy leaf, I love you true,In my bosom I hold you,The first young man who smiles at me,My future husband he shall be”

Lover Find Me – True Love Chant

true love chantIf you are single and ready to partner with someone then try this chant until you find someone worthy of you. This chant will help you focus on yourself in order to get ready for your personal love. If you want to shorten the wait and would like to start a new relationship sooner then eat a vegetarian diet, drink only water and black coffee, meditate daily and say this chant every day while looking into the mirror and believing.

  • “Winds to the East, Sun by Moon; Bring to me my love soon; I wait with Goddess as she shines my path, send my lover to me by hearts map”.

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Chant for a Passionate Romance

love spellPassion is vital to your relationship. If you don’t feel passion in your romance then say this chant before you see the person. Lead by example by creating a passion and happy memory for you to share. After you have brought more passion to the table and have said this chant many times then talk to the person if they haven’t changed. There may be a deeper underling issue but this spell will encourage their openness if they truly love you.

“Another to one, and one to another, help me to find my true lover

One that fate has chosen for me.

A match made in heaven by the powers that be.”

Love Spell to Get Over Someonemagic

If you are not over your previous lover then try this love spell chant to get over someone. This love spell chant will help you get over your last relationship and open your heart to the possibility of a new love. You can use this love chant alone or enhance it with candles and incense. This spell chant will help you to forgive yourself and your ex in order to move on. You can get over someone you used to love with this spell chant.

  • ‘Gentle balm, soothe my heart. Bring to me your healing art’.

This simple chant can be enhanced by drinking lemon balm tea and saying the above chant. The lemon correspondence works with the powerful energy while you chant to promote heart health and healing emotional wounds.

 Chant for Building a Relationship

white magic spells

Long lasting love is built on having a strong relationship. Occasionally say this chant and watch the bond you have grow. During this time you must spend time with each other smiling and having a good time together. If there is tension take some time away and only spend happy times together while you are building your bond.

  • “With this candle let its light shine the path of love to me.”

 Love Chants to get him Back

If your relationship has ended prematurely and you want to get him to give you a second chance then trywitchcraft this chant every day for 28 days starting on Wednesday on a night that has a full moon. For this spell chant to work you must have been together longer than 56 days and have spent time together in person at least 5 times. Try not to initiate contact with the person and you can only text a reply 3 times a day. During this time meditate and dedicate 10 minutes to working out per day. Drink exactly 7 glasses of water per day.

  • “Love bond broken, shall not be. Whole heart, ready to love me. Come back to me. Come back to me. Come back to me. As I will it so mote it be.”


Love Spell to Heal a Broken Heart

i love youWhen you have just ended a relationship your heart is in a raw state. You won’t feel like yourself for awhile because you need to rediscover yourself and give yourself time to heal. When you need some help to heal your broken heart then try this love spell chant.

  • “I am ready to love. I am free to be with someone. I love myself. I am ready to bring joy to another. Let my love come to me now.”

 Contact Me Love Spell Chant

Write out a message to the person using red ink. That night fold the letter and place it under your pillow. Chant the following; “Send my letter to the holder of my heart, deliver this message. Receive this message my love and reach out to me, as I will it so mote it be.”

They will dream of you often and you may have dream visions. Chant until you fall asleep. When you wake up say aloud three wishes for today. Journal often and repeat this process for 30 days. You will see amazing results.

Love Spell Chants to Make them Like You

This simple love chant will help you gain someones interest and affection for you. This spell can be done by reciting the chant three times a day until the person admits their feelings for you. This is simple love spell that will bring two lovers together very quickly. If you can’t get the hair of an animal then try to use your own hair. The best animal hair to use would be a single hair from an horses mane.white magic spells

  • Get an animals hair that you can tie knots in in 4 places. While knotting the hair, chant: “Meet me, be charmed by me, do my bidding.” Try to keep to hair with you, and try to talk or wave to them. Things will work.
  • Grab three red strings. Tie them together at the top and start to braid the strings. While braiding, say the following chant: ‘Tie our loves, the strings of our hearts. So that we shall never be apart. Say you like me three by three. As I will it so mote it be. Tomorrow due. Yesterdays love anew. Tell me now we are meant to be. Goddess bless me, so mote it be.”

Make sure to say one chant for at least 10 days before trying another love spell chant. Don’t rush results and appreciate both the small and big signs of love.

Bless My Love Spell Chant

Take your ring and continuously dip the ring into rosewater while saying the following chant: “Romance shine bright, as strong as love is.” The ring must be a diamond ring that he has given you. It doesn’t matter if your not married yet to him. This will bless you relationship and you future together. Do this on the night of the full moon to bless your love. Try to do this spell once per year and have good luck in marriage and family.

Check out the Wiccan Spells on this website.

 Love Spell Chant to Make Someone Love You

love spells chantsThis spell is very powerful and create loving feelings between you and the person you love. Try to do this chant before drinking pure rosewater to enhance the spell. Pink, red and white candles, along with cherry incense can be used to make this spell more powerful.

  • “Be my love. _____ will love me. You are my love. _________ loves me.”

Use this chant with my Spell to make someone love you.

Love Spell Chant to Get him to Kiss You

love me spell

This chant if for use when you have someone you are close too. If you have been seeing someone and would like them to make the first move or if you and your crush are getting closer by the day then try this spell. Try this spell for 56 days straight and journal your results. Check out the witchcraft forum if you have any questions about witchcraft or if you just want to connect with other witches. Conjure love by visualizing kissing him.

  • “Kiss me when we meet. Kiss me (persons full name). Greet me with your lips and say you missed me but most of all kiss me.”

Love spell chants to gain his interest

Use these love spell chants after you discovery your interest in a person. These love spell chants will helplove magic gain positive attention. You can modify this spell for your specific needs. Change the wording to match your sexuality and/or gender. Try this chant before moving on to a more serious version to make him love you. These three chants are using the power of your intention to get someone to notice you. During this time it is very important to work on your self confidence. Use the chants below along with other wiccan spells.

  • Get Him to Talk to You: “Light as air the sound of our voices. A lovers conversation when we meet. Let us talk with merriment. Love blossoms.”
  • Get Him to Notice You: “See me shine. See me often. See me perfect. See me and fall in love. See me now.”
  • Create an Opportunity for You to Hangout: “Universal waves; Merge us two. Connect us; our loves makes waves.”

Love Spell Chants to get her to Fall in Love with You

i love youThese love chants will encourage her love for you to blossom. These spells work best if done multiple times a day. If you can afford candles then this will enhance the energy used. Try starting these chants on a Friday with a full moon and recite these love chants at least 14 days consequently for the best result. You may have some intense dreams of the person you are in love with, pay close attention to the dreams for hidden messages and symbols. Check out the witchcraft dictionary if you see something wiccan spell related in your dream.

  • For the Night of the Waxing Moon: “Moon shine bright, fall in love with me, sun shine bright, fall in love with me, Come to me, fall in love with me, Moon shine bright, fall in love with me.”
  • For Her Forgiveness: “Forgive me; lets unite.” (draw a heart in the air each time you chant.)
  • After a Break Up: “Sorry past but future bright, come to me my lonely night, for our love our hearts shall be, as we will it so mote it be.”
  • For a Best Friend: “My friend who comes in time of need, say you love me my work you shall heed, from western winds my love shall be.”



I will continue to add chants to this page and build this collection of love chants for your personal spell works. You can include these chants into your spells, use them alone or as an affirmation. While chanting you must have a strong and immersive vision of your desired outcome. To make these love chants work you will have to have a clear outcome in mind.

Please leave comments below and add your own spell chants to this page.

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