How to Write a Spell

How To Write A Spell

How To Write A Spell

When it comes to learning how to write a spell or using magick in general you must keep in mind that each spell you write or utilize should be personal and unique for your use. Even when following a pre-written or a traditional spell, you should change and tailor it to fit you personal and very specific needs and wishes. This will make this spell more effective for you. Understanding the basics of how to write an effective and personalized Wicca spell will help you toward achieving your goal and ultimately the will of your desires.

How to Write a Spell

(read How to be a Witch).

Planning ahead is very necessary and effective. The first thing needed is for you to decide exactly what it is that you want and what you want out of this spell. What will be the end result? How will it happen exactly? Be very detailed and write down the outcome exactly how it will happen. Close your eyes and envision the outcome, be very specific and detailed as possible. This helps define the true purpose of the spell and helps set the motion of the world giving you what you desire in motion.

Another important thing to note when learning how to write a spell is the timing, it is so important that you choose your timing carefully and wisely. You should be aware and take into account all energy currents, moon phases, days, times of year and all astrological implications.

In terms of using the moon for you spell castings and other workings please consider this general rule. When the moon is waxing (from the new moon to the full moon) it is the optimum time for spells and workings for personal or other gain, bringing things or persons to you, and other works for increases, whether personal, monetary, friendships or anything else.

Likewise, when the moon is in the waning (from the full phase to to dark) it is the perfect time for spells of decrease, limitations, loss or sending away.

It is important to plan your magickal working when you can fully concentrate and focus. Try to aim for an time where you can be completely alone and have zero distractions. Most Wicca find the best time for them to do there workings is between midnight and the early dawn, when most of the world is sleeping.

Prepare your tools and use them wisely, the candles, spices, herbs and everything else may not necessarily have inherit magickal ability but they work together to create an effective environment for your spells to be cast and put into to motion.

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Remember all spells have to go into the universe and will effect you karmic debt, what goes out must come in,so be both conscious and aware of the energies you are sending into the universe. This is how you write a spell.

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