Tutorials: How to Make a Charm Bag

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How to Make a Charm Bag

How to Make a Charm Bag

How to Make a Charm Bag. Charm Bags are also called spell bags. They are very important to your magickal workings because the contain all the correspondences and ingredients to the spell in on holder.

This aids in keeping all the other elements of the spell, and their energies stronger. This is to keep the energy and the spell working longer by sending the energies, and intentions out to the universe. Making spell bags, and charm bags, are so enjoyable because not only do you decorate and carry the spell with you, but you also can make a charm bag for any purpose.


How to Make a Charm Bag or Spell Bag

  1. You will need to choose the material of the charm bag. You want it to be effective and able to stay together. If you are going to carry you spell bag with you it should be comfy and sturdy. For this you can choose leather, velvet or felt. If you are doing a charm bag for money, then choosing velvet would be a good choice as its feel and connotations are of wealth and abundance.
  2. Now you will need to select the color of your charm bag. Different colors represent things so pick the color of something that would make since for your spell bag. Green is for money, but gold can be used as well. Red is for love, but is also times used for passion. Purple is traditionally used for protection and white for simple wishes.
  3. Cut two squares of the material, both of equal length, two inches or so is fine. Lay the squares down on top of each other. Sew the bottoms and sides of your pouch together, and while you are sewing the sides and bottom of your charm bag visualize the thing you desire happening.
  4. Decorate your charm bag, make it elemental of you. Putting you time also puts your personal essence and energy into the bag. All the while still concentrating on the thing you desire coming true.
  5. Put ingredients into your bag, these can include and affirmation, chant, magick rune, crystal, magickal herbs, pictures, and anything else that represents the thing or outcome you desire. Just make sure the items corresponds with the purpose.
  6. Sew the opening of your bag closed. Sew a ribbon on your bag and tie it to your person, carry it in your purse, on your pocket or a broach that you can wear inside (or outside!) you clothing.

Spell bags, or charm bags are a wonderful way to carry the magick with you. It is such a simple and powerful way to hold the power anywhere you are. Take time during the day to hold or touch the bag while visualizing the outcome of your spell. You can get a free spell charm from me by linking to my website. Please do link to the site if you found this How to Make a Charm Bag tutorial helpful! Use the html code below if you need help in doing it.!

How to Make a Charm Bag
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