Divination Runes

Divination runes are the classic runes used from ancient times for many reason. Some simple reason would be for answers to questions and guidance. In this article I am going to explain some basic ways to use the runes. You can learn how to make runes, about magick runes, and runes for spells work as in rune magick. You may also want to read about how to use runes, and rune tattoos. This is not the mostDivination Runes comprehensive collection about runes and how to use them, but at the very end of this article you at least know the basics about divination runes.

How to do a singles stone rune reading.

  1. Have you rune stones mixed and shuffled already. You have to have a clear mind. Focus on the question that you are seeking guidance on.
  2. Either mentally or aloud ask the question you want answered.
  3. Reach into the bag and pull out one rune. Look at the rune symbol and its meanings, to interpreret the answer. If the answer is still unclear reach in to the bag once more. If you are still unsure of the meaning, then replace all the rune stones back into the bag and try again.

*Note: Divination Runes are sometimes hard to understand and even harder to master. Don’t get discourage practice some meditation techniques and learn to clear your brain. It will become easier over time!

How to do a three stone rune reading.

  1. While focusing on the question, ask the question aloud or mentally. No other thoughts should float up as this might interfere with the reading focus on just the question.
  2. Pull three runes from the bag.
  3. The first rune stone represents the overview of your current situation. This will give you a general understanding of your current situation and the question.
  4. The second rune represents a course of action. This would be what you need to do in order to get your desired outcome. Runes cannot and will not make the decision for you, this is free will, the suggested course of action will ultimately be up for you to decide.
  5. The last of the divination runes you pull is representative of the outcome of the situation.

*Note: This is the outcome that the runes see if you decide to take the course of action. As stated earlier we all have free will, use your judgement and be wise, if your mental state was disrupted at anytime during the rune reading it can easily corrupt the divination runes for that particular reading.

How to do a Yes or No rune reading.

  1. Once again focus on the question you want to ask. Ask the question mentally or aloud and draw three runes.
  2. Check the runes to see how many are upright and how many are reversed. If the runes you have are not reversible then you need to know the general meaning of the rune to know if it is positive or negative.
  3. If all three runes are positive in nature then of course the answer to the question is yes.
  4. When all three runes are negative the answer if no.
  5. If the runes are two positives and one negative then the answer is yes but there will be something in the outcome that you will not be pleased with.
  6. If two runes are negative and one is positive this is considered to be a no answer.

*Note: If the answers are partly yes, partly no, or just no then look and analyze the runes and their meanings, they will generally give you the guidance you need to make the outcome more positive for you.

There are many other ways to use divination runes, but in this brief overview I hope that you will find enough information to help you get started. Divination runes are a great way to utilized the powers of runic symbols and I hope you will have great luck in mastering the use of divination runes.

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Do you use runes for divination? Leave comments in the section below.

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