Ways to Beat Depression Naturally

You guys know that I have been going through a lot. I was fired from my job.. ironically enough right after they found out about my spirituality but the burden of proof still lies on my shoulders because I live in a so called ‘right to work’ state. It has caused such a financial burden and strain in my household and it made me feel unwanted,  unwelcome and unloved. I was sad. I was very depressed.

When you are depressed you lose your motivation to work (sorry for the lack of posts!), your smile, your hobbies, your essence, you lose what makes you, you.

Its seems so easy to lie in bed and get angry that life isn’t going your way or bitter because someone has what you want, or mean spirited because that’s the only way you know to protect your fragile heart is by surrounding yourself with armor.

Depression robs you of your happiness. You have to give into it, and let it run its course but you don’t have to be complacent and sit idly by as life moves on without you.

You deserve to be happy!

You deserve to be happy!

Here are some ways for you to beat depression naturally.

  1. Give Back to Mother Earth: Did you know that gardening can help you overcome depression? Working the land, tilling the soil, growing something and watching your own personal accomplishments are just a few of many benefits of gardening. As pagans we feel the connection we have to the earth. Why not give back to the earth by planning a garden or a tree? Goddess Earth will return the blessings tenfold.
  2. Drink More Water: While this may seem obvious many people overlook their water intake and how much their bodies really need. Water can do many things for you from clearing your skin, clearing brain fog, helping digestion, improving your energy and so much more. Read the benefits of water.
  3. Get More Sun: There is no denying our connection to nature. Remember those happy memories of you basking in the light of the sun? Remember the feel of the sun on your skin? How bright and colorful the world looks in the summer? Make some more of those memories and get you some sun!
  4. Be More Active: Depression can make you lazy, unmotivated, down and sedentary. Making the effort to be more active is a conscious decision and one that requires effort. If you are used to sleeping all day and not living life but then get depressed because you aren’t doing anything then you know what you need to do to fix the situation. You have to become more active, you have to get more things accomplished and you will see other benefits of activity as well; weight loss and more energy are just a few of the many benefits.
  5. Meditate: We all have to live life. We all have the daily frustrations, the disappointments, the hurts. Its important to take a step back and quiet the mind. Not only can meditation help us to get clear about what we want, but mediation also keeps us from being and acting rash.
  6. Forgive and Remember:Journal-ing is a great way to express your emotions, to figure out whats going on with yourself and figure how to move forward. I have many different journals; one for spells, one for notes, one for dreams, one for my bucket list and my private journal to tell my secrets to. You can write lyrics, poetry, short stories and even raps about how you are feeling right now… Its a great way to express your inner thoughts.
  7. Eat Right: Processed foods are harmful to your body and have been linked to depression. While it is important to be grateful for the food you have and give thanks for it, if it is in your power (and income bracket!) then try to eat out as little as possible and cook your dishes with raw, organic and natural ingredients.

Do just some of these things and you will become a happier and more balanced person. If you want more information on depression and magick then check out my newest Spell for Spring Happiness, it has a lot of information about water, the memories of water and how you can use it to benefit your happiness and spiritual growth.

Do you have any additional tips for overcoming depression? Please share your expierience and leave them in the comment section below.

As always thank your so much for visiting Just Wicca. This website was created for you and I hope you receive benefit from this special place.

Good Luck and Blessed Be!

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Healing Passion Health Spell

Good Health Spell

Good Health Spell

This is a great health spell to do if you are feeling under the weather or have a more chronic illness. Like most of my spells this health spell won’t require too many supplies but it will require strong visualization skills. You can modify this spell by adding other elements and magickal correspondences like herbs or the moon phase. Because you want to rid yourself of something it is best to do this spell during the new moon. I would try and use a red candle. Not only do red candles represent love but they also represent health.


Red Candle Good Health Spell

What You will need:

  • a red candle, charged with your intention
  • a drawing pencil
  • a blank white piece of paper
  • a lighter or source of flame
  • a fireproof dish

You will have to be mentally prepared to ask for this healing and to receive this healing. You may want to do a ritual bath for cleansing and purification. Afterwards you might want to spend some time meditation on your healing and visualizing the healing you want to manifest. The mind and the minds belief are extremely important to this good health spell. You may want to burn some healing incense. Charge your red candle with your intention.

After you charge your candle draw a picture of yourself with the disease, or sickness, or whatever. Make it obvious on the drawing what it wrong and what it needing healing. You can use symbols like drawing worms for the stomach flu. The picture doesn’t have to be perfect for this good health spell to work but it should accurately represent you. I like to use standard printing paper for this if I don’t have access to my sketch book.

Light the candle and meditate on the flame. Hold the paper tip of your drawing to the flame and light it. Once your drawing is lit place the burning paper into your fireproof dish. This is a very effective health spell.

Now with the red flame still burning, draw another picture of yourself healthy. Place this picture of the new you under the red candle. Don’t blow or snuff out the candle. Let the candle burn out. The spell is done.

You can keep  the picture of your healing under your pillow our in your spell chest. Get plenty of rest and you will see fast results. This is a great good health spell. If you try it you can also add a chant written by you or add other things. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments on this good health spell.

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Spring Spell to Attract Happiness (Get Rid of The Winter Blues!)

I don’t know about you but for me this winter has been harsh, cold, and alienating. As I moved through the winter months I often would find myself down and unhappy. I felt overwhelmed with work and issues happening in my personal life. I would wake up in the middle of the night genuinely unhappy about my circumstances, worried about bills, and sad about being depressed.

Well I refuse to let my winter blues follow me into the spring! Spring is a time of renewal and happiness. Spring is a time for new beginnings and new successes. Spring is OUR time to forge new friendships, let go of things that no longer serve us and work to our benefit AND the perfect time to start on those new years resolutions to be the best you… YOU CAN BE!

Spring Spell to Attract Happiness

Be Happy!

With this in mind, I wrote this Spring Spell to Attract Happiness (Get Rid of the Winter Blues!) and I hope it can be a blessing for you as it has been for me! Now on to it!

Spring Spell to Attract Happiness (Get Rid of the Winter Blues!)

What You’ll Need:

  • a pendulum
  • water
  • lemon
  • purified drinking water

This spell is super simple and afterwards I will give you some links to check out about why this works and how you can use water for many different spiritual needs!

  1. Take the bottle of purified water and place it on your alter.
  2. Take your charged pendulum into your dominant hand.
  3. Depending on your personal energies with the pendulum you will either spin it clockwise or counter clockwise for the positive or yes movement. (how to use your pendulum)
  4. Place or squeeze the lemon juice into the water. (Just a bit!)
  5. While turning your pendulum over the water chant the following:

    “Goddess, it is happiness I seek

    I am unhappy and wish not to be

    Goddess help me in my time of need

    Blessed be as I do the deed

    Happiness I call on you

    Universal Law, I deserve happiness too

    Round the Sun and Blessed Be

    As I will it, so mote it be”

  6. Drink the water!

If you can, do this for every glass of water you drink. You can add a white candle for the small ritual but its not necessary for every time.

Mother Earth basically gave us all the tools we need to be healthy, happy, and abundant and it is my sincere wish that you use your power for good!

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Spell for More Confidence

We all sometimes need an extra boost of confidence to encourage us and send us on our way. This spell is designed to give you magnetic confidence by using self affirmations and sound. It was once said that sound was the way to get rid of demons and it was very common to shout when doing banishing work. With this spell we will be tackling some inner demons that block and prohibit our true inner beauty and confidence from showing.Spell for More Confidence

  • A bell
  • music
  • Your voice

This spell should be done on the night of the new moon to signify new beginnings. You should try to do this spell at a time when you will not be disturbed.  You will need to choose a short affirmation that best expresses the quality you would like to gain.

Here are some sample affirmations that you can re write to suit you needs or use as is;

  1. I am a beautiful and confident person.
  2. I am cool and calm in every situation.
  3. I am very pretty and smart.
  4. I never blush around boys I like.

As you see the affirmation can be used to change and create whatever qualities that you so desire.

Once you have your chosen affirmation spend sometime memorizing it. Play the music of your choice to raise your energy. When you are ready and feel your energy is at its peak take your bell and dance with the music. Continue to raise energy with dance and your bell or rattle.

Shout your affirmation and proclaim it to the world. Do this at least three times. You can add candles and incense if you would like too.

Spend sometime every morning and every night looking at yourself in the mirror and reaffirming the affirmation to yourself.

Do this every week as you deem necessary. You can change the affirmations as your grow and move from seeking confidence to maybe another quality you would like to posses.

Affirmations work on many different levels. This spell/ritual is very customizable and earthy, not requiring a lot of tools or correspondences.

READ:White Magic to return your lost love

Affirmations have been said to take around 30 days to really work and start changing behavior so commit to at least saying the affirmations both morning and night for 30 days even if you decide you can’t do the weekly ritual.

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Spell to Vanquish a Cold

As soon as you feel the onset of a cold do this spell If you have been fighting off a cold and it taking longer than usual cast this spell for the aid of the Goddess. This spell was written specifically for colds but can be used for other minor illnesses. Colds are more common this time of year and I want to post a reliable spell for getting rid of one. Make sure to take the time to take of yourself during this period.

Tips for ridding yourself of the cold naturally:

  • Gargle Warm Sea Salt in the morning and at night
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Rest and sleep as much as you can
  • Drink warm tea with a teaspoon of honey
  • Use a Neti-pot

Read more about how to get rid of a cold naturally. Do this spell as soon as you notice the symptoms of the cold.

What You’ll Need:Spell to Vanquish a Cold

  • Healing Oil
  • 3 green candles
  • 1 white candle
  • 2 blue candles
  • soiled tissue or hankie

How to Make Healing Oil:

  • 2 oz of base oil
  • 2 drops of rosemary oil
  • 1 rose petal
  • 6 drops of sandalwood oil
  • 3 drops of lavender oil
  • 3 drops of eucalyptus oil

In the privacy of your room with no one around cast your circle. Anoint your candles with the healing oil while meditating and charging the candles with healing intention. Take the soiled tissues and place 3 drops of your healing oil. Place it in the center of the candles. Light the candles in order from green to blue to white in a circle. As you light each candle say the follow three times:

“God of healing Xu I call thee!

Ancient power I call thee!

Rid me of this cold!”

Let the candles burn for 3 hours before snuffing them out. If you blow the candle out imagine the healing properties being sent through out your room, home, you and neighborhood with healing protection where ever your grow.

Thanks for checking out the website! Please leave questions, comments, thoughts and suggestions below.

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Spell to Overcome Shyness

I love charm bags! Search how to make charm bags using the search box to your right on more information. You can wear the home made charm bag, you can sleep with it, you can place the charm bag on your altar or any other special place in your home or room, you can carry it with you in your pause or book bag and even place it somewhere like your locker or car. This spell is for confidence in social situations. This spell will help you to overcome shyness and social insecurities. This charm bag should be made during the waning moon phase. This charm bag is for a stronger confidence in all situations and more self-esteem when dealing with new people.

What You’ll Need:Spell to Overcome Shyness

  • • A white, yellow or orange pouch
  • • Sage
  • • Nutmeg
  • • Sugar
  • • Lavender
  • • Mandrake root
  • • Rosemary
  • • Pine needles

Place all the herbs into the pouch. On a slip of paper write ‘confident’ and place the slip in the bag also. Take the bag into your power hand charge the bag with your energy and intention. Say into the bag the confidence you wish to possess. You may say things like; ‘I am confident in all new situations’, etc. Wear the bag around your neck as a necklace, or carry it with you in your pocket or purse when you may be in a new social situation or you need the extra confidence.
Learn to work with and infuse the magick more by talking to new people or trying to be more outgoing than usual. Smile often throughout the day and make an effort to overcome your shyness. This spell is great and I made a charm bag almost every new school year.
When you feel you no longer need the bag, you can either scatter the herbs into the wind while thanking the four corners or you can burn them and give thanks that way. You can reuse the bag but be careful to use the charm bag for a similar spell or purpose.

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Spell to Believe in Your Own Attractiveness and Beauty

Perform this spell during the time of the New Moon to the Quarter Moon.

Cast your circle, lighting red and orange candles. Call forth the Elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, and request the presences of the Goddesses Aine, Aphrodite, Venus and Astarte.

Place a hand mirror, a fresh red or pink rose, rosemary oil, blessed water, a rose quartz and a small bottle on the altar.

Mix together some crushed rosemary, skullcap, thyme, spikenard, yerba mate, vanilla, strawberry, violet and ylang ylang, and set it aside on the altar.

Hold the mirror so that it reflects both the candlelight and your own face. Looking into the mirror, recite:Spell to Believe in Your Own Attractiveness and Beauty

Goddesses, aid me now:

Believing in my beauty, believing in my charms

I call to me now the one who will treasure and treat my heart well.

Knowing my own attractiveness, knowing my strength and grace

I carry my own confidence, love and light in this face.
So Mote it Be.

Using the rune symbol WYNN, anoint your skin with the rose oil in the area of your heart chakra, then touch the rune to your lips.
Sprinkle the blessed water on the rose quartz and upon your own head.

Take a pinch of the herb mixture and sprinkle it over the candles. Place the rest in the small bottle and close up the bottle, taking more of the mixture out whenever you perform this spell.

Now focus on the flame of the red candle, chanting:

I am the rose; I am the real beauty

I am all that my love seeks and believes in,

My real love sees me, recognizes me, is drawn to me now.

 So Mote it Be.

Repeat this daily until the candles are burnt down and the herb mixture is gone. Alternatively you can burn the herb mixture and bury the ashes in a flowerpot that contains any flower or plant that is Venus-ruled.

Thank the Elements and the Goddesses for all they have given you, and close your circle. J.J. Nelson Womens Jersey

Coin Purification Spell

This is a spell I did recently.  Sometimes people, things, whatever create obstacles in your path. If someone or something is effecting your energy in a negative way, you are feeling depressed, hurt, out of control, then this spell will help you tremendously. After I did this spell all the haters were nothing to me, just little figments of my imagination. There is no reason for me to compete with other people or let their negativity effect me in anyway. Problems are like small figments. Illusions… as they never linger and things will always get better. Keep this in mind and be ready to let go and move forward.

Coin Purification SpellCoin Purification Spell

This spell should be used with your wishing well. If you don’t have a wishing well then use a make shift one or a bowl of water. Don’t use a well that someone drinks from! This spell is great for a type of difficulties you may be going through. After a break up, after a fight with a friend,or if you are just feeling sad, try this spell.

What You’ll Need:

The coins should be sparkling clean. You can do this by scrubbing your coins with backing soda and a tooth brush. The coins should be as clean as possible. Go to your well or natural water source and stand before your well facing West.

As you toss in your coin, “I this no longer effects me, I freely give this up.”

Do this facing North, East, and South respectfully.

This wonderful spell really helped me today, as I was feeling pretty low after my boyfriend lost a good friend of his. You know life is not always going to be great and people change and grow apart. Its sad when people try to hurt others on purpose but as I am a big believer of Karma and a even bigger believer of the 3 fold law, I already know that me and my wonderful boyfriend are protected. I hope the people see the error in their ways and move on from causing hurt. If you are reading this good luck to you!

Remember only hurting people try to hurt other people. If someone is hurting you they really have some personal issues going on with them and its not your fault. Trust in the Universe and in your Goddess. All things being equal, people can only hurt you if you let them!

I love you all! Thank you for making this site great!

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Spell to Heal a Pet

This is a spell to heal your pet. This spell is not a substitute for adequate medical treatment for your pet and shouldn’t be used as such. This spell is best done on the night of the new moon. Thanks Ammena for sending this awesome spell.

What You’ll Need:Spell to Heal a Pet

  • • • Healing oil
  • • • A black candle to remove the illness
  • • • A red candle to symbolize health

Anoint your candles with healing oil. Light the candles and meditate on the healing of the animal. Place a few drops of healing oil in your hands and while raising energy rub your hands together. Do this while meditating on the healing. Concentrate on the energy rising send focus healing energies in your hand. Visualize your hand being surrounded by light.

Take your hands and rub the animal down. Visualize the healing energies leaving your hand and healing your animal. As you do this see you pet as would if they were in perfect health. See them surrounded by white light that is healing them and protecting them.

Do this as long as the animal can stay put if you have a bird or a caged animal putting your hands near the cage will work almost as well. Concentrate on sending the animal healing energy and when you are ready say the following:

From illness to perfect health, this (animal) is far from death, Goddess give your healing light, rapid healing with my energies might, this (animal) is blessed by thee, as I will it so mote it be!

Let the candles burn until the process is done. Do this every night until your pet is in perfect health again.

Thanks to Ammena for sending in this spell. You can leave all comments in the section below. I hope all your pets are healthy and are doing well. As pet friends we have an obligation to make sure they are as healthy as they can be. This spell along with medical treatment will definitely help!

Magick is a wonderful gift given to us by mother earth to manifest anything that we want in life. I believe in the power of manifestation, witchcraft and magick, and I know that is real because I used magick every day. For those of you who don’t use magick often, or not at all it is my recommendation after you read a bit more on the subject that you consider getting witchcraft exposed.

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Spell to Heal a Broken Heart

This spell is designed to help heal a broken heart. This spell uses many elements common in  love related spell work. This spell isn’t designed to change the way your ex feels about you, but is designed to help you let go and move forward.

Break ups are known to be unpleasant but what you can do is resolve to get through this as best you can.

Join the Witchcraft Message Board please!

Spell to Heal a Broken HeartWhat You’ll Need:

  • 2 pink candles
  • 1 white candle
  • sea salt
  • rose petals
  • blessing oil
  • camomile tea
  • a bowl
  • caraway, cinnamon, rose, catnip, lavender, damiana
  • a pink or red drawstring pouch
  • a slip or paper and a pen

On Friday (day dedicated to the Goddess of Love) take a ritual bath with the rose petals and a drop of the blessing oil. Light the white candle and as you bathe in the light, focus on becoming clean. See yourself as a clean slate and release all those emotions you have pent up inside. Get as emotionally clean as possible, releasing all the negative emotions and energies out of your body, mind and spirit.

After your bath take extra care as you get ready for the night and drink the camomile tea. Make sure to take the time to look your very best.

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When you are ready cast your circle as you normally would and charge the items with your intentions.

Place the items onto your altar. Light the pink candles and spend sometime mediating on the flame. Mix all the herbs into bowl and place three drops of blessing oil into the mix. While mixing recite the following lines:

Goddess Venus I call thee to walk with me.

Grant me the confidence to move forward.

Help and aid to heal my broken heart.

My strengths will help me to heal.

I am ready to let this go.

Place half of the herbal mixture into the pink drawing pouch and carry it with you until you feel you no longer need it. Keep the other half of the mixture in the bowl and let it stay in your room filling it with its fresh herbal scent that is always drawing love closer to you.

You can repeat this ritual every Friday as you deem necessary.

Breakups can destroy our confidence and send us into deep depressions. This spells will help you heal your heart, and restore your confidence as quickly as possible. This spell isn’t to harp onto who is right and who is wrong but is design to help your move forward with pride and encouragement. Heartbreaks are draining and can be emotionally draining. This can be a hard time but this also can be a great time of emotional healing. Breakups can be wonderful motivators to move forward and do something new.

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