Your Book Of Shadows – Part II

Are you ready to start your Book of Shadows? Perhaps you’ve been keeping one all along, although you may call it a dream record or art journal. Because the Book of Shadows is a record of your personal explorations in magic, it can include anything that helps you reach into the hidden world where emotions and intuition prevail. The book is itself a tool of magic, and it is the first and most important magic implement you should create or acquire. It is a diary, a guide to herbs, gems and stars, a recipe box, a log of spells, a repository for collected wisdom — your own and others’.

Your Book of Shadows can be as elaborate as a hand-tooled leather-bound tome or as simple as a child’s spiral notebook.  Many witches make their own books. Whatever you use, be not afraid to write or draw in your book. It is your own, and no one will laugh or criticize. If your own handwriting displeases you, take some time to learn italic script. Some witches still use the secret Theban alphabet invented by 11th-century ceremonial magicians. This may help to conceal your practices from prying eyes.

You can also keep your Book of Shadows on your computer. Any technology can be integrated and used in a magical system. You can create beautiful works of magical art, copy and paste in other images that please you, create collages, even add music. Theban and other secret alphabets are available as computer fonts.

Whatever you use, be sure that your first action is to consecrate your book and dedicate it to its magical purpose.

Some traditional Wiccans write out or print the orders of rituals in large clear letters, slip them into page protectors and keep them indexed in a looseleaf binder. This way the words can be accessed easily during bonfire-lit nighttime gatherings, and won’t get splashed with wax or wine.

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