Wiccans use of crystals

Wiccans use of crystals

The use of crystals expressed by Wicca societies remains alive for rituals and healing, in the highest form.

There’s an array to choose from such as; agate, bloodstone, citrine, fluorite, onyx, quartz, ruby, tigers eye just to name a few, also, they’re used anywhere from healing to casting spells, used with elements such as; earth, wind, fire, water, spirit and air.

Crystals, elegant, beautiful, shiny and colorful however, they are full of energy and healing.

Every gemstone cleansed and charged prior to use, done with water anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Some Wiccans, in addition to, use the elements at the same time, sun or moon, the denser the crystal, the longer they cleanse and charge.

The reason gemstones, carefully cleaned and charged, they hold the energies of those who cut and milled them, to the last person who touched them at the shop just before their owner chose them.

Always choose your gemstones with respect to them on the smaller scale, as there will be less negative energy attached.

Every wiccan has their favorites they’ve  hand selected. Some gemstones, have the same qualities, however, essentially they do different things.

Each crystal holds a different meaning, though some of the healing powers and energies are similar.

Gemstones are likening to our souls as much as they exude greatness; they lift our spirits and leave us feeling exhilarated.

Gemstones made from the earth and hold all its vast energy and healing powers and this is why they leave us feeling so amazing.

Whether they’re part of your altar tools or for spells and charms, crystals, respected in every form as they are completely giving in every way.

As Wiccans work one on one with them, they hold the energies of their owners.

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