How do Wiccans “raise energy”?

How do Wiccans “raise energy.”

Energy is a true phenomenon, that spreads throughout the universe. We as sentient beings possess personal energy, but there is much more at our disposal and practitioners of Wicca, or Wiccans, use special exercises to raise their own personal energy stores. This is important in the casting of spells and charms, but is also good practice for overall health and well being.The earth is a storehouse of great energy. So too is the sun, moon and solar system. In fact the universe is the wellspring of energy, and practices of Wicca are suited to tapping into this energy and focusing it by intent. It is important to understand that the adage “as long as ye do no harm” applies to every ethical practice of Wicca, including that of raising energy. It is important for practitioners to understand the difference between their own personal energy and Earth energy, in this regard. Also, when appealing to deities or spirit guides, one must show care and respect for the deity involved to make sure that appeals for help are in keeping with the deity’s desires.
raising energyThe principal method of raising energy involves concentration and visualization. In these practices, energy is seen as a ball or sphere located in the solar plexus, and with the eyes closed a Wiccan concentrates this energy, a warm yellow light, and visualizes it traveling down the arms and legs, and through the hands, and back through the nostrils, to center again in the solar plexus.To draw on the energy of mother earth, the practitioner visualizes his own moving down through the lower limbs and returning enhanced by the earth’s energy, which may be of different hues. Caution must be exercised when practicing these techniques, because the Earth power is far greater than that of a single human, and must be dealt with with respect. Chanting, drumming, and dancing can also be a part of this process. These practices may be done individually or as part of a group.Having an excess of energy can be a problem and cause light-headedness and other symptoms, which is why raising energy must be balanced with effective grounding. One grounding technique is to squat down and place the palms flat on the earth, until stability returns. These and visualization methods ensure that energy stays in balance.

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