Wiccan Summer Love Spell

Midsummer is one of our Lesser Wiccan Sabbats. We take these opportunity to honor God and Goddess for uniting and blessing our activities, which we began at Imbolc. During mid-summer, the veil between the worlds becomes thin making it appropriate time for divination. It has been revealed that many maidens divine a husband during this time. We celebrates abundance, virility, fertility, bounty as well as beauty of nature.
beautiful-nature-flowers-wallpapers-flower-wallpaper-hdHarnessing the suns power makes during this time, makes variousmagick. It is alsoappropriate time for harvesting ourmagickal herbs as they are drenched with the sun’s power as this is the longest day of the year. This isappropriate time for communing andhandfastings with Nature Spirits, for male ritual! Is and strongmagick, and for workings of culmination.MANIFESTATION RITUAL DURING MIDSUMMER.

Write a list of items you would like to manifest during this time of the year.
The list can include things related to personal issues, career, as well as other factors such as confidence, fun and clarity.
Light any candle immediately after the sunset, and place a vase of any kind of flowers next to your candle.
Say these words aloud, “I gather in the power of this day of greatest light and call in the guardians of fire, earth, air, and water to bring the last grace of power in light to manifest my desires in the coming harvest.
I ask that this be’’ Read your list aloud and finish with this words, “I affirm that I am able and willing to allow these wishes to manifest and I participate in the miracle of Creation and with faith. So mote it be.’’
Keep your candle burning before you went to sleep.
Celebrate the evening energy by allowing yourself some kind of indulgence, playing music and raising a glass.

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