Wiccan Spell for Happiness (For Others or Self!)

Are feeling down? Looking for a wiccan spell for happiness? Then try this spell for happiness and be amazed at how soon you start to feel better! This spell takes a lot of dedication so I don’t recommend this spell for people who are depressed. I know you are curious as to why — this spell seems perfect for someone who is sad.. right? Not at all. Depression is real and can affect someone in really life impacting ways. It can be hard for someone suffering from depression to feel motivated to do even simple things that you and I may take for granted every day (drinking water, daily exercise and meditation, being with friends etc).

Wiccan Spell for Happiness
wiccan spell for happiness

What You Need:

  • 5 Vanilla Candles and Incense
  • Star Oil
  • White Flowers (whatever that is in season is fine!)
  • A Wiccan Altar
  • Animal Familiar or Magical Name

Go out and look at the moon before beginning the spell. Look at the moon and meditate on its beauty. Do this until you are ready to do the spell. Place the candles and incense onto the altar.  Light the candles and place the flowers around the candles. Place 2 drops of star oil into each of the candles and dab some on both of wrists on the bottom side of your hand.  Dedicate each candle to which ever Deities you would like (Goddess Library). Repeat the following chant:

“White is the light and white is the joy,

white represents love and laughter,

Goddess bright in beauty hear my call

Bless me with your love and luck

So mote it be.”

Do this for the next 5 days allowing your candles to burn down for a little each day. On the fifth day allow the candles to burn down. Once the spell is complete, gather the ashes from the incense, drippings from the candles and the flowers in a brown bag. Dump the items into a stream or moving body of water. Don’t look back! Just walk away.

Your life should change with in the next 28 days!

NOTES : You must do this wiccan spell for happiness during the waxing moon on a Sunday. Michael Cooper Jersey